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It was, ultimately, rare that the one who was in their shared room was Ren rather than Hijirikawa. Of course, should if be the norm, it would have been Hijirikawa who was the one in his side of the room, going through his notes, carrying out his calligraphy or whatever that had taken his fancy at that point of time. Now, however, Ren was alone, lying on the couch with his head on the armrest and legs hanging off the other side of it.

He didn’t begrudge the other male for not being here, given to how much he had been taken with the Little Lamb. Shaking his head to clear it of unneeded thoughts, Ren sighed, raising his right hand to shield the light from glaring into his eyes. Where was Hijirikawa? It would not have been a problem to Ren otherwise, but they had a duet to write, since the president had come up with the idea of releasing a duet for each pair of STARISH that shared a room.

The sheet music that they’d both received from the Little Lamb was on the coffee table, next to the couch. He glanced at it, frowning slightly. He’d tested the melody out with his saxophone, but it’d come out harsher than what had probably been intended, since the Little Lamb had composed it on the piano, and he needed his roommate’s help on that part.

“Where are you, Hijirikawa?” He mused silently, retrieving his phone from where he’d placed it on the coffee table, sending a few quick texts over to the blue haired male.

Sent to: Hijirikawa
[text]: Hijirikawa, where are you?
[text]: We have to write the lyrics for the new duet.
[text]: Melody doesn't sound right on the sax.
[text]: Are you free now?

Letting the hand that was holding onto the phone fall down, fingers loosely curled around said piece of technology, Ren groaned in boredom, rolling over so that his face was planted in the armrest.

„Germánsky rasizmus bol úmyselne skreslený. Nikdy to nebol rasizmus proti iným rasám. Bol to pro-germánsky rasizmus. Týkal sa pretvárania Germánskej rasy na silnú a zdravú v každom smere. Hitler nestál o milióny degenerovaných jedincov, ak mal v sile nemať ich. Dnes sa všade nájde nekontrolovateľná závislosť na alkohole a drogách. Hitler sa staral, aby boli Germánske rodiny zdravé, staral sa, aby vychovali zdravé deti pre obnovu zdravého národa. Germánsky rasizmus znamenal znovu objavenie tvorivých hodnôt vlastnej rasy, znovu objavenie vlastnej kultúry. Bolo to hľadanie dokonalosti, ušľachtilého nápadu. Národno-socialistický rasizmus nebol mierený proti iným rasám, bol len pre dobro rasy vlastnej. Jeho cieľom bolo brániť a zlepšovať vlastnú rasu s prianím, aby všetky ostatné rasy mali podobné uvažovanie.“

- SS-Standartenführer Léon Degrelle

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