NCT at the beach

Taeil: Comes prepared with fins and full faced goggles. Would’ve brought his wetsuit but couldn’t find it because he packed last minute. Sits in the water away from everyone else and looks at the little fish that circle around his feet. Enjoys himself the most and doesn’t want to leave when everyone starts to pack up.

Johnny: Refuses any sunscreen from Taeyong. Falls asleep 15 minutes after they arrive and is asleep directly in the sun for the full two hours they’re there. Is burnt to a crisp and gets laughed a by Haechan who calls him a lobster.

Taeyong: Has packed 10 tubes of sunscreen and 15 sandwiches but won’t let anyone get in the water until half an hour after they’ve eaten. Wants to get in the water but is too worried the sea water would ruin his hair and wash away his sunscreen. Taking selfies and videos of everyone having fun.

Yuta: Immediately rips off his shirt as soon as he arrives. The first one in the water trying to convince everyone it wasn’t that cold which was a lie. Tells Chenle he can finally be with his people and offers to help him find some dolphins.

Doyoung: Builds a sandcastle with Renjun because he’s scared of the fish in the ocean but doesn’t want to admit it. Occasionally stands on the shore dipping his feet in the water as he watches over the younger members making sure they don’t drown.

Ten: Was in charge of bringing the beach toys for everyone to play with but forgot them at the dorm. Screams when a piece of seaweed touches his foot and tells everyone it was a big fish but no one believes him.

Jaehyun: Spends the entire time in the water only coming out for the food Taeyong brought them. All the girls are swooning over him and he doesn’t realize it.

Winwin: Wears a shirt and a rashguard, refusing to take either off even though he was dying of heat. Gets pulled into the water by Yuta and has a splashing fight with Yuta and Jaehyun until he got water in his eye and complained he couldn’t see for 10 whole minutes.

Mark: Brought a book that he swore to himself he was going to read until he dropped it in the sand and got sand in all the pages. Keeps getting in and out of the water, getting bored and hoping somehow going back and forth will change something. Trips while trying to get out on multiple occasions.  

Renjun: Refuses to get into the water, afraid sharks are going to hurt him. Stays on the shore building a sand castle with Doyoung. Builds the coolest sandcastle on the beach that included a three story palace, palace walls, and a moat full of water that he made Doyoung collect from the ocean.

Jeno: The only one being somewhat normal. Is sent to go back to the car to get everything people forgot. Tries to convince Renjun to get into the water but Renjun is having none of it.

Haechan: Doesn’t really want to be there claiming he easily burns. Sits under an umbrella most of the time. After eating his sandwich he ran into the water without Taeyong noticing, got a cramp, and had Yuta come save him. Was scolded by Taeyong and wasn’t allowed in the water anymore.

Jaemin: Brought cookies with him to eat when he got hungry but the seagulls found his stash and ate all of them. Taking aesthetic photos of himself by the ocean and almost drops his phone into the water on multiple occasions.

Chenle: Brought a frisbee to play with Jisung and Jaemin. Accidently got hit in the face with the frisbee by Jaemin and decided he wanted to go in the water instead. Tried to see if he could breathe underwater which he quickly found out wasn’t possible.

Jisung: Comes to the beach in jeans and a longsleeve shirt and no one knows why. Goes in the water fully clothed and when the members ask him why he says he’s not sure himself. Is convinced he’ll get a cramp if he goes back in the water after he eats and waits an hour instead of 30 minutes even though Taeyong said it was okay.


“Teddy! Come here, mon biquet, so I can apply your sunscreen.” Fleur rummages through the beach bag on her shoulder. “Nym, where is the sunscreen? I thought I placed it in the side pocket?”

“Sorry, love, I moved it to Remus’ bag. There’s two bottles in there, mum owled over an extra one this morning in case we’d forgotten to buy some.” Nym grins as she fishes through Remus’ bag, holding up two bottles triumphantly.

Fleur rolls her eyes. “Of course she did. How thoughtful of your mother. So nice of her to always be second guessing me.”

