*continues to stan for Ali Krieger* I mean she is the playmaker and is usually the start of all of these set pieces and rarely gets credit


Lana Del Rey, Bible & Anthology

A 300 page book with lyrics to hundreds of Lana Del Rey songs (including unreleased and will include lyrics to Honeymoon). It features a plain black cover with ‘Lana Del Rey’ foiled in gold and black sprayed page edges.

The design is in its final stages but the funding period ends in two weeks. Pre-order the book now before time runs out and own a rare piece of Lana Del Rey memorabilia!

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have you ever shipped something so intensely - even though those two characters never even breathed the same air? gone to extreme lengths to defend a ship that would probably make the original author throw up? come up with the most out-there AUs simply to provide a situation where these two characters can interact? you’re not alone! introducing the rare pairs network: a safe place where you can log your thoughts/headcanons/tears for those couples that no one else has been imaginative enough to think of yet. 

[ shoutout to provocative-envy for inspiring me to ship rare pairs ]

want to join?

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what we’re looking for:

  • nice, friendly bloggers
  • people who are open to hearing about other rare pairs!
  • hp blogs given priority but any fandom is fine - the pain of rare pairs can transcend the boundaries of books, television, and film tbh

what you get:

  • a place to vent your feelings and frustrations about rare pairs
  • friends who understand the pain of having an otp with no fics :/
  • judgement-free zone - seriously!!
  • a clique tbh

if you’re accepted:

  • we’ll be picking members on july 20th, 2015!
  • track the tag #rarepairsnet
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  • flail about your rare pairs freely

For Some Jordans Are More Than Just Sneakers by HS

Meet Gerard Starkey, a sneakerhead from London that shares his story on how buying Jordans since he was 9 has evolved into being able to own some rare Jordan pieces such as a worn pair of ‘88 True Blue 3s which are also signed by MJ and may be the only pair in existence today. Make sure to take a look at the video for the full story. 


An illustration piece for my “Dragon Curse“ story about two brothers. Rare times of piece when no one is trying to murder the dragon Yrian aka the younger bro, who is, but of course, the only dragon left. The quote is by Jean Froissart, from the Chronicles of the Battle of Cressy in 1346, and it introduces Sture, the knight brother. His ambition is to become the Knight of Valor, however, due to his family issues, he ends up protecting rare mythical creatures, which are supposed to be eliminated by Knights of Valor. Travels, adventures, family angst ensue!

thearmoredhomo asked:

so ive started this mikasa drawing cuz i saw one of your wips, you are hella good. I cant believe you color in so few layers im crazy jealous x.x lmao

oh hi! i’m so glad one of my wips got you to draw something!! keep it up!!!

and yeah, haha, when i took that screenshot i only had uuhhh three layers for coloring. but i promise you that by the time that picture was finished, i had a little over 20 layer :’) i usually just do all my shading and stuff on the same layer as the color, like i preserve the opacity on her skin etc.