A few summers ago I was feeling sad, I was in Atlanta and went shopping in a vintage store. I don’t love shopping for clothes, I just wish I could wear a daily uniform. [As previously noted I had to look up Ann Demeulemeester on wikipedia.] In the shop I found an old timey bathing suit. I brought the bathing suit home and I looked at it and I thought about who might have owned it before. The bathing suit didn’t fit into my life at that moment, I was too busy to go swimming. I felt disconnected from my body after having kids and I was sad. I sat in the moment looking at that bathing suit. I thought about how long my winter had been. My brain fooled me into thinking the winter would never end. I closed my eyes and I thought of what my life would look like when it did finally end, what six months from now might feel like. I put this bathing suit in a drawer and it waited for me to take it traveling. And then, six months later I went to Palm Springs with a bunch of wonderful women. They were my beautiful friends who had helped through a difficult year. We were going swimming and I reached into my bag to find a bathing suit, and I had put this old timey bathing suit in with the rest. I tried it on again, and I felt beautiful. I thanked the bathing suit for waiting for me. I got into the pool with Rashida, and Kathryn and Aubrey and I thanked the women for holding me up when I couldn’t hold myself. I thought about the woman who had worn that bathing suit before, and realized she was another woman who had helped me. I thanked her too. I realized I had traveled again, this time into a happier future. I stood in the sun, I thanked the sun. The more I time travel, the more I learn, I’m always just where I need to be.
—  Amy Poehler, from her book Yes Please, talking about how things can help you time travel.

My golden haloed angel baby, nothing will ever rival the pleasure I get from standing here next to you, basking in your feminine glow. Just this morning I was embracing you in my pirate arms, kissing every womanly inch of you as you helped me apply my eye liner. I’m so proud of you. Few have managed to become the timeless comedy icon you are while still managing to keep dudes like me on our toes, wondering if and when they will ever be able to wife you up. Darling beauty, you have accomplished so much and all of it looking as sexy as you do. You deserve more than a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, you deserve all the stars in the sky, a thousand puppies wrapped in bows, a tender hot oil massage– oh wait, this is getting a little personal. And there’s a drawing, there’s children here so I’m just gonna skip the rest of this. Alright, this is a long speech. Goddess, blah blah blah. Perfect in every way, blah blah blah. Body that won’t quit, okay, let’s get to the end. You’re a really good dancer and even better driver. You are the Jack to my Sparrow, the Gilbert to my Grape, the Whitey to my Bulger. Oh, and don’t forget to blow off Rashida for coffee tomorrow. In closing, there’s really nothing this woman can’t do. I love her, please marry me. And from me, personally, Amy Poehler, congratulations. My dear friend, you have the unique combination of boundless talent and unwavering integrity. I am very lucky to know you, you are the real deal, I love you.
- Rashida Jones’ speech for Amy Poehler during Amy’s Walk of Fame