SOLUTION - issues with theme problems, pop-ups, scripts etc.

okay - this  little solution is courtesy of the super eagle-eyed ku-tte (

well - it just so happens that ku-tte is a new blog… and now tumblr has taken to turning on SSL by default.  you’ve possibly never noticed it before - but it’s a switch in your settings that looks like this, and has this description…

‘if you’ve modified your theme it might cause problems.  Try it, and if it makes your tumblr look funny, just come back and disable it.’

well, thanks tumblr.  or maybe, y’know - don’t go ahead and pre-select options for me but… whatevs.  ANYWHOO.  this is the solution.

it’s very likely the problem isn’t with your code.  and that your theme-maker is scratching their head trying to solve a problem they can’t see.  if they paste their code into an old blog of theirs to test it, likely that little switch wouldn’t have been available/default, so they still won’t see it!!!  grr…

TURN OFF THE SWITCH - and all of those nifty little scripts and codes in your shiny theme will work just fine!

nb/ this is mainly an issue with NEW blogs where tumblr has changed the defaults in settings!

**THEME MAKERS** - if you’re using scripts, it might be useful to make a note that new blogs will need to switch off the SSL encryption!

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