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Oiiii 😀 me indica músicas de reggae ? Teu tumblr é simplesmente o melhor 💙💜💛💚💕

oiiii vou indicar uns aqui, provavelmente vão ter alguns repetidos pq já indiquei mts reggaes por aqui!

Chris Boomer - I am who i am (ft SOJA)

Chris Boomer - I konw how ♥♥

Causion - Number one

Dezarie - everyday

DMP - out from under

Dread Mar I - Mas all de tu ojos

Duane Stephenson  - August Town

Etana ft Alborosie  - Blessing ♥

Gomba Jahbari - Power of nature

Gramps morgan - wash the tears

House Of Shem - Thinking About You

Kevin Davi (Yvad)- Guns  Drugs

Kolohe Kai -  'Cool Down' 

Let Her Go (Reggae Cover) -  Chris Martin

Malandrinha - Edson Gomes

One Inity - Greener

Onetox - Stress

Miystical Youths - Rasta school

Roots Circus - Head Gone

Roots Circus - Tell me when

Rian Hiraoka - Forever

Rian Hiraoka - If i

The green - Runaway train

Tribal Seeds - Don’t wait

Yemanjah - descendo a ladeira

Ken bob - in danger

Ziggy Marley - beach in hawaii

ai, espero que goste ♥


Its good to see the laughter of  the children and it brings great joy to see them growing rootically. I saw these two cubs enjoying themselves, playing in unity. Sometimes as a nation we need to take some guidance from the YOUTHS! 

I say the youths are the future, so give them a chance to express themselves to the best of their ability, provide them with the key of knowledge, freedom to speak, freedom of choice. Let us give them choices not demands. 

Keep it regal and fresh!