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OMG u guys would have beautiful mixed babies. I would love to date other races other than black but it's so hard..how did u do it? Where in Canada are u? I'm in alberta.

Hi there!

well when it came to dating I honestly wasn’t even looking for Asian men, but I have always liked men of different backgrounds than myself. I actually met my husband in the military 6 years ago, and started dating a year later. when it comes to interracial dating, its not about his race or where he’s from, it all boils down to your compatibility, and how well you get along. I hope that helps. As for us we live in Toronto

cheers ambwrelations  

This is my current eating habits off season.


Breakfast 730-8am- ½ cup dry old fashion oatmeal w/ small handful of dried cranberries, 5egg whites 1 regular egg w/ 1/2cup of fresh spinach.

Snack1030am-small green apple w/1 1/2tbls of almond butter

Lunch 12-1230pm- 4oz chicken breast, ½ cup of green veggie, ½ cup of brown rice.

Snack- 2pm- ½ cucumber, 7 cherry tomatoes

Pre workout meal 5pm- Chicken breast and ½ cup of dry oatmeal

After Work out meal 8pm-6 egg whites, fruit

* Please practice good workout ethics in order to see results.

To know who I am I had to know who I am not!
I am Rashidat Boston and I created a new lifestyle for myself in 2010 after realizing unhealthy food, drugs and alcohol no longer made an accurate statement of who I was.
The experience of my past created a life for me presently to send a message to ALL that if I can create a new and destroy the old, non judgingly so can You.
I am currently a messenger of just that.
An inspirer, an encourager,

a powerful being with unlimited possibilities to create whoever and whatever I want.
And that is who I AM. AS YOU ARE.

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