Mi buen amor, parece fácil para ti alejarte para luego exigir que te quiera, como si nada yo sintiera
—  Mi buen amor-Mon Laferte ft. Bunbury
Preschool Teacher!Namjoon

And now it is time for the final member of the hyung line, our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal who has s u c h amazing legs oh my god his legs are so nice the thighs do the thing they’re so long and just 10/10, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • Okay but just picture this for a moment
  • A tol surrounded by smols
  • He’d be so so tall around them but none of them are scared of him??
  • Like on that first day, when they walk in and see a really tall broad pink haired dude as their teacher, they may get a bit intimidated but then he smiles and sits down so he’s not so !!! to them
  • It’s pretty easy to tell he’s a total sweetheart and soon, any chance of intimidation or fear or anything of that variety is g on e bc he’s a giant teddy bear
  • They all call him “joonie” bc Mr. Kim just doesn’t fit him in that environment but neither does Namjoon so it gets shortened to joonie
  • I’ve referenced this so many times and I will continue to reference it bc it’s one of my favorite videos but remember when Jimin was the “yellow card” and Namjoon just sat there giggling for a solid two minutes after it happened
  • That’s him with the munchkins, they make him laugh so so much and he’s always smiley around them and he goes home with sore cheeks every single day bc they’re just so cute
  • There’s this one time where these two twins run up to him and give him a hug before they leave and his heart just about melts right then and there bc it’s just the first week of class and normally it takes time for the kids to get that comfortable with him but they’re already feeling at home
  • He always has a buddy, there’s this one lil girl who holds onto joon’s pinky and walks around with him a lot, there’s a lil boy who always wants to be held by joon, there’s another lil girl who wants to sit on his shoulders, it’s never ending
  • They all love being carried by him bc whoa whoa whoa what a height change, everything looks so small from up here
  • They all find him s o funny and goofy bc he is
  • Whenever he sees that one of the bbys is about to cry, he starts dancing for them and it’s pretty much the exact same thing as that one time on Weekly Idol where he was flailing around but his face was super serious
  • One of the things he loves about kids is that they tend to not give a fuck about whether they look cool or pretty/handsome or anything like that so they’re willing to dance with him and make weird faces and wear costumes
  • There’s this one kid who comes in on Halloween in one of those T-Rex costumes and joon is losing it the entire day plz just take a moment to imagine a smol bub in one of those mini costumes running around the classroom with joon chasing after them laughing his ass off and saying something about how they need to set their bags down before they can play
  • He gets to a point where he can’t even look at them with giggling and they know that so they just stand right next to him while he’s staring at the ceiling and trying his best not to look down and he’s trying so so hard not to laugh bc he’s already got tears forming in his eyes
  • He’s always got such a curious lil bunch of kids bc he’s so smart and they really look up to him so they wanna be as smart as he is so they start asking a million questions
  • “Why do the leaves change color”
  • “What’s this made out of”
  • “What’s the moon feel like”
  • He’s always so amused by them, he can never ever get annoyed with them so he’s more than happy to answer all of their questions, the best he can at least bc he doesn’t really know what being on the moon is like he’s never been (yet)
  • He sings for them, sometimes seriously and sometimes n o t seriously at all and they love both versions
  • This one time, one of the lil boys has a nightmare during nap time and joon just cuddles him really gently and sings for him and makes him feel really safe and warm and he gives him some animal crackers to make him feel better
  • But then there are times where his voice is cracking and he’s doing more yelling than singing and all of the kids are screaming the lyrics of “Wheels on the Bus” with him
  • You’re one of the TAs
  • You’ve been working with joon for years
  • It’s always really cute to see joon go from being a lowkey flirt with you to being a soft teddy bear with the kids bc it’s pretty instantaneous
  • He’ll be talking to you and dropping all these flirty lines and then one of the kids needs help washing their hands and he immediately starts singing the “hand washing” song he made up a few years ago
  • You two have been together for a while but you try to keep it lowkey in class bc you’ve made the mistake of kissing his cheek in class before and the two of you were playfully teased by all of the kids for like a week bc “you’re gonna have cooties now!”
  • He always keeps up with the kids once they’ve moved up grades so every now and then, he’s got a ten year old running up to him and asking if he remembers them and he always does and they ask if you two are still together and he says yes
  • They always have really good memories of spending time in his class with you two bc it felt like one giant family
  • Preschool teacher!Namjoon will always be one of their favorite teachers, even if they don’t remember every single moment with him and he’ll always remember them, no matter how old they get

Hey guys, so new edit focused on Kara, and how she’s one of the kindest characters in a lot of ways. So I hope you like it! 

anonymous asked:

Are you gonna stop watching Supergirl if karamel end up just as friends?

If they split up and remain friends no, I won’t. I will, though, if they take Chris out of the series altogether. I stoped watching the show last season, I wasn’t feeling at all, everything sounded weird, the relantionships were weird (except for Kara’s and Alex’s one). 

To be honest I completly forgot about the show, for me it was like it didn’t exist (and that’s never a good sign for a tv show). One day I heard about Tyler being casted as Superman and I was super excited because I saw him as Derek and I knew how he got better as a actor, I was very happy for him and decided to give it a go. When heTyler left Mon-El was still asleep if I’m not mistaken, and I’ve stoped again because I once again lost interest on the story until a friend of mine mentioned the tumblr madness (not joking she took prints of the chaos here, because you know you this fandom has a bad fame), and I was like: Hum, interesting. I new that if people were so over the edge about a character CW must have done something right. So I’ve binge-watched until the episode they had that far (I think it was Medusa’s one? Or later I don’t recall now), and I as amazed. A show that I didn’t even remembered existing took me over because of him. I didn’t know Chris before this role and yet I thought this season was better than season 1 for so many reasons, that being the bigger one. 

Season 1 of the show was not inticing to me, I felt the characters revolved around Kara way to much, and she was too perfect for my liking. (I tend not to like characters that have nothing to evolve on, to get better at). Chris was one of the main things that got me to stay watching the show. He brings this new light to it, this joyfull thing and the madness that it was lacking. All this hate/love is actually a good thing. The worst thing CW could want is indifference. People either love him or hate him, and that’s exactly what they need. If people are indifferent to a character, they would have done something way wrong. And the raitings are there to prove my point. I know a lot of people that started to watch the show just because of the craziness that’s been going around him, so yeah I can assure CW must be like: muhahaha, we did it.

So, no, I won’t stop to watch if they break up but I will if they take him out of the show. I don’t think they can keep this pace without Chris, he became a huge part of the show in my point of view, it would be a huge waste to get rid of such an amazing character, and a shame really.