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Sorry guys I’m too busy laughing at the atrocity that is turning the most feared character in DC comics into yet another prop for Olicity. Anybody who argues that this isn’t fan pandering to a disgusting end is just going to get blocked and laughed at because I don’t have time to deal with people that delusional.


DC is reopening its lockers with its newest CW series, Legends of Tomorrow. Though the show won’t debut until next year, the trailer is dropping a number of spoilers to get us excited. In addition to the reveal that Caity Lotz will be playing a resurrected Sara Lance, we also discover who the protagonists will face: Vandal Savage. Furthermore, fans have been wondering where this team would be tasked to defend. With clues to Coast City, as well as a mention of Opal City, many assume that one of these two towns would serve as the backdrop. As it turns out, neither will be accumulating a handful of vigilantes. Even if Legends does happen to have a home base like STAR Labs, the focus will not be where they are, but when. While the universe started out grounded in reality, realism has become somewhat relaxed, with Barry and his trip back in time to save Central City from a tsunami, and the rules have been gradually changing. Rather than the characters accidentally losing their places in the present, the Time Master(s) will be guiding the group throughout past and future to battle the immortal Vandal Savage. Another character likely to be influenced by time hijinks is the enigmatic Hawkgirl. Of the characters previewed, she is certainly the one with the most mystery about her; described as “a girl with wings and a past-lives complex,” it seems that Hawkgirl will be an entirely new breed. Unlike others who gain their abilities via hard work or scientific shenanigans, there’s certainly a mythical aspect to her origin. For the moment, be sure to catch the season finale of Flash this Tuesday; you better prepare those tissue boxes!