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Shoot, rugrats au, full, applying for college

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  • so sometimes our kiddos are so wrapped up in each other that they forget that the outside world exists
  • root doesn’t like to think about the future
  • shes not even sure if she wants to go to college tbh
  • her plans are basically “stay with shaw until i die and then maybe work for harry’s weird ai startup he’s running out of his basement”
  • growing up dirt poor, she never thought that college would be in the cards, even with student loans or grants
  • even though she’s ridiculously intelligent, her gpa isn’t the best
  • she tends to not do assignments if she finds the subject boring or not worth her time
  • so when they get their SAT scores back, and all the school counselors start getting up everyone’s ass about college, root couldn’t give less of a fuck
  • the school is always hounding her about Her Future because of her near perfect test scores
  • when shaw sees her scores, she nearly strangles her
  • shaw’s pretty damn smart, but she works hard for her grades
  • root is that lazy fuck who barely goes to classes that she doesn’t share with shaw and manages to ace the tests
  • shaw has her entire future planned out: college, medical school, the whole nine yards
  • they spend a lot of lazy afternoons together writing admissions essays (shaw) and fucking around with finch’s baby ai (root)
  • shaw eventually notices that root hasn’t written a single essay or filled out any forms for any college?
  • what the fuck is her future wife going to do with the rest of her life
  • she loves her to pieces, but there’s no way that root’s just gonna sit around the house all day and watch the x files while shaw works 12 hour shifts at the hospital
  • a bored root is a dangerous root
  • shaw eventually confronts her about it
  • “so how are those applications coming along, root.”
  • “oh sameen. it’s so cute that you think you can guilt me into going to college.”
  • “i’m not trying to guilt you, it’s your life.”
  • “but?” root drawls
  • “but maybe you should think about it. you’re way too smart root. and i think you’ll regret it if you don’t even try it out.” shaw says cautiously
  • root shrugs, completely unbothered. “i’m just going to end up working for harry anyway. i don’t need a degree for that. there’s nothing that i can’t teach myself, going to college would just be a huge waste of money.”
  • shaw tries to be delicate, “you know there’s always scholarships and stuff, if this is about money. hell, i’m sure john’s parents and even mine would pitch it.”
  • “they’ve already done enough for me, sweetie. i could never ask them for money like that. i’m not their kid.” root turns her head to the side, plastic smile firmly in place
  • shaw grabs her hand and gently runs her thumb across root’s knuckles
  • “don’t say shit like that. john’s parents /are/ your parents, you’re a family.”
  • shaw eyes dart over to her dresser, where a ring is hidden under a pile of mismatched socks. “plus you know my parents practically consider you their daughter and law.”
  • “…you really think i should try?”
  • “i think you might regret it if you don’t.” shaw replies quietly
  • root bites her lip, “i guess i’ll think about it.”
  • shaw presses a quick kiss to her lips because she hates it when root is sad and shaw’s a gay loser
  • said kiss quickly turns into more, and all talk of college is put on hold until the next day
  • root wakes up bright and early, even before shaw, which is rare
  • she grabs her laptop and takes her trusty wrist hair tie and puts her hair up in a cute but messy bun and gets to work
  • shaw’s so used to root typing that she doesn’t even wake up
  • it’s only the smell of mama shaw making bacon and pancakes downstairs that slowly brings her out of dream land
  • “whacha doing, babe?”
  • “hmm, oh nothing. just applications, darlin’. go back to sleep.”
  • “food?”
  • “you’ve got about ten more minutes” root smiles, typing one handed while scratching a little at shaw’s hairline
  • shaw rolls over a bit and nuzzles into root’s side
  • “where are you applying to?”
  • “mit. go big or go home, right?”
  • shaw startles awake
  • “mit? massachusetts institute of technology? that mit? in /massachusetts/?”
  • “no sameen, the one in california.”
  • “root.” shaw growls
  • “don’t look at me like that.” root says, chest tight. “you’re the one who wanted me to go to college, you’re the one–”
  • “root don’t get like this. i’m not mad at you, i’d never get mad at you for doing what’s best for yourself. you’re thinking about your future.”
  • root sniffs a little and wraps herself up in shaw, “i’m scared.”
  • “it can’t be more than a five hour trip–”
  • “six hours, 31 minutes, eleven seconds” root mumbles
  • “well you know i drive pretty fast, so.”
  • “sameen, root! breakfast!” mama shaw calls out from downstairs
  • “give us a second, maman!” shaw calls back
  • “we’re gonna be okay, root. i promise.”
  • root doesn’t reply, but she nods sharply into shaw’s neck
  • she has a feeling she’s gonna get a lot of miles on her motorcycle over the next few years

in good we trust (raresh @ katapult party 15nov2013)


