It was 20 years ago today. Perhaps the most famous catch in college football. Colorado Buffaloes Football were playing The University of Michigan at “The Big House”. 5:08 left in the game and the Buffs were trailing 26-14. CU Heisman Trophy winner Rashaan Salaam scores to make it 26-21. Michigan ran the clock down to :21, and then punted. The Buffs were left with 15 seconds, and 85 yards to go. Kordell Stewart unleashed a 73 yard Hail Mary pass to Michael Westbrook to win the game. 106,000 Michigan fans walked out of the stadium in complete silence. This picture of “The Catch” was immortalized on the cover of Sports Illustrated
Why now?

A lot of people asked me in the last few years, “Hey Troph, why don’t you get a blog or at least a twitter?” My response had been that it’s hard to type when you are stiff arming someone with a football in the other hand. With the advent of Siri and my iPhone 4s (Steve Jobs rest in peace), I now have a cheap assistant who will do all the dirty work for me. I love it! I can’t wait to unleash all this dirt I’ve been storing up, Rashaan Salaam watch out.

BTW my twitter handle is @HeismanTroph