the fact is, robots could replace the vast majority of jobs that are arduous and time consuming, the fact is we overproduce nearly everything, the fact is we artificially inflate the prices of shit to help the rich get richer. The fact is we shouldn’t act like everyone has to work a job that helps on a grand national scale.

The fact is people could live perfectly fine just maybe cooking for their community members, or helping each other clean, even basic household chores, caring for each others children, etc. stuff that rarely gets paid or is even considered work instead of suffering away at jobs that can quite literally be replaced with robots and be perfectly fine that way.

The fact is not everyone has to work, and not everyone can work. We should focus more as a society of enriching our lives, and the lives of our communities, not making up busy work to pretend people have to work 12+ hours a day to live.

Mystic Production

Welcome to Mystic Production! A Youtube channel featuring a group of people with a multitude of talents!

This alternate universe where Mystic Messenger characters band together to form a YouTube channel was inspired by the many amateur production teams on YT. For my sake and selfishness, many things have been changed from the original timeline because what’s an AU if everything is the same, right?


Mystic Production was originally called RFA (Rika’s Fashion Assemble) that was started by Rika and V as a sort of makeup/fashion vlog channel but, inspired by the hidden gem, Zen - who later joined her team, Rika wanted to delve into short skits and they needed more people as it grew to include other things.

The name Mystic Production came about from a very early skit where they tried to fit as many mystical puns into a 10 minute video and the fans made it a meme and they laughed for 3 days before adapting it.

Rika and V were originally the face of the channel but Rika stepped back to get treatment as well as focus on fundraising efforts for the channel and other PR stuff. V naturally followed to care for her. Although their appearances in videos have dropped significantly, their hard work are still felt throughout the production. They are Mystic Production’s Mom and Dad.

Jumin is their producer of sorts. He has a full-time job as C&R’s director but due to V’s wish to include him, he provides funds if needed (that will later be refunded over time) and joins the production meetings whenever he can. Rika and V values his unique ideas even though he often clashes with Zen. He sometimes drops in for random videos so he became Mystic Production’s Easter Bunny (or Easter Kitty as Seven likes to call it)

Jaehee is a full-time Mystic Production staff. She handles script writing, timetable, casting, prop making, set building and lots of other stuff. She rarely appears in videos outside of behind the scenes and special group sessions. Despite that, she is mentioned a lot in the video because of how hardworking and amazing she is. She is Mystic Production’s Brain.

(brief reminder Canon In-game Jaehee DOESN’T need glasses and only cut her hair because it was a requirement to be Jumin’s assistant - thus this appearance)

Zen is their main actor. He is in all their skits and is the current face of the channel. Despite how the channel makes it out to be, theater and musical is still his major occupation. He sometimes appear on Makeup Monday to show theatrical make-up tutorials. Absolutely no fans believe that he’s still single. He is Mystic Production’s Casanova.

MC is the newest member of the team and taking on Rika’s place as the female face of the channel. She is nice and playful and adapted very easily into the team. Outside of skits, she helps Jaehee with props and does most of Makeup Monday. She is Mystic Production’s Sweetheart.

Seven and Unknown dabble mostly in the background. They handle the sensitive equipments and help edit the videos. On Friday Nights, they will hold a Gaming Night with Yoosung where they post a video in which they review and discuss about a game while they play it. Seven also sometimes appear on Makeup Monday to do character cosplay make-up tutorials. They are Mystic Production’s Twins.

Yoosung is Rika’s cousin who is still in college. He appears in Skit videos as an additional character. He mostly is part of the background team, helping with lighting or sound. He is the main face of Gaming Night and even has his own personal channel for Let’s Play series. Because of his bright personality and being the youngest, he is Mystic Production’s Maknae.

Vanderwood is an extra hand Seven can somehow summon whenever they are in need of extra help. He never appears outside of behind the scenes videos and never tries to interact with the camera. He is dubbed Mystic Production’s Ghost.

The channel posts content 4 days a week, Make-up Monday, Short skits on Wednesday, Gaming Night on Friday and a compilation of behind the scenes on Sunday. Every last Saturday of the month, they will hold a group livestream to help raise funds for several causes.

