@larc_official I miss seeing their live!!!! So memories!!!! @larc_official

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いつの日か生まれ変われるとしたら もっと
あなたのそばにいたい 誰よりも
髪に 肌に 今も触れていたくて
涙 濡れた 瞳
声に 指に 笑顔 思うのはああ

If someday I’m reborn, I want
To be closer to you than anyone else
Your hair and your skin, I still want to touch them Your eyes wet with tears
Your voice, your fingers, your smile, ah
All I think about is you

—  L'Arc~en~ciel-I’m So Happy
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L'Arc~en~Ciel - 死の灰. (by 244Wylde38)