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If you know what is in the secret menu drink you just ordered, I will make it for you.

If you do not know what is in the secret menu drink you just ordered, I will not make it for you, because I don’t know what’s in it either.

And if my store, like the rest of the stores ACROSS THIS COUNTRY, does not carry the syrup that goes in the secret menu drink you ordered, I will definitely not make it for you.

No matter how much you glare at me when I say no.

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Bruh use one of the swapfell bros bc it can be a transition for them from edgy and death to 'oh ok i can just sit here and un drink my coffee without being threatened neat'. Also like crazy shit happens in coffee shops all the time so the person who works there could be hella desensitized to everything??? Apathetic but calm which is hella soothing for the swapfell crowd

Okay so I wanted to edit these first so I had to wait until I got home.  I hope you all like them!

Post-Pacifist Cafe AU


Raspberry was yelling about something, again. Chara wasn’t paying much attention though as they pulled the tiny skeleton into the coffee shop. Saffron wasn’t too far behind.  One thing that Chara had truly missed during their time in the Underground was coffee. To say they were an addict was putting it lightly their old foster parents (the nice ones) used to say that if Chara ever had their blood taken the doctors would see it was half coffee, half blood. So the first thing they wanted to do after all the paperwork was squared away was to go get a caramel frappuccino from their old hang out.
But of course, their new guardians wanted to come with them. Raspberry was still yelling when they were waiting in line. It was something about a fight he had last week. Most likely he was just trying to let everyone here know that he was not someone to be messed with. When they got to the front both Chara and Saffron were surprised when Raspberry shut up. It was a little worrying until they saw why. It was the barista they were gorgeous, but the best thing about them was their smile it looked so… kind. It seemed to mesmerize Rasberry into a peaceful state.
Chara ordered drinks for everyone and then led them over to a table by the window. Raspberry seemed lost in thought which allowed Saffron and Chara to talk about what could be bothering him. It didn’t take them long to decide Raspberry liked the barista. Saffron, however, was still a little doubtful or at least he was until the barista came and dropped off their order. Raspberry’s eyes were glued to them and he thanked them for the excellent service.
Chara normally went to this same cafe every day got their order and left. But now they were sure to bring Raspberry with them and to drink their frappuccino there. At first, it was only because it amused them to see Raspberry so quiet and so calm. But then they noticed Raspberry was actually falling in love with the barista.
Chara told him that it was this person’s job to be nice, that it might not mean anything. So Raspberry waited until after the baristas shift was over and asked them if they would allow him to buy them dinner. He waited because he needed to be sure he didn’t make them feel pressured to say yes.
Luckily for him, the barista agreed to a date and they went out to dinner. He found out that Chara was right they had just been acting that way because it was their job. They were actually a very different person.  They didn’t always smile, weren’t always in a good mood, and they were not a morning bird.  But as he got to know them better he found he liked them more and more.
He still goes to the coffee shop every morning with Chara but now he knows he doesn’t have to yell as he walks in. As soon as he walks in he seems to relax.  He doesn’t say much to the barista even though they are dating now, he knows they have to work. But before he leaves he always texts them to make sure they are still on for their date later. It is the kind of romantic cuteness that is so discreet yet still adorable.


So, I was staying with Meryl last summer for a few days when she asked me to help her out in her garden. It seemed that a certain type of bug was shamelessly eating her raspberry plants, and something had to be done quickly. It appeared Meryl and I were going to have to kill some insects. She was this viscious bug crusher, without conscience! I learned something that day: don’t mess with Meryl. I had to find this out the hard way. Not that I crossed her. I just, well, I was her in the sense that she played, essentially, me in my semi-autobiographical screenplay “Postcards From The Edge”. After Postcards premiered, I began daily to see the pain and disappointment in the eyes of my family and friends, every time I wasn’t Meryl. There’s a name for this condition, as it turns out, Meryl-noma Streep-dicocis! Meryl, you’re either the best friend a person could have, or the best damned actress in the world. I love you. [x]

Listen up my peeps! Since no one has said anything about being uncomfortable with omegaverse headcannons to me directly I will now be commencing with them more often ;)
I’ll start here with this post setting up which people have what dynamics and scents:

•Hayashida is an omega- he’s the complete opposite of the stereotypical omega and he smells like dark chocolate with a hint of raspberry(something that smells a bit bitter/darker to match his personality)

•Shuuna is an alpha-he’s pretty laid back for an alpha and he smells like bundt cake which differs from other alphas because they don’t tend to smell sweet (mostly omegas do)

•Yumi is a beta-he has a VERY faint smell of rain but otherwise he is a pretty average beta who dealt with a unique omega

