rasmun doodles


Ras for the GDA Kagepro AU!

15 || Strength Eye || Crushed to death

  • His wish was to become strong
  • Died 3 years ago
  • He’s very antisocial and doesn’t like to talk much
  • His eye power allows him to exceed the limits of human strength
  • If you annoy/bother him, he might just pick you up and throw you
  • He lost his best and only friend to the haze and is desperately trying to get him back
  • Rather lonely

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I’m fine with getting criticism or asks politely asking me to tag triggers or other things that upset you, but if you’re just going to come into my inbox and leave me rude messages making me feel bad about liking or enjoying something or insulting the things I like, then I’m sorry but I’m drawing the line!

This is my blog. And while I greatly appreciate you following me, it will still always be my blog and I’m going to do what I wish with it because it’s mine. If you don’t like the things I post, it’s as simple as unfollowing me! Save both you and me the trouble and just unfollow instead of trying to make me conform to your wants!

By no means am I saying that you always have to like the things I like/post or agree with my opinions. You are your own person and are allowed to have your own opinions and interests just as I am also my own person!

But trying to force your opinions/interests onto someone else or make others feel bad about their’s is not okay.

In short, don’t be rude and simply unfollow, blacklist, or just ask politely that something be tagged. Courtesy can go a long way here in tumblr land!

Since the Air Branch is green, I remade the bird’s uniform. I guess the white outfit can be an off-duty thing?

Anyway, here is your Air Force captain. May or may not be Ras, we may never know. Who is Ras? i don’t even know

Little facts

  • he is a bird- a yellow warbler, to be precise.
  • he is an airbender bird
  • pretty sure his parents are pokemon or something (teach him “Fly” I dare you)
  • is a miniature hair stylist how fab no need for curling irons with this little guy god bless
  • did i mention that he a bird
  • such tiny bird