Today, I fucked up... by not checking my backseat when I left for work

I was assigned to support a pretty high-level meeting in a facility that takes over an hour to drive to in morning traffic. I decided to leave the house early to give me plenty of time to get to the building and have time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a doughnut. I hit some traffic but still made it in a little less than an hour. I was loving the fact that I got a decent parking spot and had close to an hour to get my coffee, read the paper and then get to the meeting with plenty of time to spare.

I was loving life until I looked in my backseat and found this asshole decided to sneak into my back seat!

I ended up handing the meeting off to someone else so I could take the shit head back home.

TL/DR; Left home early to beat traffic to an important meeting and brought my stupid cat with me.

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Other notes:

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Live Reaction of Too Short To Ride

- we
- wow thanks that was cute
- tinder
- thats so many people
- what a dork
- a square
- a friend thing to do
- shes such a cat
- rarity and importance?
- damn amethyst your hot
- she cant shapeshift?! Ooh
- daddy longlegs
- jasper peridot
- look at her shes in love
- mr smiley works a lot man
- he needs a rest
- what a squad
- i didnt save the earth for this
- oh onion
- peridork
- and i thought it was rigged
- im all set, the shade to lapis
- shortie squad
- cat fingers
- chipper oh man
- ow
- ow
- ow
- ow
- ow
- era 2?
- peridot dont got powers?
- yasss ame
- again
- oh metal powers!!!
- dorito acknoledgement
- give it up for the shortie squad