brielarsonI used to DJ. It was the “real” job that floated me while I auditioned for the movies I never got. Even during the filming of Short Term 12 I spun records at magazine parties and hotel bars on weekends because I couldn’t survive off of SAG minimum. I loved rare foreign covers of Beatles songs, Ye-Ye girls, and soul. Drunk dudes would request trap and I’d tell them “Sorry I only play vinyl.” I was hustling, but I got people dancing and hung with my other DJ friends. I’m grateful for where I am now, but want to give a toast to the life I lived before. To all the dreamers with day jobs, I see you, don’t give up. There is beauty in your journey. 🍻#fbf

Deep tracks off each TS album for new Spotify listeners


“Our Song” isn’t technically a deep track, since it was a single, but it was so long ago we can forget about that. There are no co-writers on this track, just Taylor, and it’s a real songwriter’s song. Pay attention to the way she plays musical chairs with the lyrics.

“Should’ve Said No” is a barnyard fire in song form. It’s a broken AC unit in the middle of July - angry, restless, and redemptive.


“The Other Side Of The Door” is only available on the Fearless platinum edition, but it’s another songwriter’s pick, where Taylor plays it semi-cool and self-aware throughout most of the song before throwing it all out the window and spilling her heart out in the last few verses. The other side of a slamming screen door is the sonic breakdown of a beautiful night.

“Untouchable,” another bonus track, is the rare cover in the Swift body of work (although the melody and arrangement are markedly different from the original by Luna Halo). So, this is a real deep track, giving us an insight into not a Taylor build but a Taylor repaint job. Turns out, it’s navy and diamond and incandescent, and total longing on high. Anyone who questions the inclusion of a cover here should remember Shakespeare borrowed around too.


“Last Kiss” is one of those confessional songs that isn’t just written like a diary entry but sung like one too, all low and deliberate like not one syllable is a throwaway.

“Dear John,” the ruby jewel off Speak Now, is a song that will gust right through to your bones, engulfing you in a wicked storm of lies and deceit, of Dylan’s idiot wind and Cash’s ring of fire. An epic tale written by the girl in the dress.


“Holy Ground” is short but once it starts it doesn’t stop. The arrangement cleverly mimics the relationship the song describes. The first line is “Took off faster than a green light go” and Taylor spends the rest of the song so caught up reminiscing she forgets to take a breath. Lord it took us all away too.

“All Too Well” might be the single greatest Taylor Swift song of all time. It is littered with memory after memory- sharp and fleeting and each one remembered all too well. And like most ended relationships despite all this photographic wreckage somehow we have nothing to show for it. Just words at a piano, like so many small victories fighting against the current of ultimate defeat.

Off 1989

“You Are In Love” is the b-side to an anatomical Taylor song. It has all that vague and poignant detail, like burnt toast and the picture of you in his office downtown, but the conclusion isn’t love lost or love all messed up, but that maybe what you are hearing in the silence is love and love alone. Stripped of over-think, this song is elegantly straightforward.

“This Love” is an ode to the ghosts of Taylors past. The missing apostrophe is intentional- this song really is an ode to the past Taylors we’ve come to love. “Like saying goodbye to the past and the previous four albums” is how Taylor described the song. This song may technically be about a love returned, but this is also the moment we send our regal, dilapidated ships off to sea. Because ghosts are at once returning and departing, always.

Because that AU post received such positive response, I’ll be uploading that oneshot soon!!

Ideas for the vloggers tho:

OTABEK ALTIN, as expected, will be one of those vloggers who post their song covers and original mixes online. Sometimes he also guests along other YouTubers’ video for dance covers.

YURI PLISETSKY would be a makeup artist type of YouTuber that also branches out to dance and very rarely song covers.

They crossed paths because of a dare.

A Rare Record Cover of the Mahna Mahna Song.
Written by Piero Umiliani
Date 1968
Source Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso
(Sweden, Heaven and Hell)
Publisher Edward B. Marks Music Company
“Mahna Mahna,” originally titled “Mah-Na Mah-Na,” was written by composer Piero Umiliani for an Italian “mondo” film (exploitative pseudo- documentaries) about life (mostly sex-related) in Sweden, titled Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Sweden, Heaven and Hell). It is a nonsense song that achieved widespread fame as a classic Muppet sketch.

