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I know it's none of my business, so I completely understand if you'd rather not answer. Do you drink? I'm asking b/c I know you're super healthy & tend to follow a very healthy diet full of super healthy foods. I'm also asking bc I'm in college, & I do drink but I don't like hard liquor (but I do like beer, wine, champagne, & hard cider, just not vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey, etc.) nor do I like drinking until drunkenness/ when I can't control myself & wake up hungover & feeling like shit...

i RAREEEELY drink. alcohol never did anything for me and i really never saw the fun in it. sometimes if I’m feeling frisky ill have like a mikes hard lemonade but that probably happens like once or twice a year if that. i don’t party either so really no reason for me to drink. :)