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Prince Leo didn’t do arranged marriages.


Kamui was led into their large ballroom by Joker, who pushed open the large door for her, arm out. She pushed the mask over her eyes more- It was a masquerade, the first masquerade and ball she’d ever been to, and her heart throbbed nervously.

She’d never actually worn heels before, and she rarely wore shoes, so the clack that the heels made frightened her. What if she tripped over them? She didn’t possess the grace that Camilla did, nor did she look as mature in a dress.

Kamui turned to Joker, heart pounding. “I don’t want to go in there, Joker. I’m going to mess up so badly and represent our kingdom horribly!”

Joker chuckled at her, and gave her a polite grin. “Master Kamui. No matter what happens in there, your loyal butler will always be on your side. I loathe the idea of leaving you in there alone, however. Do you not wish for me to come along?” He asked, giving her a look. She shook her head.

Kamui didn’t feel reassured, however. She swallowed nervously as the guards announced her presence. “Second princess of Nohr, Kamui!” Holding her head high, she pushed through the doors and into the light.

She was temporarily blinded by the sudden flash of glitter and the large chandeliers that held large candles. Though she couldn’t see the eyes of the people through their masks, she felt their gazes on her, evaluating her dress, her hair. Kamui could feel the embarrassment washing off of her in waves, and she wondered if they could feel it too. They clapped as she walked down the grand staircase, however, and Kamui, flustered, smiled in return.

As soon as she reached the bottom, she crossed the floor hurriedly to Camilla, and whimpered softly. Camilla gave her hand a gentle squeeze, and bent down to whisper in her ear.

“Dark blue is a great color on you, Kamui. You did so very well.” Camilla then turned her focus to the stairs again, and Kamui noticed that they were announcing Leo’s arrival now.

“Second Prince Leo of Nohr!” They announced, and in walked Leo like he owned the place. It took all of Kamui’s willpower to stop her jaw from dropping.

Leo was in some sort of ceremonial armor that suited him perfectly. A cape billowed out from behind him, and his mask was a deep shade of purple. He practically glided down the stairs.

Kamui noticed that most of the women were whispering about him now, and giggling. She felt a hot white anger cloud her vision for a moment before it calming. What was that all about?

He crossed the room to them, everyone giving him a wide berth. Kamui couldn’t help but tease him gently. “Your clothes aren’t backwards this time! Amazing.”

Leo looked her up and down slowly, and she had never been more thankful for the mask covering her expression. “I see that you finally put on shoes, Kamui.” And that was all he said before they turned their gazes to the staircase once more for Elise’s arrival.

And the ball began. Somehow, Xander had gotten to them, and pulled them all close. “Remember, this ball is for finding possible suitors. So be on your best behavior.”

“No promises!” Elise said, then went to the buffet table, a skip in her step.

Kamui only stuck out her tongue at Xander. “Same as Elise. Bye!” She walked as fast as she could in her heels to catch up with Elise.

“Good grief, what are we ever going to do with her…” Xander put a hand on his head, then turned to the two siblings that still stood in front of him. “Even if you two don’t find suitors, make sure you are polite to our guests. Is that clear?”

“Of course.” They both chorused, walking off.

Some time later, when Kamui had danced with various dukes and lords with long names that she could never remember, she finally had a chance to sit down.

And that was when she saw Leo getting manhandled by two women.

“Prince Leo would rather dance with me!” One lady shouted, pulling him towards her. The other scoffed and wrapped herself around his arm.

“Why would he want to dance with someone like you? He wants to dance with a real lady!” The other retaliated angrily.

Leo did not look amused. Instead, there was an odd panic on his face. He met eyes with Kamui, and she laughed at him. They exchanged words silently, him promising to murder her if she didn’t aid him and Kamui only shot him a look.

In the end, Kamui crossed the room and gently pried both women off of him. “Excuse me, girls, but I need to take him now. Urgent royal business and… stuff.”

Though doubtful, both girls took their hands off him, stomping away.

Aware of the eyes on them, they both started to dance albeit awkwardly.

“I thought that sort of thing only happened in books, Leo.” Kamui whispered, her tone revealing her amusement.

“Don’t start,” he muttered, pausing to twirl her around. “That was horrid. I hate balls. They’re so useless, and a waste of time.”

“They do have a use!” Kamui insisted, pushing the mask farther up her nose. “You could potentially find a wife here!”

Leo gave her a look that even through the mask, she knew was exasperated. “Would you find a husband here, Kamui?”

Kamui pointedly ignored his gaze.

“Ha,” he spun her again. “I knew it.” Leo smiled at her. “Either way, I couldn’t do arranged marriages. I have to know the person first. They have to be close by me. I have to trust and love them to marry them,” Leo continued, his grip tighter than before.

“Why don’t you just marry me, then?” Kamui said, then froze, her face red with embarrassment. “Ignore that. That was stupid, pretend you didn’t hear that,” she stammered, her heart skipping a beat.

Leo just raised an eyebrow. “Funny, I was just about to propose that. I guess it was easier than I thought to get you to marry me, love.”

Kamui tripped over her heels and into another person, her face flushed. “Did you just- What?!” And promptly fainted, sending the entire room into panic.

Later, when Xander was furious at them for disrupting their ball, Leo simply smirked at Kamui, who hid under her sheets, embarrassed.

“Worth it.” Leo declared, deciding to properly propose to Kamui now.