There are moments where several members appear in videos outside of their main one like Zen teaching Yoosung to put on makeup or Jaehee and MC try to play Resident Evil while Seven is laughing like a madman in the background. The most memorable one is when Jumin plays as MC’s protective father refusing to give Zen MC’s hand in marriage because Zen ‘doesn’t respect cats enough’.

All in all, everyone has a great time and is happy. That’s all I ask from this Youtube AU done for Aurora weekly challenge.

This may have had a horrible execution but I thought a lot about this, as you can see from the wall of text. Wish I had more time to do gifs but oh well. Hope you enjoyed this and big kudos to you if you’ve read this far.

Signs shopping

Aries: Knows what they want to buy and straightaway buys it. Secretly splurges on themselves when nobody’s with them.

Taurus: Rarely buys expensive stuff, but sometimes buys pointless stuff. They are scared of blowing cash on expensive items, but they still spend cash buying little stuff that is often no need to them.

Gemini: Window shops more than actual shopping. Has to go shopping with a friend or else they can’t make up their mind on what to buy.

Cancer: Usually too broke to spend cash, but when they do save up, they can spend hours in the mall.

Leo: Spends a lot of cash on huge items, but with the little stuff, they often buy in bulk or stick to necessities.

Virgo: Loves walking around the mall just for the sake of it. Window shopping isn’t their thing as they prefer to actually buy stuff, not tempt themselves.

Libra: While shopping, they often stop to buy refreshments or just enjoy the air-conditioning. Makes really smart purchases without really trying.

Scorpio: If shopping lets them have some time to themselves and love themselves, then they’re all for it.

Sagittarius: Spends a maximum of like ten minutes in each store before moving on to the next. Often has no clear goal of what they want to buy.

Capricorn: Wears casual clothes even in the mall. Often gets dragged there when they don’t want to buy anything, and often cannot go there when they actually want to buy something.

Aquarius: Tries to compare prices between different brands and stores of the same item, but usually ends up going back to the same store.

Pisces: Buys a huge load of stuff they want, but when it comes to stuff they need, they often forget what they really need.

just some facts about schizophrenia

1.  violence is not a symptom. people with schizophrenia are rarely violent towards other people

2. however, they are violent towards themselves as suicide is the number one cause of premature death among people with schizophrenia. 1 in 10 commits suicide, and 40% of people with schizophrenia has attempted suicide at least once

3. but it’s worth to keep fighting as 25% completely recover and 50% improves 

4. there is a lot of help and ways to cope with schizophrenia

5. people with schizophrenia have great minds and can live a normal and successful life

6. they are beautiful and don’t deserve all the stigma and fear towards them

ashesinmymind  asked:

Can you give the "I want to learn Korean" beginner kit?

Ah like what I think you need/need to do in order to get started in Studying Korean? Sure~

First first first~ Learn how to read hangul. Using romanization will only negatively affect your pronunciation and reading skills, so the quicker you learn hangul the better.
I recommend using a video source, so you can hear and watch someone pronounce each letter properly. I don’t have a source I personally used, as I just kind of picked it up slowly living in a Korean neighborhood, but I know more and more good options are on Youtube!

Find a reliable primary study source! I love having the Korean study community here on tumblr, but everyday I scroll through my dash and see incorrect information/thing that are just a little off of natural. We are all learning and supporting each other but we’re all bound to make mistakes time to time, so don’t rely on just tumblr for your study material.
I’m not recommending going and spending a lot of money on textbooks right away, if you can, save your money until you’re a bit deeper into the language and the free resources dry up mighty fast (I can rarely find stuff levelled with what I’m studying in class for free).
There are quite a few PDFs of beginner textbooks floating around tumblr. Download them and and read through them, and find which teaches in a style best suited for you! A textbook that matches your learning style is far more important than what is the most popular. I personally studied with Korean Grammar in Use, which does have a pdf floating around as well.

For getting used to writing hangul download and print out 원고지 paper. It is simple gridded paper that Korean students use for essay writing. It will also be how you will write essays in TOPIK II (if you plan on studying to that point), so you can get used to it early.