•Mayama is an alpha- he smells like marshmallows and the smell becomes a little burnt when he’s angry (much like Shuuna he has a surprisingly sweet smell that alphas don’t tend to have but they’re both sweet so I think they deserve sweet smells ;3c)

•Natsuo is an omega- he’s a very wild and outgoing omega which makes a lot of alphas avoid him since they don’t want to deal with an unruly omega. He smells like jasmine which is why Hiro is so into gardening

•Hiro is a beta- he has a VERY faint cinnamon smell probably because his sassiness, he also tends to be uncomfortable around other dynamics however Natsuo was the exception

Alternative smells I was thinking of for characters:

•Hayashida-coffee(bitter smell like his personality)

•Shuuna- brown sugar but I heard that smells bad so I don’t think I’ll be going with that one. I also thought of coconut cause why not

•Yumi-honey… maybe does that even have a smell?

•Hiro-oranges..idk like something tangy would be cool for his personality type

Anyway give some feedback because it feeds into my muse and also feel free to send me headcannons (omegaverse or not I’m cool with either) !!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this and expect more to come 😘~muah

The Woman is the Brakes by raspberryseedz

Prompt #2:  Carla McCorkle was raised in a conservative Catholic household. In true 70’s style, Carla rebels by wearing provocative shorts and bootlegs Beatles records. Stan is not unlike Carla. He often goes against what his family desires of him, much to his brother’s chagrin. Keeping their stubborn rebelliousness in mind, write a fic depicting Stan and Carla acting out as hormonal teenagers.

Word Count: 1028

“They’re gonna kill me,” Carla said miserably.  “They’re gonna set me on fire until I burn to ashes and vaccum me up from the floor.  They’re gonna drown me in holy water and feed my bloated corpse to the crows.”

“Ewww,” Stanley’s nose crinkled.

“They’re gonna destroy all record of my existence and banish me to Antarctica.”

“Relax. They won’t even know,” Stanley insisted.  He reached into his pocket and held out a packet of Juicy Fruit.  Carla took one, popping a stick of the gum into her mouth.  She lay in the dim light with her hair hanging off her father’s work bench, contemplating the perilous situation she now found herself.

Her mother had warned her, in two languages she had warned her. La mujer es los frenos. The woman is the brakes. In the multitude of sins and transgressions that could befall a young person, the woman was responsible for creating the friction that stopped it.  And the list of sins was indeed varied and long.  There were the mortal sins, the eternal sins, the sins that you wouldn’t think were sins except that they led to things that were, most definitely, sins.

Staying out past ten, for example.  Any rational person knew there was nothing magically special about that particular time.  But to her parents, the minute between nine fifty-nine and ten o’clock marked the transition from wholesomeness to depravity, where being outside went from innocuous to dangerous.

Her knees were also an issue. When you thought about it, knees were just the same as elbows, only for the legs.  The did exactly the same thing.  But for some reason, elbows were fit to be seen by public eyes whereas knees must be banished under conservatively shaped dresses.  That was the line her skirts could not cross.

Dating? Oh, don’t even bother. You dated schoolbooks until you got married.  Don’t ask how that transition happened.

The rules were finite.  Bending them, for whatever reason, was a slippery slope to damnation. Sins that were sinful because they paved the road for other sins.  Carla listened, she really had, her ears had perceived the message. But it was difficult to gather the wherewithal to actually care. Especially when she knew full well her sisters had snuck out past the dreaded ten o’clock hour in skirts that weren’t up to standard doing whatever they wanted.  As long as she didn’t get caught, what would it matter?

Stanley was different.  Stanley didn’t get lectured, at least not directly.  It was more like a silent shadow hanging over everything that he did.  Stanley didn’t have older sisters that constantly overstepped the limits of a nice, Catholic girl.  He had a twin brother that constantly overstepped the limits of what a developing human brain could accomplish.  It was kinda a foregone conclusion he wasn’t going to make the proverbial bar.

Nobody actually said he couldn’t see a girl after ten on a school night.  But he lied about it anyway because there were so many other things that went with unspoken disapproval that he sort of got used to lying about everything, just to be safe.

And now their time had come. Her sins had caught up with her. They had been distracted and taking things a little too fast. For whatever it was worth, Carla did apply the brakes. She was just a little too late.

“Gum?” Stanley asked, holding out his hand.  Carla removed the soft lump of gum she had chewed and handed it off.

“There’s no way this is gonna work,” she told him. Again.

“I saw my dad try this once.  It’s totally gonna work,” Stanley replied.

She threw up her hands. “Stanley, you can’t fix a car with rubber bands and gum!”

“Shhh, stealth. Remember?” He hissed.

