anonymous asked:

I need to ask for a draw with all the mane 6 as those animals. Rarity as a cat was soo cute.

Behold Rainbird, Puppy Pie, Turtleshy, Wormlight, Raricat and my favourite of the set, Appleshark

AKA a bunch of idiots doing weird stuff

And well, maybe not as cute as Raricat but they are trying, I tried.

What can one Celesticat do against our whole cat army, plus my Elite Feline Forces?

Nothing, that’s what. 

Co-Commander Dashiecat

And the Elite Feline Force

Royalwind: "Sweetheart"

Smitty: "Tank"

Weaver: "Wordsmith"

Merlia: "Vendetta"

((Chosen at random by the way. I was happy to get so many OCs with lots of follower participation, but I did it in a really unorganized way. In the future I will plan stuff like this better. ~<3 the Mod))