rashid ad din sinan

I think one of the most emotionally charged dialogue in the games was:
Al Muallim: You fit your father’s shoes as if they had been tailored to your feet.
Altair: I did not know him well as a father. He was an assassin above all.
Al Muallim: You too were born into this order. Do you regret it?
Altair: How can I regret the only life I’ve ever known?
This dialogue gave so much depth into the character. That mysterious persona no one really knew about. Just like the unexpected love making with Maria, this was a “real” moment. Where his emotions took control. 

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The Assassins have existed for at least 2,400 years while the Templars have existed since their alleged founding by Cain.

“[T]he Assassins and Templars share a number of visual traits, including matching color schemes that elude to their shared origins”. Assassin’s Creed: The Complete Visual History

Originally Robert de Sable was meant to wear black just like the real Templar Grand Masters. That’s why Al-Mualim wears black. The Assassins and Templars may have come from one organization.

What if Assassin’s Creed Empire is about that split? The split that started a never ending war. The invention of the hidden blade. The first beaked hoods. The invention of the Creed’s maxim and its tenants. The first Assassin Mentor. That would be fucking awesome!

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I don’t like the vast majority of Templars, and it’s not because their Templars. It’s because they are doing horrible things, only a few I can look at and say “okay, I actually like him/her.” That’s not to say I can’t appreciate them as a good antagonist, there are Templars I hate as charters but are amazing antagonists (Ceaser Borgia, Al Mulailim, and Crawford Starrick) but there have only been three Templars I love as characters, Elise, Roth, and Haytham. In that order.

I’m not sure about it, but I’d love to see an AC game with Umar Ibn-La'Ahad (yes, Altair’s father) as the main protagonist.
I think it’d be a nice way to see the Brotherhood before all the changes, and maybe another side of Al Mualim (or Rashid ad-Din Sinan)

Not to mention little kids of Altair, Malik, Abbas and Kader! That’d probably be so cute!

Rashid ad-Din Sinan(Al Mualim), Abbas Sofian, Old Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Achilles Davenport, François Mackandal, Ageté, Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau and Hamid is all bad Mentors who’s themselves have broken the creed, abused their power as Mentors, caused the deaths of countless innocents due to their bad control and/or violent ways. They all mess up and and create chaos(except Hamid who’s just an asshole), Rashid used the order, Abbas abused the order, old Ezio abused the order, Achilles abused the order, François abused the order, Ageté supported François, but didn’t do much after his death and Mirabeau is a anti-revolutionary right wing royalists. All that chaos, this is why I don’t see the Assassins as “good guys” or fully support them. They have a dirty history as well, my eyes are open like two full moons because unlike here most I don’t ignore it.

I really love the fact that Rashid ad-Din Sinan was a real person and that the Hashshashins were real and just the general fact that there’s a lot of truth behind AC1. I’m sure the other games do too, but I find the history behind the first game most fascinating. I encourage people to look into the historical details (of any game, really) if they haven’t already.

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I must say Rashid ad-Din Sinan is quite a clever Mentor, he used the Levantine Assassins to kill every Templar he found the Apple Of Eden with so he could get the Holy Land for himself. A Mentor of the Assassins aiming to enslave everyone, not many bad Mentors after him has pulled of something bad without being being able to hide it like him. He’s one of a kind. But wasn’t he a Templar? No, he was an ally of the Templars(in secret) until he betrayed them. He never was one, it’s a common misunderstanding.

I can’t believe Ubisoft just ignored the history of the real historical Assassins after Rashid Ad-Din Sinan. They missed so many opportunities.

After Sinan was a man named Abu Mansur. Abu Mansur sent deputies to welcome Count Henry of Champagne who passed on his way from Acre to Antioch, near the territories of the Assassins, and to invite him to visit his fortress on his return.

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