Food Preservation: Making Raspberry Fruit Leather

I miss the flavors of summer berries already. Around August this year, me and the Hubs picked a couple pounds of local raspberries. I turned them into fruit leather (berries + raw honey + flax seed >>> blitz into a paste) with aid of the dehydrator, no special preservatives added. It’s been at least 4 months since I made the leathers; their soft sweetness and tangy berries are still holding up fantastically. They make such a happy reminder of the greener seasons.

songs I've been listening to a lot lately old and new

good songs I’ve been listening to :
get away - yuck
thinking about you - the big scary
chamber of reflection - Mac demarco
dissolve me - alt j
cobwebs- animal collective
street flash - animal collective
the purple bottle - animal collective
raspberry cane - youth lagoon
mute - youth lagoon
everything is happening so fast - mgmt
tiny dancer ( never gets old ) - Elton John
band on the run - Paul McCartney and wings
advanced falconry - mutual benefit
I just wanna die - FIDLAR
unfucktheworld- angel Olsen
post production - over the Atlantic
walkabout - atlas sound
oh Louie - Shannon and the clams
beetles - warpaint
liar - built to spill
Crimson and clover - tommy James and the shondells
I think it’s beautiful that you are 256 colors too - black moth super rainbow
skeleton key - Margot and the nuclear so sos
float forever - peace
jump into the fog - the wombats
what’s a girl to do - bat for lashes
last night at the jetty - panda bear
how can you really - foxygen
anemone - their satanic majesties second request
heartbreaker - girls
all die young - smith westerns
horse race - colormusic
the city in the sea - crystal stilts
Nancy from now on - father john misty
nightmare of you - I want to be buried in your backyard
tell me ( what’s on your mind ) - Allah-las
Bisou magique- melodys echo chamber
the sun was high - best coast
the hours - beach house
other people - beach house
sad girl - lana del rey
you and me - disclosure
she’s a rainbow - the Rolling Stones
im gonna crawl - led zep
punching in a dream - the naked and famous
Simeon’s dilemma - why
election - don dilego
never known love - thieves like us
bad kids- black lips
Billie holiday - warpaint
snow days - real estate
stop crying your eyes out - oasis
Caesar - Ty segall
one million lovers - the growlers
golden age - beach fossils
sleeping lessons - the shins
curse of curves - cute is what we aim for
ice hotels - dinosaur bones
daughters and empty space - the story so far
song for zula - phosphorescent
and many many many more


KINGS & FOOLS - a two-sided mix for glass hearts, lonely souls responding to each other & spilled love in-between not quite finding it’s path right away.

Eliot’s Side. (For bone deep disenchantment, beautiful messes, crush at first sight, tumbling into love with a friend who became too dear along the way & feeling like you’re falling short…)

i.raspberry cane - youth lagoon / ii.incredibly still - sombear / iii.boy from the sun - niva / iv.flaws - bastille / v.numbers - daughter / vi.i wanna be yours [slowed] - arctic monkeys / vii.better than heaven - bloc party / viii.shameless - man man / ix.real - years & years / x.prehistoric - now, now / xi.when i’m with u - astronomyy / xii.closer (bradley hale remix) - tegan and sara / xiii.black rainbow - raffertie

Quentin’s Side. (For a mind like a prison, confused heart, getting lost in your own emotions, liking girls but liking a boy too & not knowing what to do with any of it all…)

i.a better son/daughter - rilo kiley / ii.eet - regina spektor / iii.in or out - ani difranco / iv.colour fade - funeral suits / v.talk me down - troye sivan / vi.i still remember - bloc party / vii.lost boy - troye sivan (cover by reid) / viii.habits - maria mena / ix.these arms - active child / x.one step ahead - a great big world / xi.lights changing colour - stars / xii.colors pt. ii - halsey / xiii.fast fast - let’s buy happiness


My Mondrian Jacket. Kevin Milaeger. Racine, Wisconsin. 

Dear Patagonia,

I bought my Patagonia Ultralight Jacket when they were first introduced. I wore it everywhere, including working in my garden. While thinning out my raspberry bushes I noticed the jacket got snagged a number of times on the tiny thorns on the raspberry canes. I didn’t think much of it until later when I noticed the down feathers creeping out all the tiny holes from the thorns.

I cut a piece of silver duct tape to about 1” square and put it over a hole; problem solved. When I realized how many more holes there were I thought I would mix it up and use different colored tape. Red, yellow and green tape- all looked good on the blue jacket. It ended up looking (I thought) like a painting by the famed Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. 

I get compliments regularly. Just a couple of days ago a stranger said “Love your jacket—its working!” 

- Kevin


Five reasons you should make panna cotta:

  1. As David Lebovitz would say, “If it takes you more than five minutes to put it together, you’re doing something wrong.”
  2. If you make it right now, you can enjoy it tonight.
  3. It’s creamy, silky smooth, and not overly sweet.
  4. For all of its simplicity, it’s still an impressive dessert
  5. You can enhance its taste by adding rum, coffee, vanilla, or other flavorings

The reason why I decided to make this the other day? I noticed that our raspberry canes had grown a new, late crop of berries. The yield wasn’t huge, but I was able to fill a small-ish bowl with them – plenty to top panna cotta, a dessert I had been itching to try.

Once these had set, I carved away spoonful after creamy spoonful. It was almost like eating a silky ice cream, but better. (Well, I guess that depends on your mood.) I couldn’t believe I hadn’t made this simple Italian dessert before.

Half of the sweetened cream was poured into stemmed dessert glasses, the rest went into small custard cups. After the cream had chilled and set, I unmolded the ones from the custard cups onto dessert plates, and topped with raspberries and a homemade raspberry sauce. Either way you do it, you’ll end up with an elegant dessert.

Panna cotta, a recipe from Epicurious. Serves 8 or 6, depending on how much you pour in each glass or cup. 


  • 1 envelope unflavored gelatin (about 1 tablespoon)
  • 2 tablespoons cold water
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cup half and half
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract


In a very small saucepan sprinkle gelatin over water and let stand about 1 minute to soften. Heat gelatin mixture over low heat until gelatin is dissolved and remove pan from heat.

In a large saucepan bring cream, half and half, and sugar just to a boil over moderately high heat, stirring. Remove pan from heat and stir in gelatin mixture and vanilla. Divide cream mixture among eight ½-cup ramekins or wine glasses and cool to room temperature. Chill containers, covered, at least 4 hours or overnight.

To unmold, dip ramekins, 1 at a time, into a bowl of hot water 3 seconds. Run a thin knife around edge of each ramekin and invert ramekin onto center of a small plate.




Youth Lagoon - Raspberry Cane

Animated new video from Youth Lagoon, for track Raspberry Cane included in their last album Wondrous Bughouse (Fat Possum Records, 2013). Video directed by Stephen McNally.