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Gotham EP on Darkness, Light, Ra's al Ghul & Barbara Kean's Evolution
Danny Cannon discusses the arrival of R'as al Ghul to Gotham, the evolution of the Riddler and how Jerome was cast.

“Gotham” executive producer and frequent director Danny Cannon isn’t just the person responsible for the visual look of the stylized pre-superhero series. As one of the show’s’ regular writers, he also has a strong hand in the series’

With “Gotham” returning Monday, April 24 to close out its third season, Cannon joined a small group of press to reveal some of the secrets of the remaining episodes – and to hold tightly onto a few bombshells to be dropped along the way.

On the evolution and endgame of the current season:

Danny Cannon: At the beginning, we had two agendas. We had Bruce Wayne really needing to confront his parents’ death, and where that leads him, and the rabbit hole we went down in the Court of Owls, which plays out completely at the end of the season – and then turns into something else.

Then the other one was Ed Nygma, finally. Right from the pilot to this point, we’ve been adding to him. He’s been evolving gradually, whether it’s wardrobe, hair, makeup, glasses, props — but more than anything, what Cory was really good at doing was body language. You find this man’s confidence, do you know what I mean? And his confidence to say, like so many villains in the DC [Comics] canon, “I shall not be ignored. I shall be brave enough to be more than human.”

I think that’s what the theme of the season was. It was like metamorphosis. Bruce Wayne is metamorphosing into an adult now, and so is Ed Nygma… it’s just Ed Nygma is more psychotic and violent.

On the reveals that Ra’s al Ghul is coming to Gotham:

It’s a shame. We wanted Ra’s to be really a big surprise, because it’s a great intro, but these things get out. But the idea of like, how does the journey with the Court of Owls end? With ancient mysticism. They are such a political party, a Machiavellian, Borgia kind of world, that we wanted to go more mystic, and go back centuries and talk about history and stuff like that – which is the next evolution of our villain; which Ra’s is really good for that.

So that’s where that comes in, and that — really, the end of the season is about, just when you thought you found the bottom of the rabbit hole, just when you know what’s in the shadows, comes guys who live in the shadows.

On possible plans for more Jerome:

Jerome – oh, I don’t know! He didn’t die, though, did he? I just can’t get enough of Cameron [Monaghan].

What happened was, I did an episode — I wanted to do a comedy, except people thought they didn’t think I was funny. But John Wells did, and I said, “I like ‘Shameless.’” He said, do an episode of “Shameless.” I did an episode of “Shameless.” I love that show, and I love that cast — it’s the only episode of something I’ve done where I’ve haven’t written it or done the pilot. I met Cameron on that. I walked in and somebody said that they liked this idea of this character from a circus. I was like, “Dude, I know the guy. I know the guy!”

That’s happened twice on the show for me. Anthony [Carrigan], who plays Victor Zsasz, was the other guy. “I’ve got the guy. We’ve got him.” That’s a nice feeling.

On the rumored evolution of Barbara Kean – possibly into Harley Quinn:

I can’t. I can’t. All I can tell you is, the great thing, the joy of working with Erin is the range. The reason we changed her character, [is] because we knew what she could do. We’re like, “We can’t keep you in one place. You’ve got to keep evolving.” So she’s going to evolve again. That’s all I can tell you.

On walking a tonal line between the dark and macabre and the intentionally humorous:

We all feel like we’re on that line. When you read the scripts, you all feel like you’re on the same page. You all feel like you’re doing that. It’s just a tiny, little shove. When you’re dealing with a world that you want to be real, but it’s an alternative reality, it’s lost in time, any little shove that way or that way takes you – it’s really hard to tread that.

It’s very hard to get writers who completely get that world, directors who get that world, and to get day players who can come in and play the scene with these guys who have really embraced the world as well. Just sometimes, if you have a dark scene with a director who’s dark, and a dark line, in a dark work, just one little tip that way, sometimes in the cutting room we’ve gone, ooh, whoa. It’s weird. It’s like playing in a band, and somebody just plays a riff along with you, they’re playing exactly the same chords, but he plays it like Twiggy in Manson’s band.

I wrote that Mad Hatter episode. It was good to go down that path for a little while, because when you think about what this guy does for a living, it’s creepy as hell. But at the same time, that was definitely in the cutting room going, “Ooh….”

