rasta bowls

I was tagged a long while ago by @corgiwitch to stop drop and take a hit, thank you pretty lady!

Here’s my new bong ft. daycare puppy and quiet commercials 🙃☺️I’m tagging @smokegreensipleanrepeat @juicy-jays-and-purple-haze @bloomwithme @please-getout @sassysapphicstoner @stoneybritt @starstoner710 @angelface102 @everyone-needs-a-star & @kushkisses420 even doe you won’t come up!

Blaze on my friends ☺️💚🔥😛✌🏽

Had a super stresssssful day today. But I’m finally home alone so I decided to make myself feel better. Stressed out so I sang to 21 Pilots ‘stressed out’, smoking out of the new piece, wearing something cuteee💛❤️💚💨 ps it was ripping so hard I was dying in this, I just tried to hide it💀🙈