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Okay so I have a problem. I feel like I’ve started falling out of liking destiel and I really don’t want to stop shipping it. What fics could you reccomend (either au or canon, I read both) that could remind me how Dean and Cas are two people that belong together?

First of all, we can certainly relate. I don’t know if you were following season 9 but it was a bit ho-hum on the destiel front. Wanting more out of canon or being disappointed in it is one of the big reasons fanfic exists in the first place - from fixit fic to slice of life to missing scenes/coda to character studies. And even if canon isn’t the reason for falling out of liking a pairing, shipper fatigue happens (especially if you hit a series of “not what I’m looking for” fics and can’t find something new that seems up your alley).

With all this in mind, we’ve brought together something us mods have unofficially dubbed our “Destiel Love” post. :P We’ve included links to shippy meta, author recs, and fic recs by category (with blurbs on each fic). We focused on fics we love - where we’re rooting for them to get together or rooting for them to team up and take down the big bad (or both); that remind us of how gone we are for this pairing and of how well these two come together. But in no way is this a definitive post. There’s a wealth of great fic and fanwork creators and there’s no way we could list them all (and we definitely can’t read them all). I actually had to force myself to stop looking through more tags because this post was getting ridiculous and me adding yet another fic wasn’t helping.

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  • Shippy Meta
  • Author Recs
  • Fic Recs
    • Coda-esq/Fixit fic/Rewrites and Reimaginings
    • Fics with great relationship/interaction, ust, and fluff
    • Fallen!Cas fics
    • Important!Dean fics
    • Comfort reads - the fun stuff
    • Comfort reads - the sad stuff
    • Crack/humor/fun porn
    • Character study/emotional/introspective porn

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