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Rarity made a pony plushie of herself for Applejack. so every time when she isn't at home, AJ can cuddle the plushie instead until her girlfriend comes home :)

sorry your cute headcanon inspired me to sin

now that I got the sin out of my body and won a place in hell, time for the pure yet still stupid version

hasbro give us the knife rarity we all deserve

silly jokes aside, that headcanon is damn cute! Rarity could be dork enough to make a pony plushie for AJ haaha. I imagine AJ would be kinda reluctant at first, but then she would grow very fond of the silly plushie <3

So over two years ago I pre-ordered one of these 4D rarity plushies and i waited over a year for it before contacting the company and fiding out that they never received any. The company promptly gave me my money back and I quickly gave up on ever getting a 4D rarity plush.

Well today I just happened upon one while checking the local game store in the mall. So basically i is very the excite now :P


Michael Morones, an 11 year old boy in North Carolina, recently attempted to take his own life due to bullying received on account of being a fan of the show ‘My Little Pony’. Fortunately, the attempt was caught and halted in time to save his life, but he sustained severe brain damage. The family has reached out and is asking if the community from the show he loves can help out with the medical expenses. 

This handmade one of a kind plush is being auctioned off to help Michael Morones’ medical expenses. Even if you can’t bid, by sharing it, you are helping spread the word. 

It really hurts me that people can be so cruel. Get well soon, Michael.


St. Patty’s Day Etsy Coupon!

From now till March 17th, you can get $10 off a purchase of $40 or more with the coupon LUCKYPONY at checkout!

Most of the beanies are already on sale, so go snag some plushies before they’re gone!


Pony Hair (Mane+Tails) Pattern Pack!

It comes with the Mane 6+Derpy, AJ’s hat, as well as a bonus tutorial for how to do satin stitched hair lines for the manes and tails.

I will list single hair patterns later, I just need to make some pictures for examples so it’s not confusing. If you still want a single hair pattern, feel free to e-mail me: mylittlewaifuplushies@gmail.com


Christmas Pocket Beanies

Hey everyone! I am working hard to finish commissions and stock my etsy for Christmas!

I’d just like to say thanks for all the support! The beanies are selling like hot cakes!
Unfortunately, with my list of commissions, I may not have time from now until Christmas to keep EVERY character stocked/restock them.
So I would just like to say, if you see a character in the shop, please purchase it as soon as you can, because once they are sold out, they MAY not be restocked.
I will also be adding more characters in time, but the same thing goes for them.

Here is a link to my shop, and hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!


Lets all set sail aboard the good Ship Sparity.. WOOT WOOT!

Awwww Castle Sweet Castle was such a sweet episode (DAT RARITY PLUSHIE!), and Twilight’s line about having the girls adding some of spikes things to make him feel more at home was made all the more adorable after I saw the ending of the episode. I’d like to think that they added some memories for Spike to the tree as well.


4DE Steps Up Game, Announces Fleet of Pony Plushies for Fall.
Look at them! My eyes are still on the Twilight plush (that is already in the market along with Pinkie), but the rest of them! The likes of Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash (not pictured), Time Turner, Big Mac and Princess Luna for the Fall season!

Not to forget the smaller variants of Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy already announced at last year’s SDCC. Cuddly!