Why Are You So Obsessed With Us

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins x Reader

Team: Edmonton Oilers

Warnings: None

POV: Second

could you write about ryan nugent-Hopkins and the reader getting teased by the team because of how cute they are (like the team never sees this side of nuge so obviously they’re going to tease him about it)? You don’t have to write it now if you don’t want :) good luck with testing!!!

I hope this is okay! Thank you about the testing thing, I’m sorry this is so late.

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You were currently attending a casual dinner with your boyfriend at one of his teammate’s house. You had never really gone and done a lot of things with the team, so having you over was a slightly rare occurrence.

You were currently squatted on the ground, your boyfriend was off doing who knows what, and you were hovering your marshmallow over the fire-pit and listening to what the rest of the party had to say. 

“Yeah, Ryan and (Y/n) are a cute pair, eh?” Ebs said, smiling over to you. “(Y/n) brings out this whole other side to Nuge– he’s like a werewolf! Completely serious and hockey crazed in the day, super soft and lovey-dovey in the night.”

“You don’t know what goes on in the night, Ebs,” You replied, shaking your head and sending him a smirk. 

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Same shorts. Two different bootys.
No I did not start my journey with big legs or a big booty 🙄. 1.5 years of hard work! I remember wearing these working the @prime_shades booth that year at waterfest thinking I had the biggest booty ever because I just began fitness. 😂 I always had a small pancake butt and I was stoked on this progress! Little did I know what I was actually capable of…
Can’t wait to take a recreation photo this year!

Glute secrets? LIFT HEAVY.
Wanna know a fun fact? I don’t squat. I’ve NEVER squatted. Rarely I’ll do a smith machine squat. But you don’t need to squat to get a butt! It’s all about lifting heavy and isolating your glutes in every lift you do!
My favorite glute lifts are: hip thrusts, cable kick backs, wide leg press, ball raises, wide lunges, and lying leg press #humpday by kncfit