Drunken Decisions Laf x Reader Drabble

Time Period: Modern

Word Count: 284

Warnings: Alcohol, rash decisions

Prompt: #122: “Is he coming home?”

A/N: Quick drabble bc I am garbage and can’t seem to finish the John x Reader fic I am working on.  Send in some drabble requests?  This was fun and quick to write.  Hopefully the John fic will be out in a few days but we’ll see.  

It had been a very stressful week and you were tired.  So very tired.  Four twelve hour shifts in a row and you were ready to collapse.  Not that you didn’t love your work, but there’s only so much that one person can handle and you had seen enough puke, shit, and other bodily secretions to make you never want to see another person again.  

You pushed the door open and sighed in relief as you slipped your shoes off.  You set your bag down on the kitchen table and grabbed a granola bar, which you practically inhaled on the way to your bedroom.  Not bothering to turn on the lights, you slipped off your scrubs and grabbed a pair of sweats and one of Gilbert’s old t-shirts.  

As you walked back to the living room, you began to wonder where your husband was.

“Gilbert, babe?  You here?”  As you wondered through the house, you got no answer.  Once you sat down on the couch you remembered him saying something about going out to celebrate John’s birthday like they used to in college.  It was a bad idea for everyone involved, the four men were not nearly as young as they used to be, but that didn’t stop seem to stop them from having their fun.  

Eventually you got up and made yourself some leftovers for dinner and that’s where you saw the note Gilbert had written on the dry erase board on your fridge.


I was waiting on you to get home, but your shift must have gone late.  I am going out with the boys and will be back later.

Je t’aime xx

You smiled at his note and went back to watching old Friends episodes as you ate leftover Chinese. After a few episodes you ended up falling asleep, only to be woken up to the sound of your phone vibrating against the end table.

Without looking at the caller ID, you answered the phone.  When Eliza spoke on the other end, you were a bit surprised.

“I figured I should let you know your husband is at my house.  I don’t think any of them are in any state to communicate with anyone at the moment.”  Eliza sounded equal parts annoyed and amused.

“Is he coming home?”

“I’m not sure.  I’m going to run Hercules home because he has to open the shop tomorrow and he’ll get to sleep more if he’s just there.  I can drop Laf off on my way if you want?” At the mention of your husband her amusement only seemed to grow.

“If you wouldn’t mind? Since it’s on the way and I don’t have to worry about him.”

“Not a problem.  Plus, he’s got a bit of a surprise for you.” You were confused but Eliza wouldn’t give any more details.  

About half an hour later, there was some noise at your door.  You were pretty sure it was Gilbert, but it sounded like he was struggling to get his key in the door.  Taking pity on your drunk husband, you got up and let him in.

Except it wasn’t just your husband standing on the other side of the door.  In your husband’s arms was what appeared to be a sleeping German Shepard puppy.  

Without saying a word, you stared down your husband.  He was not in the slightest bit affected, he just smiled and said “Surprise!  This is our son Chewbarka.”  He then bent slightly to kiss your forehead and pushed his way past you and into the house.

You were still standing in the doorway when you realized Eliza’s van was still on the street.  She gave you a smile and a thumbs-up before driving away.

Despite his never once mentioning getting a dog, you weren’t mad about the drunken decision.  The dog was cute and you had been wanting to get one for a while.  You shook your head and headed into the house to deal with your husband a your new “son”.

I took this after just waking up, which I may regret later haha oh well

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Okay… facts… facts…

1) I have a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and a Bachelors in Creative Writing with English. English Degrees are fucking boring at least during Creative writing you’re not the one suffering through set texts. My MA was self taught!

2) My Dad hates dogs and my mum hates cats and so I never had a pet growing up. 

3) I’ve never had a career plan. All I’ve ever wanted to do is write and it’s never been a reliable option.

4) I am allergic to most perfumes, laundry detergents and skin products. If they don’t give me headaches, they bring me out in rashes. My skin used to be so sensitive, actually, that I had to use a disgusting prescription bath ointment called oilatum until I was a teenager that was essentially grease in a bottle I never got acne though so.

5) I was a vegetarian for about ten years, but I’m not anymore.

6) I pick up accents really easily.  Like. Really easily. My ex used to laugh that the switch between me talking to her and then going full on whatever the fuck my default accent is when talking to my parents only took a fraction of a second.

7) I have a savoury foods bias and overdo it on the salt.