Nym snickers, dropping a kiss to Fleur’s shoulder as she hands over the bottles. “I sent a note back saying that we were taking Teddy to a nude beach. That’ll rile her up good.”

“Oi! I said that we should have gone to a nude beach, but you lot are a bunch of prudes.” Sirius is setting up five beach chairs, kicking sand everywhere in the process.

“Speak for yourself, Sirius. You English are the prude ones. The human body is a natural, beautiful thing. No one back home would blink an eye at nude sunbathing.” Fleur kneels down and begins dabbing sunscreen on Teddy’s nose.

“There’d be plenty of blinking with you there, love. Straight-up heart attacks, more likely.” Nym ruffles Teddy’s blue curls as he squirms uncomfortably, showing great restraint as he holds out his arms for Fleur to coat with lotion. Fleur rolls her eyes, but not before letting her gaze drift up and down Nym’s fitted rashguard and board shorts slung low around her hips.

“It’s not a matter of prudishness, it’s a matter of self preservation. You’d all get nice and tan while poor Teddy and I would turn into lobsters.” Remus is settling himself on a chair and pulling out a book, swathed in long sleeves, linen trousers, and a horrid straw hat that’s pulled tightly over his curls.

“I want to turn into a lobster, Dad! Lobsters don’t have to wear sunscreen.” Teddy shuffles his feet impatiently as Fleur finishes up. “Lobsters don’t have to wear water wings, either, so I shouldn’t have to wear mine today.”

“Of course you don’t need to wear your water wings, pup. You’re six now, practically an adult.” Sirius grabs Teddy, tossing him in the air and catching him as he bursts into giggles. “Don’t know why your dad insisted on packing them. He’s a such a worrier.”

“I just brought them along in case they were needed. He doesn’t have to wear them.” Remus’ tone is mild as he turns the page in his book.

“Too right he doesn’t have to wear them! No one wears water wings to the beach, Moony. Besides, we’re in training, aren’t we pup?” Sirius places Teddy back on the ground, tickling him quickly before letting him go.

“Yeah!” Teddy pumps a small fist in the air before running over to Nym. “Mum, where’s my boogie board? Padfoots’ gonna take me out in the water, he promised, and I’m going to stand up on my board this year like the girls in that muggle movie.”

“Here you go, mon biquet, I’ve got it here.” Fleur holds out the boogie board to Teddy. “Is that what you are in training for? To be a surfer like the ladies in Blue Crush?” She smiles indulgently as Teddy takes the board from her with a sunny grin.

“Thanks maman! No, we’re training on how to hold our breaths for a long time so we can swim with the sharks.”

“Sharks? There are no sharks here, I hope.” Fleur sits in the chair next to Remus, smiling as Nym drops herself into the sand between her legs, leaning back so that Fleur can run her fingers through Nym’s pink pixie cut.

“Not here, in South Africa. Uncle Bill says you can go in a cage there, and then the cage goes in the water, and the sharks come to the cage, and Padfoot is going to take me, and probably mum too, but not dad because he doesn’t like the water. You can come too if you like, maman, or you can mind dad while we play with the sharks.”

“Thank you for thinking of my well-being, Teddy. Someone’s got to.” Remus’ tone is grave, but there’s a small smile on his face as he turns another page.

“Oh please, Moony, I’m always thinking about your well-being. All I do all day is cater to your every whim.  Come on, pup, let’s go down to the water and leave your boring parents here to mind the picnic basket. You coming, Nym?”

“Oh, so Nym is not boring, but Remus and I are?” Fleur raises one eyebrow skeptically at Sirius.

“He has a point, Fleur. The werewolf and the Triwizard champion are clearly the most boring of Teddy’s parents.” Remus keeps his eyes on his book, not looking over to see the hideous face Sirius is giving him.

