I used to have this thing for collaging boxes and various surfaces thru middle school and high school. My favorite magazines were Heavy Metal, National Geographic and Playboy to cut pictures out of. This is one of the boxes that survived the years…. #collage #heavymetal #playboy #raskha

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My favorite vinyl :)


Artist James Melton (http://captainlaziness.deviantart.com/) coordinated things for me so that I was able to show four vinyl record paintings at this art show in the record shop (Vinyl Renaissance & Audio in Kansas City, Missouri)! The link above is the flickr page he made for the photos. Here’s the record store’s facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vinyl-Renaissance-Audio-on-39th/199917156714546?sk=wall)

This was last year and all 4 of these vinyls were shown.