Struggles of the RA Variety Pt. 1

So this one time, I was walking down the hall, and this kid comes up to me and asks me "Hey, whats in those pipes?“ Whilst gesturing to the fire sprinkler. The story diverts into two separate paths here: What I wanted to say vs. What actually happened. 

My immediate reaction would normally be to say "Gasoline. If you are stupid enough to start a fire we want to make sure you die. Survival of the fittest and all." 

The actual conversation, however got much worse. After informing this resident that water fills the pipes, he promptly asked what would happen if they broke. I answered rather obviously that "Everything gets wet." 

This conversation continued for several minutes, detailing several scenarios in which the pipes would get broken, until I had finally had enough and walked away making the Jenna Marbles face. 

RA Struggles Pt. 6


Some of my residents are down the hall discussing blow-jobs at a volume that they clearly don’t understand is easily heard. Some of them have a poor understanding of anatomy. Others are not doing it right. Others are getting some very inaccurate experiences. All in all, this has made a great source of entertainment for me. But I feel obligated to inform them that none of them are correct about anything they are describing.