2017 is becoming a really great year for black people and cinema. Hidden figures, a story about how black women literally helped white men get to the moon. Moonlight showcasing gay black masculinity, a topic that is rarely ever covered in media. Also Get Out, bringing light to how fucking crazy white people can be. And none were depicted as slaves. I’m grinning from ear to ear.

i’ll talk about all the robron stuff later because i’m still reeling from that but…

i honestly think emmerdale needs to be applauded for tackling an issue which the media rarely covers, far less soaps

the treatment of lgbt people in prisons is terrifying, it’s horrific, and no one ever talks about it because it’s just accepted practice. but it does need to be talked about, it does need to be shown to a mainstream audience

and that scene with aaron and the prison officer, aaron worried about coming out as gay inside, and the officer suggesting that he could be putting himself in danger if he does so… it’s just such an important message and i’m honestly so proud of this little village soap for tackling this head on

because they didn’t dance round the issue, they didn’t try and pretend like homophobia doesn’t exist in prisons

they’re making it clear that it’s a real problem with far-reaching and potentially dangerous consequences and i am so incredibly glad that so many are going to get to see this

Fairy Tail

Why is Juvia still passed out, yet Erza is fine and everybody else. Like wtf Hiro Mashima. Her “injures” are that bad the she fainted. But Erza can break all of her bones, stabbed, and still fight and win. Like Juvia has had no epic fights this whole arc. The only one was against which lasted what, a chapter. It’s pathetic and here’s Erza having twenty. Also why is everybody who has gotten so much worse injures be okay and Juvia isn’t. Everybody learned new magic, got even more powerful and all Juvia learned was Blood Make. Every damn time she fights she only does water slicer. Her power has so much god damn potential and Hiro Mashima is throwing it all away to give characters who are already overpowered more and more. WHY. She is made out of FUCKING WATER. You’d think that I don’t know she’d be fucking hard to beat but know, he finds a way for her to get hurt. Also when is the last time she has used water body?

This isn’t even about a gruvia reunion, this is about how a character with so much potential like a lot of characters in fairy tail is thrown off to the side. Also for the gruvia part though, we are like the most deprived ship of the top 4. Gale (Gajeel x Levy) even though they aren’t always shown a lot they’re canon, and Gajeel had an awesome fight seen. Nalu (Natsu x Lucy) they are the main characters, they are always getting more development, more powerful, and have lots of moments together. Jerza (Jellal x Erza) they have a damn past together, almost kissed, are pretty much canon. Even though Jellal isn’t on that much, when he is they have a moment. Now for gruvia (Gray x Juvia) they are rarely seen on the covers of chapters, when they’re drawn together Gray has a frown but is getting better. Every moment they could have a special thing go, Hiro Mashima ruins it. Like having Gray try to do ice shell again and then have Natsu stop him (even though I do like them as a brotp it just sucks that Juvia didn’t do it).

ALSO Gajeel and Juvia rarely have brotp moments and they should have more like they did earlier when we first met them.

AND we barely know anything about Juvias past, yet we could write a god damn book on Erzas. And it’s not just Juvia, it’s everyone else in fairy tail. For example, why did Levy join fairy tail, why did Gajeel join phantom? I WANT TO KNOW.

AND out of all the places Acnologia could land, he lands right in front of fucking Erza and Wendy. Like why not Juvia, or somebody else. But I will be fine with it as long as Wendy does all the work, I’ll be happy.

That’s it for now, sorry for the rant.


●honey | thirteen reasons why {coming soon} 

if you can’t get the video to play press here

disclaimer: This is not meant to romanticize ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, at all. While my original character is paired with Bryce, I am not intending for anyone to ‘ship’ them, they are not mine nor meant to be anyone else’s ‘OTP’. ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ is praised for it’s innate ability to depict hard hitting, real life, issues that most are afraid to truly delve into. The fanfiction in which this video represents is no different. The original character in this story isn’t necessarily someone you’re always(for some, ever) going to like, but hopefully despite maybe not loving the idea of her you’ll engage in her story because it’s one that fits a group of people out there that are hardly ever discussed. The oc I’m writing into the 13RW universe is problematic in her own way, just like most of the canon characters(as well as real life people) and though I’m exploring her through the canon storyline of the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide, I’m also covering another serious issue that is rarely explored or covered in media; loving a monster. Again, to clarify, I am not romanticizing Bryce Walker, nor trying to lessen the severity of sexual assault but rather taking the darkness of that head on and exploring another side to it. It’s easy to say you would handle a situation like this a certain way if it were you, but is everything always so black and white? This story explores the internal struggle of coming to terms with being the significant other to someone who has done irrevocably terrible things.

