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anonymous asked:

Is rann and verz a canon ship? Because I kinda ship them alot they seem really cute despite their differences.

sadly, it’s only one-sided in canon!
rann has a MAJOR crush on verz, but verz is oblivious to his affections and wouldn’t know how to go about fathoming the CONCEPT of someone wanting to be affectionate toward them romantically.

BEHOLD!!! Some rarz art for you, I felt like the song Roses by The Chainsmokers would fit the image, kinda???  idk??? Here’s a box of matches just in case you’d like to burn it away into the void~ a n d  I  g a v e  R a n n  f i v e  f i n g e r s  o m l

i LOVE song lyrics put into art and i LOVE RARZ SO MUCH thank you!! ;v;
( and as always the characters are up for interpretation! rann can have 6 fingers if u REALLY WANTED aha! ) 

quirkett  asked:

Lyle/Sira, Lyndon/Walter/Father Craven, VERZ/RANNNNN

i already replied to the lylesira one in another post so ill do the other 2 here!! 

- lyndon/walter/father craven:

Who sings loudly and off-key in the shower, and who joins in from the other room?:
LYNDON, and father craven joins in // walter will just go to the door and bang on it like “SHUT UP” and lyndon will just do it louder because he takes it jokingly :’’ ) 

Who’s the Slytherin, and who’s the Hufflepuff? (Bonus: who is the Gryffindor?):
walters a slytherin and lyndons a gryffindor; father cravens prob a hufflepuff idk im out of the loop 

Who snorts when they laugh and who thinks it’s the most beautiful sound in the world?:
HMM probably father craven, walter’s laugh is too maniacal while lyndon’s is a little “HA HA HA” like sira,,, and u already KNOW lyndon’s the one loving father craven’s laugh he’d get him all embarrassed about it 

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