I could’ve answered this just fine without the drawings but since I had the sketches laying around in my unfinished art folder I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to color them. XD

Now to answer the question, not sure if they are considered “fun” enough but here goes. Fluttershy was extremely clingy and had quite a few angry mood swings that made Rainbow lock herself in the bathroom. In Twilight’s case she had frustrating situations of memory lapses, and probably the funniest upside came from Pinkie Pie. She insisted on celebrating each month until the baby was born. And Applejack probably had the most normal situation until she was forced to stop working. She started sneaking out and working around the farm in secret. Of course that didn’t last longer than a few weeks and after that Rarity kept a constant eye on her. (These are the only situations I had in mind until now “‘XD)

My Little Pony © Hasbro

These are my takes on the main cast’s outfits from the episode “Power Ponies”, and of course I couldn’t resist to pair them up. XD I don’t want to play favorites but Rarity has the best powers, having the power of imagination in your hands? Can I say best powers ever!! XD

Main Seven (My Little Pony) © Hasbro
Human concept by me

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