Annul a Want (1020 words) by Anonymous [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Melinda May/Natasha Romanov, past Melinda May/Grant Ward - Relationship
Characters: Natasha Romanov, Melinda May
Additional Tags: POV Female Character, Post-Season/Series 01, Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Friends With Benefits, Angst, Melinda May Feels, Natasha Is Not A Robot

Since the fall of SHIELD, Melinda has been avoiding Natasha. Natasha’s given her time, but enough is enough. Unfortunately, the conversation doesn’t go as she would’ve liked it to.

This was my gift for Rare Pair Fest. The author has a fantastic Melinda May voice and the fic captures something that feels very true to these two women. I like that it’s angsty but with an undercurrent of hopefulness.

Rare Pair Fest Dear Author Letter

First of all, thank you so much for writing something for me! As with every exchange, optional details are completely optional, but I do hope this might give you some inspiration. I’m a huge fan of character driven works, whether that’s long fic, snapshot/slice of life, PWP or what have you. And I’m kind of terrible writing prompts, so my general likes/tropes might be much more helpful, fair warning.

Organized by fandom and pairing, with general likes and DNWs at the bottom of the letter, and feel free to disregard whatever. I’m super chill regarding ships, so unless mentioned otherwise, anarchy is awesome. Feel free to write them gen, include any other characters/pairings (incl. with the paired characters), or turn things poly.

Angela: Asgard’s Assassin:

  • Angela/Sera - Something set where canon left off, exploring Angela’s journey to get Sera back from hell, or their reunion once she has. Angela doing things to put herself in Sera’s debt, or purposefully misunderstanding the idea of mutualism/things given freely, so she feels like she has an excuse to stay with her and do things for Sera in exchange. The two of them taking solace - or just enjoyment - in each other in between battles/missions/what have you. H/c with either of them worrying over and patching up the other.
  • Angela/Thor - Anything from grudging respect to dirty, knockout hate sex. 
  • Angela/Loki - Angela takes Loki up on her offer of a couch, or drags Loki into her plan to get Sera back because she’s in need of a magic user. Alternately, Loki putting him/herself in Angela’s debt because he’s in need of a tank for any reason, and he’s not exactly on speaking terms with Thor or any one else in Asgard at the moment. Basically anything where they’re set up as unlikely allies, but all the other has at the moment, as they’re both basically on their own. Maybe learning they’re not as alone as they thought along the way. Verity, Sera, Thor, and anyone else are all good here too.

The Wicked + The Divine:

(Trying to avoid spoilers here, but this is one of the comics I’m always up to date on, so assume I know everything that’s happened in canon, and feel free to work off of something introduced further down the line if inspiration strikes you).

  • Baal/Baphomet - So as of issue 10, Baal’s being sent to hunt Baphomet down. Fighting and hate sex when Baal catches up to him? Or does team!dad Baal figure Baphomet out like Annanke did and call him on his shit before very aggressively cuddling the fuck out of him? (Assuming, of course, that he wasn’t able to go through with the events of issue 11, or Baal caught up to him sooner). Fix-it fic for issue 11, for that matter.
  • Laura/Cassandra - Cass and Laura exploring her new powers together after/during issue 10. 
  • Baphomet/Morrigan - Was the Morrigan at his “Valentine’s Day Mascara”? If so, the two of them being cute at an otherworldly gothic dance. Fighting-as-foreplay. Dark romance, kinky stuff; I like Baphomet subby towards her, whether that’s just a slight dynamic or outright femdom. 

Loki: Agent of Asgard:

  • Loki/Verity - I enjoy this pairing as a ship, or gen, so whichever you’d prefer to write is A+. Any sort of caper-fic. Loki introducing Verity to new things or places. Movie nights or going out together. FWB relationship. Loki’s plans backfiring on one or both of them for maximum h/c potential. Verity finding another way to get through to inverted!Loki. Verity joining Loki to go fight for Asgard/help out and save the day. Anything branching off more recent canon as it comes out.

The Mortal Instruments:

  • Simon/Jace - It was the scene where Simon drinks Jace’s blood in the second book that made me want more of this paring, like basically everyone ever, so if you want to do something involving that (blood drinking), no matter how contrived the circumstance, I’d love it. Other than that, they’re both hilariously snarky, so something that takes that into account, keeping a little antagonism between the two of them… One idea would be to see just how much joking around the two of them can get away in their unspoken sort of gay chicken before they start realizing they’re actually serious, going along the lines of their borderline flirting in the books. Stranded together and h/c tropes would be great. (And feel free to write them as part of a larger poly relationship if you’re a fan of their relationships with either/both of the girls).
  • Magnus/Jace - What if Jace was the pretty one Magnus was referring to at that party after all? I just really like the idea of Jace trading Magnus sexual favors to get the information/things they need, calling on Magnus with the clear implication that there’ll be a price to pay. I see it as contractual, but not necessarily unpleasant either. It strokes Jace’s ego, for sure, and he reads to me kind of slutty anyway, so while it might not have been something he’d do of his own initiative, he’s certainly not going to complain about it with any serious objection. (I guess i’m basically asking for gay-for-pay Jace here, and this amuses me greatly, but if you’d rather write it with actual feelings, make Jace actually gay/bi, or go with the ‘developing feelings during this affair’ trope, that’d also be awesome).
  • Jace/Sebastian - Mind control, Jace being the subbiest sub to ever sub for Sebastian, as is basically canon. Fucked up hate sex. Non and/or dub con. Something taking advantage of when they’re physically linked - such as Sebastian masturbating/doing things to himself because he knows Jace will feel it, and trying to drive him crazy, etc. (Clary can be tossed in here for the world’s most fucked up threesome too, if you like that dynamic)
  • Isabelle/Aline - Aline didn’t just experiment with Jace; she and Isabelle had a thing as well. The two of them kicking ass and killing demons, then sharing the shower afterwards. Sneaking around Alicante to be together. Feel free to add in Aline’s canon girlfriend as well if you’re so inclined. 

