raspberry extract

Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask ♡

“Polution, debris, it’s a wonder skin can breathe! This unique mask and scrub works double time to detox skin. First, naturally purifying Activated Charcoal helps absorb oil and impurities without over-drying. Then, Black Sugar helps exfoliate away dulling skin cells for softness and clarity. Perfect for all skin types.”

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Leave it to Portland, Oregon

Inspired by Voodoo Doughnut’s Voodoo Doll doughnut, Rogue Brewery’s Pretzel, Chocolate & Raspberry Ale is the third Voodoo Doughnuts flavored ale to be released. We tried it last night and decided it wasn’t too bad! You can definitely taste the fruit and the chocolate, but I’m not sure I could identify the pretzel. It’s a dark ale that left a nice taste in my mouth.

Brewed with 14 ingredients: 2-Row, Munich, C120, Chocolate, Black, Kiln Coffee, and Rogue Farms Dare™ and Risk™ malts; Rogue Farms Rebel hops; pretzels, raspberry extract, Pacman Yeast and free flowing coastal water, with no chemicals, additives or preservatives.

I threw in a picture of a fresh, still warm Voodoo Doll doughnut for good measure. Eat your hearts out.

At least it can’t get any worse


AUTHOR: beautifulxxbeca

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the one rehabilitating Loki, and you share an apartment with him. You get up early to shower, and while you’re in there Loki bangs on the door and demands you hurry up…


NOTES/WARNINGS: there’s quite a bit of swearing and I changed it slightly, also the shower part comes later on in the fic and the idea of the cabal came from an avengers assemble episode. Enjoy :)

At least it can’t get any worse

Sometimes I really hate Fury I think, trudging into my flat.

The day was going perfectly. My phone hadn’t started ringing so I had been able to get a lie-in, have a nice warm shower and then a delicious breakfast. Afterwards I had glanced over to my phone, noticing it had still not rung.

Perhaps, I had thought, today will be a calm day, I could use one after the hectic week full of high level assignments. I mean I’m one of the top shield agents, alongside Tasha of course, but I’m part time now (also like Tasha) I have missions given to me by the avengers as well. A girl can only do so much you know.

Sadly though my wish for a peaceful day was shattered within minutes of glancing over to that phone. Suddenly it had started to ring, all my hopes vanished as I walked over and picked it up. Hill, damn.

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