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Since I'm kinda new-ish here can you please recommend me good hidekane blogs? I'm thirsty for me some good hidekane contents. Edits, fics, arts, hcs, memes? I'll take everything

Yup! I got you covered. Here are all the blogs I follow who post/reblog hidekane:


There are more but this list got long enough lmao
Enjoy and welcome ;^)


Jun Hwan’s FS run-through from the 1st 2017 Olympic Selection Event. 

Much thanks to Icescape Rasu for uploading!

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have any fave ereri artists? ^^

Ah yes, so many~ 

Lena is # 1. She is officially my ereri goddess and imo is the queen of ereri. She brings life to the ereri fandom even when we’re dying at the moment :’) 

Other ones that I love and are luckily still active with ereri are Tomomo, Rasu, Sabamiso, Nanaco, Futaki (idk if I spelled her username right), Unap and NK33. There are many others I’m missing, it’s just that their usernames are in Asian so I can’t mention them properly. 

Now, I remember back in my fun 2013 days that I was a huge fan of Chacall’s ereri art. I loved her so much, but.. For some reason, she suddenly stopped drawing them and disappeared. Actually, it’s depressing to know that a lot of old ereri artists are disappearing T-T I also really loved Isara’s ereri art. She was one of those good Isayama copy-cat artists. And her Levi was damn sexy. And she would draw lots of canon-verse ereri which I loved, but again.. She disappeared completely. 

Now a new one that I’ve recently really gotten into is @koka_tin on twitter. Another great Isayama copy-cat artist who draws some ereri but also multiships Levi with other male characters ^^ 

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do you know any artists here who do lots of bottom!levi?

Mmmm.. if you’re talking about ereri artists here in this site, then no, not really. There’s only one artist here in particular that I assume has a strong preference for bottom Levi, and that’s nicodevilish. As for all the rest, they either draw riren/rivaere only or they do “switching” but 90% of the time they do top Levi. So basically, on tumblr, there are no ereri-only artists. 

However, on sites like twitter or pixiv, thankfully there are a good amount of artists who strictly prefer bottom Levi/top Eren only (that’s why I’m on twitter a lot of the time lol). Like Lena, Unap, Rasu, Tomomo, Nanaco, Sabamiso, Kokatin, @isg_nfo, Ryookko, @zlqp27, otenashi and many more. 

double wish;;

It was, ultimately, rare that the one who was in their shared room was Ren rather than Hijirikawa. Of course, should if be the norm, it would have been Hijirikawa who was the one in his side of the room, going through his notes, carrying out his calligraphy or whatever that had taken his fancy at that point of time. Now, however, Ren was alone, lying on the couch with his head on the armrest and legs hanging off the other side of it.

He didn’t begrudge the other male for not being here, given to how much he had been taken with the Little Lamb. Shaking his head to clear it of unneeded thoughts, Ren sighed, raising his right hand to shield the light from glaring into his eyes. Where was Hijirikawa? It would not have been a problem to Ren otherwise, but they had a duet to write, since the president had come up with the idea of releasing a duet for each pair of STARISH that shared a room.

The sheet music that they’d both received from the Little Lamb was on the coffee table, next to the couch. He glanced at it, frowning slightly. He’d tested the melody out with his saxophone, but it’d come out harsher than what had probably been intended, since the Little Lamb had composed it on the piano, and he needed his roommate’s help on that part.

“Where are you, Hijirikawa?” He mused silently, retrieving his phone from where he’d placed it on the coffee table, sending a few quick texts over to the blue haired male.

Sent to: Hijirikawa
[text]: Hijirikawa, where are you?
[text]: We have to write the lyrics for the new duet.
[text]: Melody doesn't sound right on the sax.
[text]: Are you free now?

Letting the hand that was holding onto the phone fall down, fingers loosely curled around said piece of technology, Ren groaned in boredom, rolling over so that his face was planted in the armrest.