Wicked Lovely:

  • Irial/Niall - Irial putting Niall back together post-giving Niall over to his subjects. Leaving new marks on him to cover or compliment the scars he already has.
  • Irial/Niall/Leslie - New tattoos. Possessory sex with both of them still in Niall’s body. Working out a balance that suits Leslie; alternately, Leslie reaching the point where she’s ready to give up her humanity and/or become queen of the shadow court.
  • Donia/Beria - Fucked up abusive femslash, Donia unwillingly submitting to Beria. Noncon, dubcon, etc.
  • Aislinn/Siobhan - After the summer king withdraws his allegiance to her court, Aislinn appoints a new summer queen to rule by her side. (Making it a court with two queens, not implying that she gave up her position as well). Aislinn banging her advisor rather than go over plans. Getting together during a summer court celebration.

Young Avengers:

  • America/Loki - Anything similar to my Loki/Angela prompt with them as unlikely allies. Loki rejoining the Young Avengers and having to work to earn his way back into America’s good graces. America being attracted to Loki in female form, and questioning herself. Negotiating a relationship between a lesbian and a gender fluid shape-changer/established or building relationship with America learning to love all of Loki’s forms.

More general stuff:

Kinks, Tropes, and Things That Fascinate Me:

  • Power dynamics, especially as they relate to relationships
  • Non-sexual intimacy
  • Mutual respect
  • BDSM (and kink of all kinds, so feel free to go wild even if I don’t have it explicitly listed here)
  • Knife, blood, gun, etc. edge play (preferably with the element of danger and/or not entirely consentually (spontaneous, making a power play, etc) - I get enough alcohol swabs and extensive communication in my real life; this is fantasy)
  • Vampirism (/biting …and blood kink again; there may be a theme here)
  • Dubcon/noncon
  • Sex-pollen/heat/physical compulsion for sex
  • Drunk/drugged sex (lack of inhibition, less finesse/a bit sloppy, doing or admitting things they wouldn’t while sober)
  • Forbidden relationships (teacher/student, leader/subordinate, incest, etc.)
  • Pining/Unrequited (or seemingly so) love
  • Hurt/Comfort, with a heavy preference on physical hurt (vs. emotional) 
  • Groundhog Day Loops
  • Characters making sacrifices, especially for a partner, and even more especially as “the big gesture” (but please gods not with the implication that they know better than their partner what’s good for them, or otherwise having to go behind their back to make said sacrifice. Or “gift of the magi” level stupidity).
  • Demons, villains, vampires, killers, and etc. striving hard to be better than they are / Redemption arcs that take a lot of time and effort (and even better if seemingly no one else thinks they can do it, or even wants to see them redeemed)
  • Alternatively, card-carrying villains (or just generally stoic characters) with a soft spot for someone/something even if they have no intention of letting themselves be redeemed, in the case of the villains
  • Similarly, themes of falling; from good, from grace, being corrupted, etc., A hero’s “fatal flaw”, good people doing terrible things or otherwise realizing that the’re nowhere near as upright/moral as they might have wanted to believe
  • Characters having to push away their pride, having to ask or beg for help (especially from an enemy or someone they’ve hurt/otherwise has good reason to turn them down), or just being brought low (especially due to illness/injury)
  • What measure is a human/non-human, liminal characters, themes of identity (can incl. gender/sexuality as well if you’d like to go there), etc. I’d like a positive spin on this bullet if at all possible

…Okay, really anything dealing with grey morality and/or complex characters/relationships will have me hooked. It doesn’t have to be super plotty either - a character-driven snapshot or bit of PWP is fantastic for this too

Do not Want:

Internalized homophobia
Slut-shaming, sex worker “saving”, angst over doing sex work
BDSM AUs, A/B/O worldbuilding, slave “classes”, and the like
Kid fic/Deaging

Rarepairfest Letter!

Thank you, author, for loving one (or more) of these ships as much as I do! I don’t have a lot of squicks, but for the purposes of this exchange I’d really prefer happy endings – it can take as much angst as you like to get there if you’re so inclined, just as long as things end reasonably well. The one exception to that is Kirigiri/Junko; feel free to be as dark as you want on that one. I am squicked by guro and serious permanent disfigurement, though, so I guess maybe not quite that dark (canon stuff like Kirigiri’s scars is just fine, I just don’t want any new major injuries that won’t heal; I’m mostly squicked by like, forced amputation or eye-gouging or stuff like that).

As far as general likes, I love tropey idfic stuff so if you wanted to throw out all my vaguely canon-connected prompts and write me a/b/o or other kinky universes or magical lesbian pregnancy or anything like that, feel free! I am comfortable receiving porn for any and all of these pairings, if you’re so inclined, but if you don’t want to write porn that’s a-okay too! And if you see a prompt for one pairing that you think would work well with a different pairing I’ve requested, feel free to use it! I also really like physical gestures of affection.

On to individual prompts!

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