“Don’t be like that, Moony. You two just don’t have the mad Black blood running through your veins. We crave adventure, excitement, danger! Come on pup, grab your board and let’s get out there. Don’t fuss, Moony, I’ve been working on my wandless balancing charms.” Sirius grins as he bends down to kiss Remus on the tip of the nose before starting off towards the water with Teddy in tow.

He stops suddenly, gripping Teddy’s hand a bit tighter. “Waves are awfully rough today… look at that one, almost toppled over that bloke and he’s got two stone of muscle on me…” He looks down at Teddy, then back out at the water, rubbing his neck and biting on his lower lip.

“You know what, pup, who don’t you put your water wings on. Just to humour your dad, yeah?” Sirius drags Teddy back to the chairs, not looking at the others as he fits Teddy with the water wings, as well as a life preserver and goggles that are packed alongside them.

“There you go, pup, all set. All the best adventurers have gear, you know. You look like a professional thrill-seeker now.”

Teddy blinks through his goggles, his arms sticking out slightly thanks to the water wings. “I do?”

“Of course you do! Now, let’s head out and catch some waves, yeah? Not too deep, now. And don’t swim out past that buoy. Always stay where the lifeguard can see you. You know what, how about you hold onto my hand the whole time, alright? All the best adventurers hold hands with their partners-in-crime.”

Sirius and Teddy head down towards the water. Nym leans her head back to wink at Fleur, before pulling her in for an upside-down kiss.

“Good call on bringing that safety gear, Remus. I told you I didn’t think we’d need it, but I guess I was wrong.”

“You weren’t wrong Nym. You said that you didn’t think Teddy would need it, and you were absolutely correct on that point.” Remus is smiling to himself as he turns another page in his book.

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I live near a few lakes and I have been waterskiing all my life. Since last summer I have come out as ftm trans.. so this complicates things. Gc2b says that you can swim in one of their binders if you get a size up, which I did. Do you know if it would be safe to go waterskiing in a binder with a rashguard on top of it, since waterskiing is obviously a bit more intense than regular swimming?

Hey!! Here’s what I found. Apparently many people “will also wear a rash guard or underarmour over their binder if they bind in the water.” It seems to be safe, as long as the fit isn’t too constricting or hard on the chest. I read that underworks has a swimming binder that works as well- in case you wanted to check that out, too!

1.) underworks swimming binder

Link: http://www.underworks.com/sleeveless-swim-top

“Underworks also offers a swimming binder that looks just like a rash guard that has fairly good reviews.”

2.) rash guard / underarmour over binder

Link (underarmour): https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/mens/tank-tops-and-sleeveless-ts/g/391d?CID=AF%7CShopStyle%20Inc.%7CCJ%7CUS

Link (rash guard): https://www.rei.com/search.html?q=Rash+guard&r=gender%3AMen%27s&origin=web&ir=q%3ARash+guard

“…many guys wear a tighter rash guard or underarmour tanks that offer a little compression and are made of water-friendly materials.”
Tip: if your rashguard or tank is on the looser side or if you have a larger chest, try wearing a tight fitting sports bra underneath it.

Happy skiing!

- Jonas Brother

Kono walks into the office, the scent of something warm and fruity wafting behind her and immediately getting his attention. He breathes in the enticing aroma and follows her into the break room, spotting the source of the smell in her hands.

“Hey boss, want one?” she asks when she spots him, opening up the box and holding it out to him. He peers into the box to see scones neatly lined up with a little container of jelly beside them, “They’re wild berry scones.”

He takes one from the box and bites into it, letting out an indecent sounding moan when the flavors hit his tongue. Kono laughs at him when he takes another bite, savoring the naturally sweet flavors.

“Where did you get these?” he asks around a mouthful and Kono hands him a second scone.

“They’re from my friend Danny. He owns a bakery downtown. I give his daughter surfing lessons and he likes to pay me in pastries,” she explains, taking a bite of her own confection.

“I think I’m in love with him,” he tells her, popping the last of the scone into his mouth and already spreading jelly on his second one.

