pre-encore pictures from Rascal Flatts concert in Cleveland.  6/29/12

  1. Rachel and I rockin’ our Flatts cowboy hats.  And my free sunglasses that I got for signing up for a contest.  B-)  I never thought I’d own a cowboy hat.  The things I do for my Flattsies…
  2. Trying desperately to get a picture of my Tweet on the big screen.  It was too far away, so it came out blurry.  XD  
  3. In my humble opinion, a pretty good shot of Little Big Town (there were three opening acts - Edens Edge, Eli Young Band, and Little Big Town).
  4. FLATTSIES.  <3
  5. Joe Don and Gary
  6. Flatts
  7. Flatts
  8. Gary playing guitar - a rare and beautiful sight indeed
  9. Jay’s face was just priceless in this one
  10. When they did “Life is a Highway,” they had clips from Cars playing in the background.  I got a boss shot with Guido.  Who is my favorite.

Just a few more encore pics to post.  :)