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Blue Kool-Aid Jungle Juice🍓🍓🍓

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The Signs as Strange Shit Found in Space


Taurus: Galactic Cannibalism; where galaxies literally devour each other. Those savages.

Gemini: Gliese 581 c; May be a candidate for future colonization. Only thing is that one side will melt your face off and the other will freeze you to death :). But there is a little strip in the middle that is a-okay. 

Cancer: Universe’s largest water reservoir; contains 140 trillion times more water than Earth, makes a kick-ass water slide. Also a big ass black hole :/ 

Leo: The Diamond Planet; pretty self-explanatory, worth 29.2 nonillion dollars. Take that Bill Gates. 

Virgo: The Cold Star; thinks its the shit, really aint. Our sun is hot af and this star is only 80 degrees. That’s a regular day in LA basically. 

Libra: El Gordo Galaxy; Spanish for “the fat one”. Has a lot of galaxies in there.

Scorpio: The Planet of Burning Ice; its literally an ice ball that is literally on fire. 

Sagittarius: Sagittarius B2; basically a fucking huge cloud that is “a giant river of raspberry-flavored rum” 

Capricorn: Dark Energy; we don’t know what the fuck it is that’s why its called “dark” energy. it’s making the universe expand faster. how? we don’t know. just does its own thang. 

Aquarius: White Holes; the opposite of black holes, may be the key to time travel. Only exists in theory. 

Pisces: Pillars of Creation; makes little star babies (✿◠‿◠) 

The Signs as Liquor
  • Aries: vanilla rum
  • Taurus: strawberry shortcake vodka
  • Gemini: cinnamon tequila
  • Cancer: whipped cream vodka
  • Leo: raspberry vodka
  • Virgo: passion fruit rum
  • Libra: cotton candy vodka
  • Scorpio: fireball whiskey
  • Sagittarius: lime tequila
  • Capricorn: absinthe
  • Aquarius: peach schnapps
  • Pisces: cherry brandy

Razzleberry Delight🍓🍓

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RFA members + Saeran's favorite ice-cream flavor

Yoosung: Cookies and Cream, Vanilla, Banana Chocolate

Zen: Butter Fudge Almond, Cherry, Marshmallow

Jumin: Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Rum Raisin

Jaehee: Strawberry, Black Sesame, Blueberry Cheesecake

Seven: Chuncky Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, Cotton Candy

Saeran: MINT CHOCOLATE obviously

anonymous asked:

I ship you with Sagittarius, then center of our galaxie, literally the most beautiful thing I ever seen second only to you. It smells like raspberries and rum.

❤️ who knew stars could smell like fruit and alcohol lol

Heb je honger? Je moet wat vla!

I remember walking into my first Dutch supermarket to buy some milk, and saw aisles and aisles of this stuff called vla. I initially thought it was some type of drinking yoghurt or milkshake; it was stacked next to the refrigerated drinks after all. I was always curious to try some as fellow shoppers were chucking them into their shopping baskets by the gallons. Het is lekker?

As Wikipedia puts it: Vla is a Dutch dairy product made from fresh milk.

Originally, the term “vla” was used to describe any custard-like substance that covered cakes in the 13th century. This brought about the term “vlaai” which is the umbrella term for a type of pie with a pastry base and an ooey gooey topping or filling.

Nowadays, vla refers to this custard-like product that is often eaten as a dessert - toetje - or a snack - tussendoortje - that is fondly recognised as a comforting dish enjoyed by most Nederlanders in their childhood.

It’s all very technical too. According to the Warenwetbesluit Zuivel (Product Law Decision Dairy), a dairy product my only be called vla if it contains the following:

  • zetmeel (cornstarch, though traditionally eggs were used)
  • at least 50% cow’s milk (milk fat to be at least 2.6%)
  • sugar or some kind of flavour (the most popular is vanilla, but this also includes chocolate, caramel, banana, orange, rum, blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, cinnamon, peach and apple)

As you can imagine, this makes the vla have an incredibly thick consistency. Many would place it between a thick custard and a pudding. Having tried it myself, I would agree with this comparison. It’s very smooth, and very sweet.

You can buy vla at pretty much every Dutch supermarket, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I hear that it’s pretty exclusive to the Netherlands, however I know that some places in Belgium and Germany have also started marketing the stuff.

So, if you’re feeling peckish and need that little hole in your tummy to be filled… get yourself some vla!