The De la Cruz siblings were born exactly eleven months apart, therefore dubbed the ‘Irish twins’. Montgomery reveled in the fact he was the eldest of the two, never letting his younger sister forget it. However in the true spirit of a younger sibling Aniston, more so than anyone, knew exactly how to push her brothers buttons. Much to his chagrin, she’d constantly point out to him and anyone else that would listen, that their parents realized very early on that they got thing’s totally wrong with Monty, so as soon as the doctor gave the okay for them to start doing it again they got pregnant with her. According to her she was everything they wanted in a child and therefore had no need to have more children after her, but everyone knew exactly why the De la Cruz’s had not opted for more children. Monty and Aniston we’re truly fire and ice; between the hot head brother and the ice queen sister, the ‘twins’ were a lot to handle. Despite any negative connotations she carried however, Hannah Baker had always admired Aniston. She was the undisputed queen bee of the sophomore class, and the only other girl in school to be as widely rumored and talked about as Hannah. Unlike her though, Aniston didn’t seem to care what anyone said or thought about her and Hannah wanted nothing more than to be able to share her outlook and confidence. But sometimes the seemingly strongest of people are the most weak…

In the aftermath of her death, Hannah Baker left thirteen tapes. Thirteen reasons for why she did what she did, left to the twelve people who caused it. She started with Justin, then Jessica, who each broke her heart. Then Alex, Tyler, Courtney and Marcus, who each helped destroy her reputation. On to Zach and Ryan who broke her spirit. All the way through to tapes twelve and thirteen. The double whammy, the ‘perfect couple’, Bryce Walker and Aniston De la Cruz, who broke her soul. 

“How could you justify it?”

I’ve seen a number of posts about trans men being erased and excluded from conversations about reproductive rights, which is important to talk about, but I have quite literally never seen a post about trans women’s reproductive rights (possibly because they’re admittedly very different from those of AFAB people). Rather than derailing someone else’s post, here’s a post to remind or inform you that:

  • trans women are legally required to be sterilized (as part of SRS) before we can change our legal gender designation in 29 states and numerous countries worldwide
  • the main way to get around this, freezing sperm, is expensive (storing 3 samples for 10 years costs on the order of $10k) and rarely covered by insurance
  • trans parents face discrimination in adoption and custody cases, despite studies showing no differences in the development or happiness of children raised by trans parents
  • trans women experience the highest rates of many STDs and STIs, partly because of misconceptions about safe sex as it applies to trans women, and partly because trans women are more likely to be sex workers and more likely to be abused during sex work
This is a super brief overview just of what I know off the top of my head, but I think it’s important that anybody concerned with women’s rights at least knows these basic points, because trans women’s rights are women’s rights. For sources and further reading Google any of these.

Cover of The May Queen and other poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Rubricated and illuminated.
Colophon: “This manuscript, selected poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson, The May Queen, The sea fairies,The beggar maid, Hero to Leander, and Dora was designed, written out, and illuminated by Alberto Sangorski for Messrs. R. Rivière & Son bookbinders & booksellers to H.M. King George V. London. This manuscript will not be duplicated. This manuscript was executed by me [signed] Alberto Sangorski London A.D. 1912.”– P. [63]
“The miniature illustrating the poem of The beggar maid was taken from the painting done by Sir Edward Burne-Jones in the Tate Gallery London. The miniature illustrating the poem of Hero to Leanderwas taken from the painting done by Lord Leighton, P.R.A. The miniature in the title page of Lord Tennyson was taken from the painting by Sir Hubert Herkomer, R.A. (and is copyright)”– P. [65]
Miniature of Tennyson, three miniatures of the May Queen, miniature of the Beggar Maid, miniature of Hero, two miniatures of Dora are initial-signed by Sangorski, and some are dated 1912.
Full blue morocco, inlaid and gilt in an over-all design with semi-precious stones and seed pearls, mounted on upper cover. Beige morocco doublures, inlaid with red, white and green morocco and gilt. Silk protective guards interleaved between some pages. All edges gilt. Stamp-signed on upper doublure: “Bound by Riviere & Son”. In silk-lined green morocco folding case.

  • Courtesy of Rare Book Collection, Detroit Public Library