So hence you’ve got, later on, you’ve got him using rhyme a lot more, and being in a different balance. It’s not like a movie where you can spend six months in the cutting room, or six months writing, or two years writing. We write these things, and it’s barely dry, and people are saying it on set. Then the writer walks by the cutting room, and they’re saying his words in a scene, and it’s been cut, and two weeks later it’s on the air. So walking that thin line of what is “Gotham,” it only takes one little shove one way or the other and the tone shifts.

The Past

A/N: Okay, so first I want to say thank you to everyone who supports me! So this is my OC story (it was called Family Ties)  I changed some things, So enjoy. The reader (that’s you) Is Violet.  Italic is Violet talking and kinda telling someone the story. If you ever have any questions about my stories please ask! Don’t forget I love Feedback!

Word Count: 1,400+

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Arrow 3x19 - You’re the man I believe in

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Awesome episode! Sad there were no gifs of Thea fighting off Ra’s al Ghul.

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The Teen Titans don't know much about Robin(except Jon because the two are BFF).They know that he's batman's son,related Ra's Al Ghul and apparently is current dating someone

“Okay but what do we know about him?” Gar waved his hand in the air and the rest of the Titans looked blank. “Um he’s friends with Superboy” offered Jaime. Gar turned and wrote ‘1) friends with Superkid’ on the white board. “He’s the son of Batman” Jackson said. Gar wrote ‘2) son of scary bat monster’. “He’s related to that Ra’s creep” Wally volunteered. ‘3) related to Riz el Ghoul’ Gar wrote down. “Okay guys this is it, he’s our leader and thats all we know?”

“He’s dating someone” Raven spoke from the door way. The four boys turned and looked at her. “what?” they said together “He’s got a girlfriend?” Wally demanded while Gar spluttered “how’d you know?”. Raven raised an eyebrow “I can usually just tell” and with that she drifted away. “This is a game changer” Jackson said, “yeah” agreed Jaime “we got to find this girl”


Stalking Damian was not easy. However after a few months of close calls, Gar getting swatted in bug form, and awkwardly trying to explain why they were in Gotham to Batman that one time. They’d done it, finally finally done it. “So think she lives in Fawcett City or they’re just meeting up here” Jaime said. He was driving the car, because he was the only one who could drive, well the only one who could drive that wasn’t bright green. “I bet sssshe livesss here” came Gar’s snake voice from the footwell of the back seat. “Nah she’s like some Paris model he flew in here” Wally said from the back seat, “we know he’s got money, that’s what rich folks do right?”

“what you think fish guy?” Jaime asked Jackson in the passenger seat. “I don’t know guys, I think maybe… never mind I don’t have any ideas about Robin’s girl” The black sedan car ahead of them pulled over and the back door opened. Damian stepped out smartly dressed in a suit and tie with a long black coat. He reached back into the car and pulled out a bouquet wrapped in newspaper. After a few quick words with the driver he walked up the steps and into the apartment building they’d parked in front of.

It was a mad dash to find a parking space but a few minutes later Jaime lifted Jackson onto the roof across the street as Wally ran up the building and Gar in the space of a hawk landed. One of Jaime’s hands transformed into something that looked like a cannon crossed with a satellite disc. He pointed it at the building Damian had gone into and held out his other hand palm flat. Over his outstretched hand a screen flickered to life. Damian was standing in front of an Apartment door clearly looking a little nervous, he straightened his tie, held his hand in front of his face and puffed to check his breath, before knocking. The other boys leaned in crowding Jaime. “Oh my god!” Gar breathed “Moment of truth dudes” Wally said they all held their breath. The apartment door swung in and a boy with shaggy black hair and dimples smiled at Damian. Damian held out the flowers and the boy took them hugging them to his chest and smelling them deeply before leaning forward and kissing Damian. The boy turned to go into the apartment grabbing Damian’s tie and leading him in.

The small group on the roof stood frozen, the screen flickered and went out. “Damnnnn” Jaime said. “Ha I knew it” Jackson said. “did not!” Gar protested. “i did too! I just didn’t say anything”

“oh yeah sure!” Wally rolled his eyes. “well when you tell the straight people you think someone else is gay they get all pissed like 'you think everyone is gay’” The boys made their way off the building arguing back and forth.

Gotham: Ra's Al Guhl's Arrival Changes Bruce And Alfred's Relationship

Ra’s al Ghul will soon be making his Gotham debut. The enigmatic, fearsome, and centuries-old leader of the powerful vigilante group known as The League of Shadows is being portrayed by Alexander Siddig, who is best know for his performances in Game of Thrones, Da Vinci’s Demons, or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

As Bruce digs deeper into The Court of Owls, he will discover that Ra’s al Ghul is the one pulling the strings. And the relationship that develops between them will have a major impact on Bruce’s relationship with Alfred, the one person in his life that never gives up on him and isn’t afraid to tell the boy billionaire when he’s crossed the line.

