raspberry princess



(I just realized that you could also compare Xavier to the raspberry gelatin)

Gelatin snacks

Erik and raspberry great lakes gelatin with green tea and honey

Suzu and marshmallow lime gelatin salad

Naomi and Japanese white peach jelly dessert

Princess the Bearded Dragon would like to say HELLO to the Stickiest of Frogs!  Do they have any raspberries to share??

Hello Princess! 😄🐸
Tiny and Jens are pleased to meet you, you are looking most proud on your log this morning! 😀
Jens likes your cute tongue that is peeking out just in case a treatie is nearby!
Tiny and Jens send you a happy smile and promise to send all raspberries they see directly to your house! 🐸😊🐸

Raspberry, cranberry and almond oatmeal. It felt like Princess Food, so I wore my best tiara. (Then brushed my teeth and went to work).

shyfluffymage  asked:

It's not abuse... it's a fair warning! And if you were hanging upside down, maybe a lil bit of your cute tum would be showing and I could draw little designs on the exposed skin. Annnnnnd depending on the positioning, your cute tummy might be near my face level and I could slowly get so close you can feel my breath on your skin making you squirm and squeal... and I'd raspberry you to the heavens! And In between raspberries I'd compliment princess Mik's beautiful laugh and blush ❤️