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as someone who is considered a “chubby” “curvy” “plus-sized” “fat” girl etc etc it was always really hard for me to accept my body. it is a constant effort that i struggle with day to day, although the improvement over the years is amazing. i am a huge fan of fashion, but as a curvy girl with skinny friends in a world where stores make clothes for skinny girls, it has been really tough for me to be able to express myself the way i really do want to. i see tons and tons of clothing items online and in stores that i would love to just run to the store and buy, but due to my body type, it is extremely hard for me to do this. for some reason, plus-sized clothing is rarely as trendy as smaller sized clothing. when i search around online, the clothes are usually frumpy, ill-fitting, or most popularly- for an older crowd. i even search on youtube for inspiration and usually only find women who are a lot older than me or have a completely different style. i want to be able to wear the same things all of my friends can easily wear. 

as someone who i believe has somewhat successfully managed to navigate my way through the world of plus-sized clothing and has somehow been able to put together a style i am satisfied with, i want to be able to help other girls who are like me. i have been considering for months on starting a youtube channel. i would do things like lookbooks, “how i style ___”, reviews of companies and brands, hauls, etc. i want there to be the option for girls like me who went searching for help and inspiration and found nothing. i am still gaining the courage to actually start filming things and putting them up on the internet, but if you think you would be interested in watching my videos (or maybe subscribing to my blog if i only did that) just like this post or leave me a comment or message giving me any feedback. :)

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I'm sure, that I'm lesbian and I thought that my dad will accept it, but yesterday we were watching the X-men and I told him that Ellen Page is gay. He said that there isn't many girls who are REALLY lesbian (just rarely), today it's trendy and it's just because they don't find the good man... I'm afraid to come out for him... what should I do? Please help!

he is so dumb, he need to be educated. tell him that arround10 % of the people in the world are LGBT and that they has always be there, but they where hiding because they didn’t accepted it. Now a days it is getting better, people are more open minded, so lgbt people feel better to be open about it. But still not all, and that is also because of what he says. Why would you choice a life where you will be hated by homophobes, and other horrible stuff …