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You Can Wonder [Who I Really Am]

Anonymous said:Director Sanvers prompt: maggie and Lucy find proof of Alex’s punk/goth/emo phase and tease her but are actually a little turned on when they find out she fronted a band and shows them a live concert video of their performances ???

So, posting this ask as a text so that the “read more” works properly, because this is a total beast of a fic. I dragged @onefootone​ into this one just to see what would happen. One night of brainstorming, one night of words. 6600 words. Hope it meets your expectations anon.

ps, cross-posted on Ao3 here and the mentioned based design is the green one from this post by @people-are-just-bad-code​ because damn that is a pretty piece.

“Shhhh, look,” Lucy points with her pen, “here we see the elusive Danvers, cautiously making it’s way through the grazing grounds, such a rare sight here in these parts.”

“Not much is known of the Danvers,” Maggie continues, “just that they share communal living spaces and, in theory, have a den nearby. Rarely are they seen in the wild, preferring the safety of heavily wooded areas devoid of social creatures.”

“Rarer still has the Danvers been seen in mating plumage-”

Maggie snorts and Alex, eyes flashing, throws an orange. “The Danvers can hear you, you dicks.”

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          Waken, senses and powers heightened, much more alive than a century before his sleep. Lestat found himself in a place where both mortals (and otherwise) seemed to come together, though unbeknownst to the prior - perhaps. It didn’t take long for the immortal, a newly acclaimed celebrity, to take note of the unorthodox and interesting man with the white wild hair. Quickly catching the vampire’s attention, Lestat found he could not hear the man’s thoughts. Devilishly inciting curiosity made his way through and across the locale. 

           “Unfortunate to find a rarer creature than yourself, wouldn’t you say?”

   ( for @wingsxxofxxdespairxx )

Love, Blood, and Fur

Summary: AU. In a world of mythical beasts, finding true love for an 18-year-old Vampire shouldn’t be too hard. But for Lucy, and her sudden attraction to a shy Werewolf, it just got harder. Especially when she can only feed on those she considers friends. Nope, not hard at all.

This was originally an ask, so here’s the fic ^^ Sorry it took so long

Lucy flipped through her history text book on the way to school. The world she lived in was much different than what she read. Vampires, Werewolves, and other mythical creatures were just that: mythical, a fantasy.

In Lucy’s world, these creatures were her life. Her best friends. Her family. Her. Lucy was a Vampire. Her friends were all types of creatures; Levy was a pixie and Juvia was half-mermaid.

The bus came to a stop in front of Magnolia University. It was the first day of college. Her dream of becoming a writer was just within her grasp.

Grinning, Lucy skipped off the bus and stood in front of the legendary school. MU was the oldest school in Fiore and they had the most prestigious literary arts program in the world.

“This is it. I’ll make it here. I’ll get my degree, I’ll publish my book, I’ll prove to the world that I’m not just a dumb heiress-!”

“Sorry!” a short blonde woman ran smack into Lucy’s back.

“Oh no, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been standing there,” Lucy helped her pick up her scattered books. Taking a close look at the woman, she saw translucent wings behind her ears. A fairy, one of the rarer types of creatures.

“Oh wow,” Lucy had only met one other fairy before, her friend Erza was a descendant of the first Titania, queen of the fairies.


“Sorry! I didn’t mean to stare!”

“It’s no problem,” she smiled brightly, the wings behind her ears collected sunlight and shone to make her smile even brighter, “I’m used to it.”

Lucy felt somewhat better, Erza had said almost the same thing when they met, “I’m Lucy.”

“My name is Mavis, nice to meet you,” the small blonde held out her hand, “I believe you are a type 2 vampire?”

Lucy took her hand in shock, it was almost impossible for anyone to tell that right away, “that’s right.”

Vampires have two different types. Type 1 are vampires that can survive on any type of blood. It takes about 4 days for them to need to feed again. A type 2 vampire however, does not need to feed more than once a month. But there is a catch, a type 2 vampire can only feed from someone they are extremely close to and who was of the opposite sex. For the last few years Lucy had taken blood from her friends. But that list was slowly dying down because most were in relationships.

The only way to tell the difference between the two was the length of their fangs. Type 2 vampires had slightly longer fangs that Type 1.

“You can tell?” Lucy covered her mouth, she had always been self conscious of her long fangs.

“Yes, but I see things others can’t,” Mavis placed all her books in her bag and secured it this time.

“I see,” she was about to ask if that was a Fairy ability when she heard her name.

“Lucy! Over here!”

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