Heeft je geprobeerd vla? Je eet het op zijn eigen of je eet het met iets anders (zoals hagelslag)? Laat me weten wat je denkt!



  • resolute force engulfed in heavy metal melodrama.
  • the shadow of malaise. 
  • chilling doom that swings from outer space and hits an asteroid.
  • feral instincts, cycles, rage, and love.
  • a siren’s mesmerizing call.

━━━★ COLORS.

  • invariant black.
  • the maroon kiss of the sunset.
  • veins of red clay in the earth tangled with dark roots.
  • deep taupe with a hint of rose and hidden layers of sparkly dimension.
  • smoky, sultry grey.

━━━★ SCENTS.

  • seared metal 
  • ethyl formate: raspberry rum !! 
  • fresh blood in soil
  • the ocean’s salty tang
  • ashes and embers


  • intricate gowns spun from shadows.
  • feathers, mesh, precious stones, and other scavenged materials slapped onto a gown.
  • translucent veils in black, white, and deep red.
  • spiky bone crowns adorned with shells, seed pearls, and other foraged sea materials.
  • whatever she can find on your floor.


  • vast expanses of silence
  • dark forests and even murkier oceans
  • ravenous flames and stellar explosions
  • sharpened, bloody claws 
  • the impregnable, amniotic abyss

━━━★ VICES   &   BAD HABITS.

  • eternally torn between being on defense and the attack; tenderness and brutality. 
  • rejects the myth of stability, stagnancy, & predictability. cue those romantic chaos & the void theories.
  • self-medicates with sex. codependency is inevitable. violently loves to the point that they are indirectly master of the universe.
  • draws your attention away from creation/reality and towards material that cannot be helmed. doors that should never be opened. shadows and depths that should be left unexplored.
  • overtly disconcerting and disturbing. 


  • constantly plucks, peels, and scratches her hands, which are either drenched in preternatural darkness or torn practically to shreds. she no longer bothers to glamour them. they sometimes seize up and lock into painful contortions. 
  • crouched in a corner of tight white space, cloaked in darkness yet blatantly on the attack
  • her ‘eyes’ are glamoured supermassive black holes. she cannot blink. any ‘eyelids’ are a glamour – merciful for you, not her. they have an extremely strong gravitational field. they’re too heavy for her head so she sometimes nods off. must physically turn her head like an owl because haha she doesn’t have retinas or pupils. none of that. 
  • prone to sudden twitches, glitches, and winces due to the entire universe being held together by her, the fabric of reality/dark matter/pick your title. space is violent as fuck. it does hurt even though she doesn’t technically have a ‘body’ or nerve endings so-say.
  • her gait is fluid, ethereal and spectral. you cannot hear her coming. her every movement is silent. 


  • the universe in its entirety. any and all space imagery.
  • ominous forests and deathly quiet fields of snow in an unforgiving winter.
  • nocturnal phantasmagoria with slow-motion horror atmospherics and brutal static
  • wild winter oceans crowned with forbidding storm clouds. 
  • a maze shrouded in barbed wire and velvet.

━━━★ SONGS.

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Her intelligence had no place
In a world indifferent to the mind;
A cult for the admiration of the body
And her beauty only rivaled her deceipt.
She was like a spider living in a flower.
Waiting for the bees.
But there was space between her sky
and the faces turned toward it;
animal tracks fossilized
from prehistoric times.

Sipping generically passionate words
and sniffing sweet cocaine.
She said she collected knives
“Because they’re sexual.”
A parasite living in a host’s veins.
And when she cried
flowers wilted at her feet.
She said:
“It’s always better to be
carried away with emotion
than be completely unmoved.”
But when she threw her knees
In the air for me,
she thought about how
pretty words can’t explain
The world that she’s seen;
And she kind of hates people;
A virus in a water filled cell.
But they’re beautiful when they sleep.
She wore death’s grin above her chin;
Like the center of someone else’s galaxy.
She smells like raspberries,
but tastes like rum.

alan-akita  asked:

Could this pupper get some raspberry rum with some ginger ale?

why yes you may! *kags goes behind the counter and grabs bicardi raspberry and fills two shot glasses one to taste and the other for the drink. kags then pours one shot into your glass and adds ice then fills it with ginger ale. after he is finished he sets it in front of you with a shot a shot of the rum next to it* enjoy my friend!