rat 2


This has been stuck in my head for literally the past three days and I’m so mad that it and the other street songs aren’t on the official soundtrack

(video isn’t mine)

official ranking of every rat emoji on emojipedia

the shading seems slightly off, but all around a friendly type. i trust this rat 

i love this rat so much. he is simple, very cartoonish, but very cute. 100/10.

he seems fun enough, though his outlines are too thick, he looks cheap and lazy.

he looks like something out of a Fisher-Price catalog. A cheese thief.

what. i have nothing else to say about him besides disgusting.

he seems fairly friendly, though his tail looks like a worm. 5/10.

he is rendered very strangely it barely looks like an emoji, but otherwise he seems like a cool guy.

where are his legs.


he is the odd one out, making a social statement. i support him fully.


just a psa a little public service announcement here,,,, school shootings/anything related to them aren’t an aesthetic that shit is not cute or appealing at all i can’t believe this is controversial on Tublge dot gov