I hath been tagged!

Rule 1: Answer the 11 questions and make 11 new ones. 

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Rule 3: Let them know you tagged them.

  1. Cookies or Cakes? - Definitely cookies!
  2. If you could have any super power, what would it be? - Time stop/ time travel
  3. What’s your biggest fear? - Not being wanted
  4. If you could have any car, what would you get? - Probably a nice old GTO!
  5. What’s a food you absolutely can’t cook? - Pretty much all goods except for cheeseburgers and microwave burritos
  6. What do you spend the most time on? Computer, tv, phone, etc? - Computer by far. Like, not even close.
  7. Name your favorite OTP. - Burger King x You.
  8. Movie you recommend to all your followers. - Boondock Saints if you haven’t seen it. It’s weird, offensive, ultraviolent, and wonderful!
  9. TV show that you’re sad ended. - King of the Hill. It was one of the few shows that never dropped in quality in all the years it was on!
  10. Can you hop on one foot and pat your head? - Yessum?
  11. If you could have any animal in the world for a pet, what would it be? - Probably a giant bat. They’re like foxes that can fly, and they’re 6 feet tall!

    New questions:

    1.Favorite soda?
    2. OTP?
    3. NOTP?
    4. Favorite anime?
    5. If you could be a dog, what breed would you like to be?
    6.If Timmy has 3 apples, and a train is leaving from Chicago at 88 mph, how many years is Timmy gonna be in jail for stealing those apples?
    7. Any favorite art style?
    8.Have you ever finished a game 100%? And if so what game are you most proud to have completed?
    9.What can you never leave the house without?
    10.You’re thrown into a gladiator arena (as one is wont to do from time to time), what weapon do you pick to fight with?
    11. Why not just make 10 louder and have it go to 10?

rarewishes replied to your post “Someday I’ll stop being so damn insecure about my art. :I”

Just because one is capable of improving doesn’t mean that they aren’t a fantastic artist! I mean, EVERYONE can do things to improve, and you are indeed a fantastic artist!

This is something I just have a hard time believing? Like, I have a feeling that yes; the talent is there and I’m pretty damn clever when it comes to my craft (or rather, I’ve gotten pretty far for someone who is self-taught…). It gets bothersome at times because I should know better than to feel so negatively about my work, but I’m afraid that if I think even remotely positively about my work, I’ll start getting an ego. It’s a stupid self-defeating thing to do.


My friend said that most pro boxers have their name on their shorts (Google searching “pro boxers” proved that this is true). This is one of those things where I wonder if it’s normal, or if it corroborates Steve’s cockiness.

I wish I had a smart response for this but I’ve just spent the past ten seconds snickering because you used the word ‘cocky’ and we’re talking about Steve’s name on his crotch