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oh god I just read the faq and my blood pressure just spiked. “fat people are victims ” I can’t

they bring up good things like yes people are bullied for being fat and yes the airplane seats and the body shaming and the fact that larger waist sometimes means lower salary because people are cruel but like

they took it and made it negative

what pisses me off is the whole thought of “you can never change it!!!! nobody can ever change it!!!! accept that you are a victim!!!! stay where you are!!!! feel oppressed!!!”

the fact that they said having body fat was hereditary

the fact that they said that changing your lifestyle to a healthier will have no long term effects

that exercise is useless and a result of “healthists” (WHAT)

that makes me so mad

i get what their blog is about but seriously a little more body positivity rather than anger directed everywhere would go a long way

because i’m choosing to lose weight and i’m fucking doing it

and i shouldn’t have to feel like crap for that

and people who don’t want to shouldn’t have to feel like crap for not wanting to

and people who don’t have to shouldn’t feel like crap for not having to

just oh my god it makes me flinch

like if i’d read that two months ago i wouldn’t be where i am right now ok i needed positivity not this

there’s a way of raging that doesn’t involve hurting everybody around the issue