“[Ra’s al Ghul is] going to be the answer to a question that we begin to pose fairly early on when we get back, when we start to see these forces at work in Gotham,” executive producer John Stephens told TV Guide. “We’re posing this enigma of what is behind all these things. His reveal will be an answer and a further question once he comes on the scene because he’s such an enormous character in the Batman canon. What are his plans for Gotham? What are his plans for Bruce and how is that actually going to change Bruce going forward, because Bruce’s encounter with Ra’s al Guhl is definitely going to change his and Alfred’s relationship from this point forward.”

Will Ra’s al Ghul play a part in Bruce’s transformation into Batman? “I think we all know about how Ra’s al Guhl figures into the creation of the Batman mythology from our own knowledge of the canon and Christopher Nolan’s movies,” Stephens offered. “It’s a little hard for me to talk about without totally letting the cat out of the bag.”

  • Tim: I'm not Batman. I have friends.
  • Ra's: You sure about that?
  • Tim: Yeah! Like Conner.
  • Ra's: He died.
  • Tim: Oh yeah. Well what about Bart?
  • Ra's: He died too
  • Tim: Lonnie?
  • Ra's: Coma
  • Tim: Steph?
  • Ra's: Faked her death without telling you and now you can't trust her
  • Tim: *scratches head* Well I guess I still have my siblings-
  • Ra's: Two of them hate you and the other one has no time for you
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: Okay but at least I'm still not Batma-
  • Ra's: Out of all your siblings you are the one most similar to Batman in skill, emotional distance, intelligence, and traumatic experience
  • Tim: *cries and stomps away in frustration*
‘Game Of Thrones’ Alexander Siddig Joins ‘Gotham’ As Archvillain Ra’s Al Ghul
Ra’s Al Ghul appeared on Arrow a few seasons back and it seemed only a matter of time until one of Batman’s deadliest foes showed up on Gotham next – and here the DC supervillain comes. Game …
By Dominic Patten

“Ra’s Al Ghul appeared on Arrow a few seasons back and it seemed only a matter of time until one of Batman’s deadliest foes showed up on Gotham next – and here the DC supervillain comes. Game of Thrones alum Alexander Siddig has been cast to play the head of the League of Shadows on Fox’s Dark Knight backstory series from Bruno Heller.

Currently on a late winter break, Gotham returns for the rest of its third season next month with Siddig’s Ra’s Al Ghul expected to make his on-screen debut soon afterwards. The character will be revealed on the show as David Mazouz’s young Bruce Wayne begins to finds out who is really behind the secret Court of Owls council that seems to run everything in Gotham.”


Prompt: Combination of Jason Todd imagine where reader used to be part of the league angst maybe? And Can you please do something with Jason x reader? (They’re boyfriend and girlfriend) Specifically something really fluffy like reader and Jason are partners on patrol and they help each other out during fights. They also have witty banter and flirt while fighting. After patrol, they are going back to the batcave and it’s really cute and romantic. I don’t know. Hopefully this works. We don’t get a lot of Jason fluff.

Requested by: ANON and bitch-jerk-assbut-idigits67

    “What is your deal with her?”

    Jason can only smirk as he ignores the question … again. Some things were private, and his relationship with you was at the top of that list. “Seriously Jay, is this a Selina and Bruce type romance?”

    That made Jason frown. You weren’t casual. You were a committed and loyal person. Of course, they had no way of knowing that. All they knew about you was your mask and the fact you showed up when anyone was in trouble. Well, that and the constant flirting.

    Removing the helmet, Jason ran his fingers through his hair before facing his brothers. Dick was in full swing big brother mode. Dick had made it clear that he was tired of losing people, that had led to him being more nosy than usual lately. It had also left him sounding like a mother hen.

    The rest of the family was curious, but they weren’t going as far as to demand answers. With nothing left to do, Jason did the only thing he could; he chucked the helmet at his brother and grinned in satisfaction when he caught it; it gave him just enough time to rush forward and sweep his feet out from under him.

    Leaving him on the floor, Jason made his escape. It didn’t take long to get home. The mere fact that you were waiting for him was enough to make him hurry. Sure enough, you were there.

