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Infused Water Magic

perhaps it’s a bit too warm for coffee potions, or hot chocolate magic, or even tea spells, but you still want to work a little magic into your day. infused waters! here’s just a couple of suggestions with fruit and even herbs, and their correspondences.

for all recipes, chop, cube, or slice all fresh ingredients. let them sit in a bottle of cool water for a few hours. the longer it waits, the more flavor infuses. afterwards, you can eat the fruit or infuse it again!

Honeydew Melon and Raspberry   🍈 🍇

for fertility, love, beauty, protection, abundance, and lunar magic

Strawberry, Lime, and Cucumber  🍓 🍊  🍠

for love, chastity, fertility, healing, fortune, peace and protection.

Raspberry, Rose Petal, and Vanilla  🍇  🌹  🍃

for love, protection, divination, healing, psychic abilities. happiness, and lust.

Citrus and Cucumber 🍊  🍠

for purification, protection, beauty, divination, purification, and wealth.

Rosemary and Grapefruit 🍃 🍈

for exorcism, healing, love, lust, protection, purification, spirituality and energy

Watermelon and Mint  🍉  🍃

for purification, new beginnings, exorcism, healing, protection, and wealth.

Strawberry, Lemon, and Basil  🍓 🍊  🍃

for courage, exorcism, protection, friendship, purification and love.

Orange and Blueberry  🍊  🍇

for protection, beauty, divination, fortune, love, purification, and wealth

anonymous asked:

That lifeguard AU (from that list) but with the GOM and Kagami and Kuroko in training. And like they're the best and most colorful lifeguards on the beach/pool/waterpark. (idk I just imagined lifeguard Sei and just Furi too nervous to go and ask him out cause he's just the guy selling ice cream where ever they work at to the kids, (and maybe cant swim that well lol), but he goes over to try and then falls in the water/something similar, but ends with Sei having to jump in and save him lol (CPR~~

Oh my goodness, Anon! I LOVE THIS!! ♥

Okay, so they’re all training, but Akashi is the top of the class (of course) and ends up helping their trainer.

Furihata sells Italian Ice (wait for it) and all the kids love him. Actually, everyone loves him. His family has been selling frozen treats by the pool for years. He’s great at his job and is super warm and friendly with everyone.

One day, after hearing about how delicious the ice is (”No, you can’t have mine, Akashi. It’s my lucky item.”) Akashi walks over and asks what flavors they have.

Furihata, who’d had his head in the ice box, doing a quick inventory, pops up and cheerily says, “Welcome! We have lemon, raspberry, melon, soda, blueberry, and cher…ry.” His eyes go wide and he stutters out the rest of the flavors (Because, omg, that really cute lifeguard trainee finally came over!!)

“They all sound good,” Akashi says with a smile. “Which would you suggest?”

Furihata, who has been entranced by the other’s unusual eye color (even more vibrant than the others who’ve visited his stand, including the giant purple-haired one) just manages a quick, “Ch-Cherry.”

“Cherry, it is, then.”

Akashi ends up loving it and thanks Furihata for his wonderful suggestion.

A few more days pass and it’s time for the trainees to get tested for their certification (let’s pretend it’s a two week class) and Akashi is, of course, helping the trainer (since he was certified earlier than the rest)

The first few simulations go really well, but it’s a super hot day and Akashi finds himself longing for his daily treat. And as soon as he’s ready to inform the trainer that he’ll be right back, Furihata appears beside him, holding a cup with a scoop of cherry ice in it.

“Oh, thank you, Kouki.” (The stand says “Furihata’s Italian Ice” but his nametag says “Kouki”)

“Y-You’re welcome,” he stammers, cheeks pink.

Furihata, although he’s never told anyone, is deathly afraid of the water, ever since his first time coming to help his grandpa at the stand when he was six and he accidentally fell into the pool and almost drowned (backstory in the middle of this, sorry)

“How did you know?” Akashi smiles.

“You looked hot,” Furihata says and then gets all flustered. “I mean, you always look hot. No, that’s not what I–um, sorry. I’ll just-” but, as he’s trying to walk away, Akashi reaches out and grabs his wrist, stopping him.

“Thank you,” he says again, fingers trailing along the inside of Furihata’s palm as he releases him from his grasp. “I’ll go get my wallet.”

“Oh, no need.” Furihata waves his hands in front of him. “This one’s on the house.”

Akashi raises his brows. “Then, I’ll have to think of something else.” He pauses. “Perhaps you’d like to join me for dinner after we finish the certifications?”