“I need to make a quick stop, do you mind?” Kono asks as they’re strapping their surfboards to the rack on her car. Since it’s their first full weekend off in months, the three of them decided to go surfing together to blow off steam. Chin had begged off about an hour ago, citing that he was getting too old to stay out on the water so long, but Steve wouldn’t mind hanging out with Kono a little longer before she drops him off at his empty house.

Kono’s quick stop turns out to be dropping off some old rashguards at her friend’s bakery. He follows her into the small shop, taking in the display full of treats, the decorated cakes set just behind the counter and finally the man serving guests at the register.

“Danny, howzit brah?” Kono asks, leaning over the counter to give him a hug, “I brought Grace some of my old rashguards for her to try on.”

“Thanks, you can go put them in the back,” he tells her, motioning to the doorway behind him.

“Oh, this is my boss, Steve,” she tells Danny and then skips behind the counter and out of sight.

“So you’re Steve,” Danny says, getting his attention just as he gives him a complete once over.

“And you’re Danny,” he returns the favor, taking in his compact body, the broad shoulders hidden underneath the chef’s jacket, the intensely blue eyes. Danny smirks when he meets his gaze and he can feel the slightest blush starting at getting caught checking Danny out.

“I’ve heard you like my scones,” Danny teases and he has a moment to panic over just how much Kono told him when she returns from the back room, a muffin in each hand.

“Ready to go?” she asks, handing a muffin over to him and giving Danny a hug goodbye, saying she’ll meet Grace for their lesson tomorrow. Danny tells her goodbye and when they’re halfway out the door he calls out “Bye Steve,” and he can hear the smile in Danny’s voice.

He stops into the bakery a few days later under the guise of buying himself more scones. The bakery’s empty when he walks in but Danny comes out from the back room as soon as he hears the bell above the door chime.

“I was wondering if you were gonna come back,” he says, leaning on the counter and smiling up at him, “What can I do for ya?”

“Uh scones,” he manages to force out, suddenly tongue-tied under Danny’s attention.

“Scones?” Danny asks, his eyebrows raising in question and he nods his confirmation, “I’m all sold out of scones but if you wanna come in the back I was just about to make another batch.” He agrees and follows Danny, trying not to notice how well his jeans fit him.

Somehow, it becomes routine for him to stop into the bakery and watch Danny while he’s working. Sometimes, when she’s there, he and Grace will help decorate some of the simpler treats but mostly the two of them just talk as he watches Danny decorate. Their banter quickly turns to flirtation and now it’s become just as much of an addiction talking to Danny as it is watching the muscles in Danny’s forearms as he uses a piping bag or admiring the way his shirt bunches and pulls around his biceps when he kneads the dough.

“Are you even listening to me?” Danny gets his attention, pointing a chocolate covered finger in his face and distracting him from admiring Danny’s look of concentration as he decorates. His expression turns from exasperated to affectionate when he realizes what Steve was doing and suddenly he can’t take the flirting anymore. He grabs Danny’s hand before he can move it, hearing his gasp when he closes his mouth around the still pointed finger and licks off the chocolate with deliberate, slow swipes of his tongue. When he looks up he sees Danny’s pupils blown wide as he watches his mouth and he runs his tongue across the pad of Danny’s finger once more before he pulls it away.

“God, you’re gonna kill me doing that,” Danny says, breathless, just before he drops his piping bag and Steve barely has time to register Danny moving before he’s on him, kissing him like he’s starving for it. He stands, backing Danny up until they run into the walk-in freezer and he can press Danny against it, sliding his leg in between Danny’s and eliminating any space between them. When Danny opens up to him, he tastes like chocolate and berries, and it’s absolute perfection.

Trend to Try: The Rashguard

It’s not just for surfer girls. This sexy-cool style has beach-to-street versatility. We’re into rocking a sheer one over a bikini, then pairing with denim cutoffs and sporty sneakers for après-sun fun. No beach? No problem. Wear it with boyfriend jeans and an open trench for a next-level look that owns the sidewalk.