quirkett  asked:

Lyle/Sira, Lyndon/Walter/Father Craven, VERZ/RANNNNN

i already replied to the lylesira one in another post so ill do the other 2 here!! 

- lyndon/walter/father craven:

Who sings loudly and off-key in the shower, and who joins in from the other room?:
LYNDON, and father craven joins in // walter will just go to the door and bang on it like “SHUT UP” and lyndon will just do it louder because he takes it jokingly :’’ ) 

Who’s the Slytherin, and who’s the Hufflepuff? (Bonus: who is the Gryffindor?):
walters a slytherin and lyndons a gryffindor; father cravens prob a hufflepuff idk im out of the loop 

Who snorts when they laugh and who thinks it’s the most beautiful sound in the world?:
HMM probably father craven, walter’s laugh is too maniacal while lyndon’s is a little “HA HA HA” like sira,,, and u already KNOW lyndon’s the one loving father craven’s laugh he’d get him all embarrassed about it 

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