New tour and he has the same e-cig I do.

Say Anything at Stage AE:

In the past year, Say Anything has skyrocketed into my top three favorite bands. When this tour was announced this past winter, I immediately bought tickets for this show. I’ve mentioned this somewhere before, but Anarchy, My Dear, Say Anything, and the second half of both …Is A Real Boy and In Defense of the Genre reflect my life. Max Bemis has become an inspiration, a hero for me. So, how was my first ever Say Anything show?


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I’m on tour with HRVRD. If you (or your friend) want to do photoshoot collaboration and create cool images send me an email to dantekimages@gmail.com
Pittsburgh, PA 6/25
Cleveland, OH 6/26
Detroit, MI 6/27
Columbus, OH 6/28
Sauget, IL 6/29
Denver, CO 7/01
Salt Lake City, UT 7/02
Seattle, WA 7/05
Portland, OR 7/06
San Francisco 7/07
Las Vegas 7/09
Tempe, AZ 7/10
San Diego, CA 7/11
Los Angeles, CA 7/12

So I saw Say Anything last night at the Orlando House of Blues, and let me tell you, it was amazing.

Max is just such a fucking amazing performer and all around person. I’ve never seen an artist care so much about how people received their music. It’s a rarities tour, so most of the tracks were pretty obscure tracks from before their debut album. When he played them and the entire crowd sung along to every word, you could just tell how stoked he was. It was awesome. 

The crowd was super energetic and great one Say Anything came out. All of the bands were great though, HRVRD, Northern Faces, and Eisley (Sherri DuPree Bemis’s band) all were fantastic. If you ever get a chance to go to a Say Anything show, especially this tour, do it. I’ve never been to a better show, and Max Bemis is a fucking god (not to inflate his ego). Also, he and Sherri have an adorable baby. 

(This last picture was taken by Sherri last night)