You were lying on the couch dressed in your favorite sleep pants, and one of Jason’s shirts. He’s still dressed in his patrol uniform when he collapses on top of you. You giggle as he steals a few kisses.

You sweep his hair behind his ear before kissing him properly. “Welcome home.”

“It’s so good to be home. My brothers are annoying.”

“Especially when I’m trying to save them.”

He laughs, “Told you so.”

He links his fingers with yours. His thumb twirls the band on your ring finger. You’d been

a part of the League when Talia had brought Jason to the compound. You’d watched him come back to life, and had been part of the force to help restrain him in the early days.

    It had become apparent rather quickly that he calmed down around you. He had allowed you near him, to help him. Your bond had become solid and concrete within a year. And Ra’s had been consumed with it. Jason was one of the best, that was clear. He was strong, and fast, and he could endure.

    And after several years of being partners on the battlefield, you became partners in life. The two of you had been faithful to Ra’s, to the League. You’d been so grateful for the gift of each other, that you hadn’t questioned him. Until he derived a plan to destroy Gotham.

    Years of memories had come flooding back to Jason. It became clear what the two of you had to do in the days that followed. Jason had fled, and you’d remained as a spy. When the time had come you had foiled the League with the help of Jason’s family.

    You’d appeared a week later, dressed in a mask, and your own costume. Playing with Jason’s family had been too good of an opportunity to pass up. So you patrolled the streets of Gotham with Jason, and when he was busy with his family you did it alone.

    From time to time, you showed up when Jason’s family needed help. You pulled them out of sticky situations, flirted with your husband, and retreated home.

    Jason’s lips on your neck draw you out of your thoughts and you giggle, “We can’t.”

    “Why not?”

    You kiss his cheek, “Because there’s a little girl in there waiting for her daddy to check the closet for monsters.”

    His brow furrows, “She’s still awake?”

    You nod, “Oh yes. She wanted to see her daddy.”

    With a smile he heaves himself off the couch and you watch him disappear into her bedroom. A moment later you turn towards the window and smile, “Took you longer than usual.”

    “Grayson kept complaining about how you’re potentially dangerous.”

    “I’m lethal.”

    Damian snorts, “To everyone but Jason and Rosie.”

    You wave him away, “Go spoil your niece squirt.”

    “Technically she’s my cousin, Aunt Y/N.”

    You roll your eyes, “Be gone brat.”

    He shrugs and walks into your daughter’s room, settling back in with your book you listen to the sound of your daughter’s giggles and smile.

Gotham Casts Game of Thrones Alum Alexander Siddig as Ra's al Ghul

Gotham appeared to lose its biggest villain in the winter finale, when the Riddler vs Penguin battle came to a dramatic close. But a villain of epic proportions is coming to town, as one of Batman’s most cunning foes, Ra’s al Ghul, joins the cast in the final eight episode run of the season that airs this spring. Alexander Siddig, a well-liked TV actor from Game of Thrones, Da Vinci’s Demons, Atlantis, 24, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and more will step into the role of the nigh-immortal villain who in the comics seeks to make Bruce Wayne his heir as he controls the world from the shadows.

The role is a recurring one that will start later this season, and Ra’s will be seen as “pulling the strings” of everything going on in Gotham City, including the actions of the Court of Owls and other villains. To say it’s a big undertaking is an understatement. Interestingly, Siddig will be the first man of Arabian origins to play this Arabian character.

Typically in the comics, Ra’s al Ghul comes into Bruce Wayne’s life after he’s become Batman, but that was changed in Batman Begins when he became one of Bruce’s primary instructors, helping him to become the vigilante. We may see even more of a mentorship role between Ra’s and the young Bruce Wayne on Gotham played by David Mazouz. Gotham is using the “League of Shadows” instead of “League of Assassins” in the series - the former has been used exclusively in the big screen “Dark Knight Trilogy,” while the latter was the comic book original name of his organization, and was brought to live action on the CW.

The character has appeared in several media besides comics, most recently as a character on Arrow.

The official character description from Gotham’s producers follows:


As Bruce (David Mazouz) pulls the veil off the COURT OF OWLS, he finds the man pulling the strings is the enigmatic and powerful RA’S AL GHUL. With his past shrouded in mystery, Ra’s Al Ghul uses cunning and deception to lay waste to his foes. As the leader of an international criminal organization known as the LEAGUE OF SHADOWS, Ra’s Al Ghul will prove himself to be Bruce’s most dangerous adversary yet.