8) I swear a lot more irl than online. The word Fuck makes up a significant part of the background noise of my life and tbh I am so much more polite on the net than irl. I’m generally more eloquent in written form tbh

9) I describe my aesthetic as spiced apple

10) I don’t speak any Italian but one of my favourite Youtube channels is dedicated to Italian covers of popular songs. (A somewhat irreevant point, but the other is Cohhcarnage’s gameplay channel)

stellalunafreya  asked:

Hey! What do you think the general consensus is of people who have eczema or get bad, visible rashes? I usually get both, quite a bit, and tbh I feel like less of a human being. Like I'm not normal bc my skin is all splotchy and red. I'm also deathly terrified of what other people will think if they see it. Have any advice to stop that kind of thinking? It's so hard :(

I struggle with my own skin as well and I’m insecure too. I totally understand this. It’s ok to wear clothes you’re comfortable wearing, pants to cover your legs or jackets to cover your arms. Do what makes you comfortable. But if anyone makes fun of your skin or makes you feel bad for something you can’t control, then they’re so much better off out of your life. They’re not worth it. You are not your skin. It doesn’t define you, it doesn’t define your beauty. I know that’s so hard to believe because every single person we see in the media has skin that is flawless but it’s all photoshop and makeup.

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HAHAHA no you’re not an idiot!! i think you’re right

i feel like in the next few clips both sana and in turn us (the viewers) will be getting a few ‘hints’ as to what noora wanted to talk about and make it seem like it’s yousef and we will all be crying in the club (or is it just me???) and bc sana can be quite rash, she does something to noora maybe or the girls and then in fridays clip yousef and sana will probably be cute and something bc we’ve been lead off it so much and sana will realize she made a mistake with whatever she did to the girls and noora idk this is a wild theory

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Hey so when its summer, my cousin always tells me that I need to wear a bikini at least once. But every time I do its always with a rash top and board shorts or something where only the back can be seen, and she always gets disappointed when I do this, and it feels like I'm letting her and myself down. I'm just so fat, like not obese can't see my toes, but I don't like being out in public where people can see my belly. I didn't even like getting changed for pe or in front of my friends. Help

If you feel self conscious then don’t wear a bikini top. Or wear it if you want to rock that baby.

It’s up to you. Don’t feel pressured to do something you don’t want to.

P. 9

Theoretically, The Land of Scanning is the first thought that crawls to the forefront of the mind. It is in its prime, it is hopes and wishes, growing on nourished earth.

Summary 4694:
Location: ~~~~~~
In 1962, the last golden man saw The Land of Scanning and transformed. An eyewitness’s account depicted him stripping his clothing and placing them and his shoes on the edge of our civilization’s borders. He sang a lullaby many have heard in their youth, and he entered The Land with his eyes closed. 

No one remembered his name, age, or address. A hole burned where his name should be on his discarded nametag. Governments of that time concluded his case cold and banned The Land of Scanning from curious eyes. But curious eyes did not stop searching.

Topic 789 en dash 449. A woman, unfazed by our society and our conception of time, whispers. She records her findings in ink and only ink. Pencils give her rashes, and paints sting her skin. She questions investigators when they interrogate her about her home. 

She tells them her name; they forget it. She hasn’t explained the orbit of tiny planets above her head. Scientists are too afraid to get close. It’s as if curiosity rolled over and died.

She names her tiniest moon, Cosmas. She doesn’t explain why.

Summary 679:
Location: ~~~~~~
“[…] Fields were blue and roads were orange. Cat’s-eye marbles fell from pink clouds instead of hail. We [Mivvens, Nash, Hadley, and Walish] realized we weren’t hungry or thirsty. We didn’t want or fear. We set camp on the border and we watched the sky dance. Fifteen days. When we left camp, we felt the hunger. Damn near ate our clothes off. Luckily, we had food left over.” –Matthew “Mitty” Walish, 1968. 

After Walish’s excursion and the incident of 1962, few travelers dared to get close to the border separating us from The Land. For instance, in 1973, two women from ~~~~~~ walked to the border but could not remember why they were there. They turned around and hiked back home. In 1980, four students tried a trek to the border but failed to reach the road that would lead them there. 

In 1994, hikers found the Land woman babbling to a flock of starlings. When they asked her where she lived, she pointed to the sky and said, “Scanner.” She refused to return to The Land. Sources concluded her to be an agent.

Previous studies on her have pages filled with squiggles and the number three. Dr. J. M. Rader, head of the current study, knows it is useless to jot down any findings, but he persists.

She names her tiniest moon, Cosmas. Her largest is Rie. She hears what we think Rie means, and she laughs.

More squiggles. 

honestly…ive been think about how hard it must have been for sana in s2. like, it’s pretty clear now that she and jamilla were really close. so can you imagine the betrayal she must have felt??? the anger??? the despair when she realized that she’d been wrong, that jamilla wasn’t the one harassing her??? can you imagine how awful that must have been for her?? and we didn’t even really see it before now. she kept it under wraps, didn’t show the girls at all. she lost one of her closest friends through her own rash actions, and we didn’t even realize it.

Here’s to all the people

With scars from their skin condition

Who have ever been told not to wear shorts or T-shirts because they should ‘cover it up’

Who feel like their body is gross or ugly

Who have been pointed at and called disgusting

Who always wear long clothes to cover up

Who get people without a skin condition telling them how to manage it

Who have 6843 different creams and lotions and have lost track of which ones they’re supposed to be using right now.

You’re all beautiful, you’re all fantastic and you’re all doing a great job