Raspberry Mascarpone

Even though berrys and cheese are not the flavours I seek in winter this was entirely enjoyable with a nicely made Van Dyck latte.

dein & mein is a small café in the Agnesviertel of Cologne. Unless one works or lives there, it’s probably not an area ventured to often. Which is a loss to those who don’t because it’s a beautiful small quarter of Cologne. a target=“_blank” href=“http://cafe-deinundmein.de/”>dein & mein have set up a tidy peaceful café decorated with a minimalistic natural ambiance. Their menu is not overwhelming but full of quality goods. Van Dyck coffee for example. Cakes and snacks are made on the premises by the lovely girls running the place.

There was a selection of six cakes and all of them looked great. It being so close to Christmas when I was there I did miss a spicy option.

The topping was overloaded with real raspberries, jellied into a chewy even layer. The whipped mascarpone filling was wonderfully creamy and light with a balanced sweetness. My highlight was the short crust base – so crunchy it snapped under pressure with caramelised sugar and a note of butter.

Ewaldistraße 24, Agnesviertel. Lines 12, 15, 16, 18

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