“Oh, let them come,” Carla muttered. “Let them find me, there’s no way they aren’t gonna find out what-” she turned her head and the view of her father’s crisp, white 1963 Dodge 440 made her pause.  “It really looks fixed,” she said, stunned.

“Really?” Stanley’s voice sounded from his spot under the vehicle.  “I mean, of course it does.”

“Holy god, Stanley, you fixed it!” Carla leapt up from the table.  It was admittedly difficult to see in the dimly lit garage. She only turned on the little lightbulb hanging from the wall over her father’s bench.  They didn’t want too much light attracting any attention.  But the bumper fit back on the car the way it was supposed to and the dent was pushed out and relatively smooth.  It could just be the shadows playing tricks on her, but it looked just the way they had found it.

“Just don’t touch it. Or breathe on it.  In fact, don’t even look at it.”

“I could kiss you,” Carla swooned.

Suddenly a soft click alerted Carla to the door leading from the garage to the house. The handle was turning.  Her heart in her throat, Carla did the only rational thing she could think of, dropped to her knees, and rolled under the car and right into Stanley in the split second it took for the door to open.  Stanley started to yelp in surprise and she clamped a hand over his mouth.  They laid under the car, side by side, in utter terror as a pair of feet moved into the garage.  

The feet shuffled slowly to her father’s work bench and stopped.  Carla winced and bit her lip.  Stanley was sweating.  The light was still on.  Would they think to look under the car? Where had she put her knee-appropriate skirt after she changed? Did she leave it in the backseat?  What about Stanley’s jacket? She couldn’t remember what happened to it.  Her parents were going to find her under their car with the boyfriend that she didn’t have wearing the shorts she didn’t own in the forbidden hours of the night.

A section of dark hair followed by a round face suddenly appeared from the side of the car.  Stanley and Carla jumped simultaneously, like characters in a horror flick.

“I don’t want to know.” Her sister shook her head.

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*I smile and look over the party, hearing conversations here and there. Curiously I glance at Raspberry after hearing something* So, Magnificent blushing Raspberry. *I smirk slightly* Are you in a courtship? *I blush in embarrassment* ~Silver

*Raspberry grins*


*Raspberry loves talking about his wifey and his brother, even though he’ll never admit it*

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Coconut 🌴 Peach 🍑 Passion Fruit 🍉 << that's what popped up so idk looks like a watermelon

coconut: favorite perfume?

  • Mad about you from Bath and Body is good af. There’s another one from VS that’s like raspberry and something else, but I’m too lazy to get up and find out. 

peach: do you have any piercings or tattoos?

  • I have my ears pierced and then two cartilage piercings on my left ear. 

passion fruit: how would you describe your style?

  • However the hell I wanna dress that day. Usually comfy, tbh since I never go anywhere. 

I have this headcanon that Dan really likes the details about Phil. Like the change in his breathing when he falls asleep or hugs right after showers when Phil smells so strongly of raspberry and something else Dan can’t quite name. The way Phil asks if he’s okay when they’re in crowded spaces or the way Phil always kisses Dan when he comes home from the store. And sometimes Dan will think he’s noticed all of the things that make Phil distinctly himself. But then Dan will find something new, that makes him smile, and fall in love a little more.

The Oracle by @imogenpenn

“Don’t be such a boy scout,” said Tony easily, “You’ll hardly be unchaperoned, what with all the laborers and students who inevitably end up on all your digs. Plus,” Tony barreled forward “not that you stopped to ask, but Doctor Lewis is fluent in Greek, both modern and ancient, has impeccable Latin, not to mention a staggering knowledge of a truly impressive pile of other dead languages and happens to be the museum’s foremost expert in Greek religion and mysticism. Perhaps you’ve read her thesis on the Pythia?”

“She’s that D. Lewis?” Steve exclaimed, “I thought she was a man.”

A disgusted noise from a few paces away told him he hadn’t exactly been using a measured tone.

Raspberry Nicecream // there’s something so simple + romantic about this combo, I completely devoured it! Base: frozen nanas + vanilla + cinnamon topped with fresh ripe (super sweet) raspberries + coconut chips #vegan #801010 #rawtill4 #rawfood (at tumblr | falconcara)



okay really dumb and random headcanon but LETS TALK SNOW CONE FLAVOR PREFERENCES
Dick: piña-colada or maybe blue raspberry
Jason: limón con sal (my mouth waters as I type) or coconut
Tim: a lime kind of guy or grape
Damian: red raspberry or watermelon
Stephanie: birthday-cake or grape
Cassandra: grape or blue raspberry
Babs: watermelon or something else tart
Bruce: something boring like cherry