rare youth

“Thus, trans and queer youth rarely get proper and adequate sex ed.”

But without ever practicing it, I had to learn everything about hetero and cis sex though.


About Isabella I of Castile’s looks when she was young:

The Princess had bluish eyes, long, bright eyelashes; high, arched eyebrows which emphasized the beauty of the eyes; she had nose of the best size and feature for a face to be beautiful; small, coloured mouth and lips, small and white teeth; her smile was composed, she was rarely seen smiling like youthful people use to do, rather with great moderation and much composure; she had very white skin and coloured cheeks, and her whole face was very painted and of royal presence: her hair was very long and blond, of the best golden color possible, she more often combed herself using her hair than high and precious headdresses, and she always put [her hair] in order with expert hand, so it would match the features of her face; she had very long, full and round neck, like it was demanded for a good-looking lady; her hands were extremely elegant, her entire body and personage were the finest and the best looking that a human lady could have, she was of tall and well measured stature…

Crónica incompleta de los Reyes Católicos (1469-1476)

Dr. Eggman eats like he used to in his youth: rarely. When he does eat, it’s fastfood, lots of it, usually at night and in-between all the energy drinks. His sleeping habits are just as bad, coupled with the fact that aside from his battles with Sonic, he also has multiple casinos, a hardware company and parks to keep afloat. Needless to say, his metabolism doesn’t really agree with all this.

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Hi there, matchup pls? I'm a straight fem. 5'4 avg build long black hair kinda pale. Introverted and quiet but I'm really giggly and loud when I get close to you. People tell me I'm really kind and upbeat but I don't see it lol?? I struggle w/ depression sometimes but usually I'm in a good mood. I love makeup, art, watching movies and music. I'm emotional and doubt myself a lot but I try and go with the flow. I aspire to become a nurse bc I really want to help those in need. Thanks! ❤

I match you with…


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In his youth Genji rarely looked twice at people who weren’t actively throwing themselves at him. But now he is more observant of the people around him and how they feel. He still struggles with depression as well, constantly doubting who he is as a person nowadays. Sometimes it’s an uphill battle but he knows that with perseverance and faith he can learn to find harmony within himself. When you’re having a bad day he will drop whatever he’s doing to comfort you and just be there for you if that’s what you need.

He knows that sometimes the kindest most upbeat people hide the deepest sorrow so while he loves your sweet personality he’s sure to be ready to catch you if you fall. He still really enjoys thinks like art, music and movies so when the two of you get a chance to hang out it’s a movie with popcorn or dancing to your favorite music. This boy LOVES to dance.

He truly admires your dedication to those who need you even though you yourself struggle sometimes. Your selflessness is a big part of why he fell for you in the first place.

And I’m like…90% sure he has a thing for nurses….and he definitely thinks you look great in scrubs.

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Why do u think Ashi is 17 why would they pair a teenager with an adult that makes no sense, she's at least 20

You’re the second (Third?) person who has said that Ashi must be over 20 because the show wouldn’t do this story with a teenager.  Unfortunately, our society has a huge problem of sexualizing teenage girls and pairing them with grown (Or ageless/immortal) men.

Take almost any vampire story.  From the well-made (Buffy the Vampire Slayer had Buffy begin a relationship with Angel when Buffy was 16 and he was over 200) to the poorly-made (Twilight had Bella begin a relationship with Edward when she was 17 and he was over 100), many of them pair off young girls with men old enough to be their ancestor.

Sometimes – like with Buffy and Angel – the man was too old even before they became immortal.  Angel was 26 when he was sired, which is too old to be dating a sixteen-year-old even without adding on the 250 years spent as a vampire.  At least Edward was only 17 when he was turned….and this is probably the last time I’m going to compare Buffy and Twilight to Twilight’s advantage.

Stepping away from fantasy, there’s plenty of dramas and “romances” (I shudder to use the term here) that feature high school and college teachers having affairs with their students.  Many of these often try to portray this as a positive relationship: If the student is a boy then he is “getting some”, and if the student is a girl then she is usually helping her jaded mentor recapture his youth.  Very rarely do they realize that this a disgusting abuse of power unless they are specifically tackling the subject.

Heck, just this past year the animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke portrayed Batman as being in a sexual relationship with Batgirl.  Not only was this not in the original comic (Which has its own problematic elements), but this adaptation used the teenage version of Batgirl which has been used for most cartoons, whereas in the comics of the time she was an adult woman.  The comic character had even been a member of Congress, which has a minimum age of 25 for candidacy.  They specifically changed her history to de-age her character along with putting her in a relationship with Batman.

The specific age of “17″ might not be accurate for Ashi – it’s already been pointed out to me that there’s no canon source for that precise number –  but “They wouldn’t do this story with a teenager” is sadly not an argument that can be made.  Other works have already shown that they will make these stories with teenagers, and cluelessly not realize how bad it can be.