rasta s15


Revenge of the “RASTA” S15

{ December 14th, 2011 }

Ahhh yes, welcome to the latest custom GarageBOSO design for the 2012 Rasta S15. Ladies and Gentlemen, may we introduce you to the so-sick-it-will-make-you-sick Camouflage Rasta S15. The beast has been modestly upgraded, still running the LS3 V8 and 4-Speed dog ring transmission, but is now draped in this NASTY new paint coat. That adds 6 HP and +7 JDM for those who don’t know. But don’t be fooled… he’s not hiding from anyone. This Camo-Commando will step up to any challenge. Formula-D 2012, as wise pederast once said; “Hah, nobody f**ks with a Jesus.”

I don’t like it i like old colors better, OH WELL!