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Do you think Fall Out Boy will be doing more torus after Boys of Zummer? I know it may seem like a stupid question, but we got really really bad seats for Boys of Zummer (I'm just thankful we got them at all) and I want to save up money for better seats, or maybe a VIP pass! But obviously that can't happen if they don't go on another tour. What do you think? I'm just nervous

There will definitely be more shows. Fall Out Boy album eras tend to last 2-3 years, and since you can see the Centuries cross in the Rat a Tat video, it’s pretty evident to me that the guys always have a song or two up their sleeve for another album push. Hell, for all I know, they might have songs for a future album referenced in the Irresistible video.

I think the SRAR era had three big North American tours in its timespan, and Zummer’s the first lengthy tour run for this era. So I’d give it some time, I’m sure more shows will crop up; we’re still pretty early in the ABAP Era!

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it’s courtney, bitch!

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