(click here for the full size image since I was doofus and didn’t set up a click through to it when posted this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1aq8ly2fw78mbo/Blogs.png)

So, yeah. Remember when I said that this would be done by the end of the week? I sorely underestimated myself it seems. For the most part, this is done. Shading isn’t my greatest asset, so I’m not going to promise that I’ll put it in (might try later, but I just don’t want to ruin this with horrible shading). 

I have to thank Azure for taking the commission and producing a marvelous sketch. Inking this thing was a wonderful challenge for me and I had a blast working on it. Was my stress relief for the last couple weeks to be honest. Now for the big thing. Bear with me guys, this might get a bit long, cause I got things to say about the whys of this.

The main reason for this picture is that I had been asked a few times what my favorite blogs are and what my favorite of the main cast is. Well, that got me thinking and I ended up merging the two questions to “what are my favorite blogs for each of the main six and cmc?” Thus, we have this. I can tell you right now that choosing was not easy.

Pirate Dash: TJ, man, I don’t know what to say. Pirate Dash was among the first Dash blogs I came across, yet I never really followed until early this year. Why so long? I have no idea. You are an amazing person and you have gotten way too much crap said about you and your art that you just don’t deserve. I love the blog both for the puns and for the art.

Another Twilight Sparkle: ATS, you were the first Twilight Sparkle blog I ever saw and I loved it right from the get go. Some of the earliest things that I can recall are the back and forth you had with Ask Trixie and with PD. You are and always will be my favorite of the Twilight blogs.

Lying Applejack: Why, oh why did I take so long in following you? Seriously. Like with PD, you are blog I had seen pop up while looking at other ones and yet just never followed until only within the last few months. I so wish I had started following sooner. You’re among the few traditional artist blogs out there (I know there are a few) and it amazes me what you can do. 

Demotivated Pinkie: Pinks, you are an astounding being, you really are. I’ve known you only for a few short months and yet I’d consider you among my closest friends. You’ve got a great sense of humor, even if your pun runs make me want to smash my head through a wall at times. You’ve managed to an element out of Pinkie, her love of parties, and yet still keep her personality intact. And…I’m really looking forward to seeing how that little project of ours comes out in the end.

Umm Fluttershy: Dude, you are just astounding with how cute you end up drawing Flutters. Still a new blog, but like I said before, I fell in love with it at first glance. You have a cute art style and I simply look forward to each of your posts.

Raritrap: When I first found your blog, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ll be honest, I still don’t know what fully to expect and I love it. The situation behind your blog is one that I’m curious to find out about and really would love to simply know what’s going on. You have one of the most interesting Raritys out there, and that’s saying something with how many there are.

Motherly Scootaloo: Okay, now I could honestly go on forever about this one and the same for Sam. Took one heck of a sensitive topic and did an amazing job with it. Supportive as all heck and I won’t lie, one of the biggest factors to why I even started this blog in the first place. The blog itself is like feels central. I both anticipate and fear just about every update because I’m not sure if my heart can take it. Really, there isn’t enough I can say about it.

Post Crusade: Oh boy, I don’t know where to start here. This has been among the most fascinating blogs for me to follow. You use what looks to be a simplistic art style (yet isn’t), the personality you give to each of the cast is fitting and amazing, you’ve been getting better as a story teller since you started as well. You’re among those people I wish I could talk to, but would feel too awkward doing so for some reason.

Teenage Crusaders Answers: Paint Light, you were among my first followers and you’ve stuck around since pretty much the beginning. You’ve got great art, have been awesome to talk to, and you’ve put up with my recent shenanigans with Evening Light. This is a thank you that is far, far, far overdue and I still don’t think it’s enough. 

Want to give an honorable mention to Ask Babs. I would have included them in the picture, but I ran out of funds sadly. They have a wonderful take on Babs and it’s been fun watching the art style there change since the start.

All of these blogs are great and run by wonderful people. Honestly, if you aren’t following any of them, you really should be.