Furihata’s face is currently rivaling the cherry Italian ice, if anyone was wondering.

“Will you be done with your shift by then?” Akashi continues, hoping to get an answer.

“Oh, yeah. Sure!” Furihata agrees and starts walking backwards. “You’re perfect–Sounds perfect, I mean. Okay, well. I’m going to just head back over now and-” Of course, he wasn’t looking where he was going and falls right into the pool.

Kagami, who was in the middle of his certification, blows his whistle and grabs his float, readying to save his “victim,” but Akashi is faster, shoving his ice into Midorima’s hands before diving into the pool.

Thankfully, because he acted so quickly, Furihata didn’t swallow too much water. When Akashi pulls him out, he’s sputtering and coughing, but conscious. Akashi pats his back as Furihata recovers.

Then, Furihata looks up at him. “How did you know I couldn’t swim?” he asks and Akashi, not wanting to admit how he’s been watching the other ever since their first meeting, shares only some of the details.

“I heard you telling one of the children when they asked you to join them in the pool,” he said, leaving out the part about him waiting for Furihata to be alone, so he could buy another Italian ice for his fellow trainees (at this point, even Murasakibara is complaining about eating too much of it, but Akashi is persistent)

Ah, I could go on and on, but I think I’ve done enough, haha.
I really like this AU idea (obviously) I hope my ask-and-answer/partial story response wasn’t too painful to read XD
Thanks again, Anon! ♥

20 Questions Tag

I was tagged by thebooksareeverywhere. Here are my answers:

Name: Tugba

Nickname: Sera, Sera McFly, frailsoul and booklover of course. 

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′2

Ethnicity: Turkish

Orientation: Straight

Favourite Fruit(s): Kiwi, strawberry, raspberry, peach, melon, 

Favourite Season: Autumn and a little Spring. 

Favourite Book(s): Are you really ready for this conversation! I had better mention some of my favorite authors: Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka, John Fowles, Virginia Woolf, Margaret Atwood, Flannery O’Connor, Katherine Mansfield, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Salinger, John Cheever, Elena Ferrante, Alice Munro, Agatha Christie, Romain Gary, Stefan Zweig, J.R.R.Tolkien, Italo Calvino, Jorge Luis Borges, Jack London, Iris Murdoch, Toni Morrison, Magda Szabo, Raymond Carver, Doris Lessing, J.M.Coetzee, Ben Okri, Yukio Mishima, Haruki Murakami, Stephen King, Philip K.Dick, Svetlana Alexievich, Ian McEwan, Jeanette Winterson, Hans Fallada, etc. 

Favourite Flower(s): Daisy, violet, wisteria and many others. 

Favourite Animal(s): Deer, birds, dolphins, pandas, turtles -especially loggerheads because there are many of them living by the sea near me.

Favourite Beverage: Tea, coffee, milkshake

Average Hours of Sleep:

Favourite Fictional Characters: Too difficult to choose. 

Number of Blankets You Sleep With:  Two in winter. 

Dream Trip: Travelling all over Europe but it is not easy because of money issues and visa obligation for 3rd world citizens like me! I also dream of seeing South America, Australia and Japan. 

Blog Created: About 7 years ago I think. I am old. 

Number of Followers: Over 76.000 so far. 

Thanks everyone a lot. ^^

I was tagged by the gorgeous angel @warmandwarm to do this challenge (sorry it took me so long!)

name: Jéssica
nickname: I’ve been going by my second name, Íris, I think it counts as a nickname idk
zodiac sign: Aquarius
height: 162cm
sexual orientation: não sei msm
ethnicity: angola + portugal
fav fruit: raspberries, melons, strawberries and star fruit
fav season: summer
fav book: it’s a bit childish, but there this book of african fables and they were all selected by Nelson Mandela and I love it. My mother gave it to me when I was like 15 and it was life changing lmao
fav flower: lilies and orchids
fav scent: that forrest type of scent is really soothing but idk
fav colour: red rn
fav animal: whales!! and goats (and cows)
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea
average hours of sleep: 6-8
cat or dog person: dog
fav fictional character(s):
number of blankets you sleep with: one or two
dream trip: angola!, cuba, and italy
blog created: this one was created this last november
number of followers: 1

i tag: @greyumbrella @desertdream17 @passtelfur @divineimmortaleternal @blahhblahhhblahhh @aloeveragel @frutadelatierra @scoottheburbs