HTTK by Andres Zacco | Played by Raresh

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Can you do a series of "What kind of girl I see ___ with" for Got7? :o

Here it is anonnie sorry for the wait ^-^ Also I’m sorry but I’m not gonna do this as a series, because I would just not have enough to write to make it their own post, but I hope you still like this :3


  • I think he wants a kind of laid back girl
  • Someone that just goes with the flow, but still is herself, and wants to avoid trouble because it is just not her style
  • I don’t see him dating someone way older or younger than himself, someone pretty similar to his own age
  • I can see him liking his girlfriend in hoodies and other clothes like that, but honestly he just wants her to be comfortable in whatever she likes to wear so he does not really care about her style
  • I think he between cute and sexy would want her to be both, like the kind of girl that comes off as innocent but as soon as they are alone.. oh boy..
  • She would either be the one that makes him say more or she would be like him herself, another thing where he wouldn’t mind either


  • He defiantly would fit a sexy girl and I also think he prefer sexy over cute, but he would ADORE it when she becomes cute because it would be kinda rare
  • She would also need to have a calm side to her, which will be a huge help to him
  • Sometimes she would have to act like a mom to the other members and he would for some reason find that sexy as hell
  • as for style I think he would like it when his girlfriend wears clothes that really hugs her body in all the right places
  • I think he would like being the older one in the relationship


  • I think he is kinda opposite of JB, he likes cute girls that at rare moments will become sexy. Not completely like Mark where she just hides it but like his girlfriend might be unintentional sexy if you get what I mean?
  • Her personality would have to fit his, she would have to loud herself and if she isn’t already then he for sure as hell will make be loud not meant to be perverted
  • Her style would also be like his, he would like it because it becomes SO MUCH easier to find gifts for her
  • He would LOOOOOVE it if she wears his clothes, he might even make her wear it most of the time
  • He also seems like someone that would like to be the older in the relationship


  • For sure would he prefer cute over sexy and he would die everyday because of her cuteness
  • He would just like JB love it when she takes care of the other members and it will make his heart beat so fast
  • I think he like her to wear girly clothes, not necessarily skirts and dresses, he likes jeans just as much but like cute shirts or cardigans and all that jazz
  • He would date someone a little bit close to his own age to someone  up to maybe 5 years younger? He also strikes me as someone that would like to be the older in the relationship
  • She would be humble person and also always be herself whether people like it or not


  • Also most defiantly someone cute, like she should not even have one bit of sexiness in her cute little body
  • He seems like someone that could go both way for age, like either someone a lot older or someone a lot younger. Older because the person would take care of him and he seems like someone that likes noonas, but someone younger because they would be the innocent cute ones (though some noonas might be too)
  • He would also like typical girly clothes but the difference from Junior would be that he would like it more of she wore skirts and dresses
  • She would just like Juniors type have to be a humble person and love to help other people out, the type of person that you never could be mad at without feeling super guilty


  • Oh god honestly he would like sexy way more than cute
  • Like have you seen this boy lately? His hormones are all over the place
  • So that would also go for clothing, not showing her boobs of course but like sexy but to the point that it is appropriate in public (Maybe a bit similar to JBs type?)
  • His s/o would have to deal with his jokes and weirdness, so maybe she would have to be a bit similar
  • He seems like someone that likes older girls, younger girls would have to be around his own age so not a lot younger


  • I think both cute and sexy but more over on the cute side
  • He also seems like someone that would prefer someone older, but at the same time he would not mind dating someone younger than himself
  • Her clothing style would just have to be casual, whatever she feels good in because if she thinks she looks good then so does he
  • I think her personality would have to be like his own, so it will be a nightmare when his hyungs have to deal with the two of them

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