For grammar and sentence building, take your time with lessons and utilize any exercises the book you are using gives you. But don’t stop there! Make a Lang-8 account and put that new grammar to work! Make even basic sentences and post them for native speakers to correct. You’ll pick up on Korean sentence structure and the grammar you’re studying much quicker that way.

For listening, I assume most people are not like me, and actually actively participate in Korean entertainment, dramas kpop whatev. Now you put it to use. Dramas are good for hearing clear pronunciation, but make sure to watch variety shows too, as this is much more similar to how Koreans really talk.

For speaking, just speak. This is the hardest for me as well because I hate making mistakes, but talk to yourself all the time. You’ll get used to hearing yourself speak. If you watch dramas start repeating simple lines you hear until you can say it like the actors do.

And lastly have patience with yourself. Learning a language is not an overnight project and not everyone learns at the same pace. I still catch myself beating myself up for not being farther than I am, but I’m learning at the pace I am meant to learn a language as difficult as Korean at. Make language friends here or in real life and motivate and encourage each other. Know we all have our ups and downs studying but with dedication and patience we’ll reach whatever language goal we have.

Extra Resources I personally use(d) and recommend:

  • Naver Dictionary/Daum Dictionary- App and websites (doooon’t use google translate. It really doesn’t work for non Euro languages)
  • Dongsa- App/Website Handy dandy app that will show you all common conjugations for any DVerb/AVerb you enter.
  • Memrise/Quizlet/Anki- Apps/Websites Make flashcards. Practice Vocab
  • HiNative- App Ask native speakers questions/answer questions about your native language. Share and share alike
  • Hellotalk/Tandem- Apps Connect with language partners and practice with native speakers

Hope that helps~

karkitty  asked:

My sister and I really love listening to your commentary when playing video games with Jack and I think I remembered hearing you have your own channel for gameplay but I cannot find it, because I'm dumb, sorry. Can I get a link so we can follow you? You have such a pleasant voice.

Oh, haha of course, I mean.. It might partially be because I don’t really like to “selfpromote” so I rarely advertise my stuff. But it might also partially be because you’re dumb too! Teamwork! :D

It’s here.. and thank you! :)


Ye Magick Shoppe for 5E

By Dracomortua:

Your players’ ship arrives at the docks at last. They go up to the first stevedore or whombler they see and say: ‘Excuse me there, hard working fellow - but where is the local magic shop?’:

Suddenly this all takes a sharp turn and the DM goes 'Out Of Character’: “What? Magic shop?” You kindly explain that there isn’t such a thing. Says so right there in the DMG, see? It is impossible for one to exist in a 5e D&D world. Period.

Your sassy players do not give up. Someone points out such shops exist here in reality on Earth, despite having no provable magic. There are even different kinds (lots sell incense and religious stuff, some selling bits o’ stone, people may want to stare at your crystal balls and it just goes wild from there). They point out a variant human’s feat can give any commoner a bunch of cantrips and one first level spell. So why doesn’t anyone own anything enchanted?

This guide gives you RaW self-defense. You can have as many magic shops as you like without breaking any rules. The trick is to put items in them that are interesting, fun and even useful despite the fact that almost nothing is an uncommon or rare magic item.

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This has to be one of the single nerdiest items in my possession. I love collecting rare merchandise and this is no exception; it’s a limited edition wristwatch given out during a Shonen Jump sweepstakes (2010). Only a few were produced, though it’s hard to say just how many since there’s so little information about it. Either way, it’s a really cool addition to my Yugioh collection! ❤  ️


Redraw of a hypothetical scene that I drew a few years ago, mainly because I rarely draw stuff with full backgrounds and I’m trying to get back on that. I wanted it to look like a movie freeze-frame in the original so I tried that again here. In the original scene I had in mind, It’s Frieda’s day off and she happened to be walking by, and Beverie, wearing some kind of advertisement costume, (which is supposed to be a giant soda can,) tells Frieda that the restaurant could actually use her help if she’s free. Frieda responds sarcastically that she’d love to, with Bev not picking up on said sarcasm. 

For the redraw, I wasn’t necessarily trying to “beat” the old one, but just redraw it in a way like I would typically draw anything else today, also drawing the characters in their current designs. I did try to focus more on lighting this go around, which I’m currently trying to learn more about because it fascinates me tbh.