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Do you hear the people sing

I should have been writing a request, but instead I ended up writing this. Because my addiction to Les Mis has spiked. Again. I will eventually get to that request… eventually…

John walked up to his apartment, dreading what wait for him beside the old wooden door, not wanting to find a heart-broken helpless Alex lying there on the sofa, in the same spot he had been in since election night had ended two days ago.

As Laurens approached the door, he took in the smell of fresh chicken noodle soup drifting out into the hall, his stomach growling. At least that meant Alex had gotten up and done something—that’s progress, right?  

He spun open the door, caught completely off guard by what he found.

John swore every contain they owned must have been piled up in front of the door, filled to the brim with noodles and vegetables swimming in pools of chicken soup.  Beside that was a small pile of clear trash bags spewing out the old clothing Alex rarely wore anymore.  Posters painted in red and rainbows dried against the wall, some still shinning with paint—saying everything from #NoDAPL to here and queer to Alex’s favorite quote: Do you hear the people sing?

And then there was Alex.

Standing by the stove, stirring another batch of soup while wearing an apron splattered with spills, his arms and face covered in splotches of paint that had somehow made its way into his messy ponytail.

Laurens stood there staring at him, beginning to mutter, “how…you…what is-”

Alex turned away from the stove and giggled at the look on John’s face.  “Well, you already know how hard I was taking this the last few days, but today came around and realized that these next four years are going to define our nation’s—and our generation’s—legacy, and with history watching us I couldn’t exactly do nothing, now could I. So, I played some Les Mis and I started asking myself ‘what would Enjolras do? What would les amis do at a time like this?’”

“You know everyone in that play dies, right? Like, literally everyone.”

“That’s beside the point. Now, come on,” Hamilton interjected, snatching the groceries from Laurens’s hands and replacing them with posters, “once I put away these groceries and finish this batch of soup, we’re dropping it off, along with this clothing, at the homeless shelter on our way to a protest. Why don’t you start putting these signs in the car,” Alex finished as he started shoving fresh vegetables into the fridge.

John just stood there smiling—an actual smile—for the first time in days.  Of course Alex was going to do everything he could in his power to help people and turn the world upside-down, but he would have Laurens beside him every step of the way.

I Promise.

Prompt: “Did you even sleep last night?” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

Ship: Jamilton (OTP: roast me, daddy)

Word Count: 484

A/N: idek what this is. Take it, enjoy it. Just let me love my adorable children.

It was four AM. Alex was typing away, like usual, his fingers clicking on the mechanical keys, though he was trying not to hit them too hard considering his boyfriend was sleeping less than two meters away from him. His black glasses, which he rarely wore, if he was telling the truth, were perched on the bridge of his nose, his back hunched as he leant over his desk, trying to get as close as he could to the computer screen which was on the lowest brightness setting.

Alex wore a grey jacket, which was probably Thomas’, and a pair of loose sweatpants, that were also grey. His hair was tied back into a ponytail, though more hair was actually hanging loose than was actually held back. He had heavy bags under his eyes, making it easy to see that he had not slept a good night’s sleep in a long time. 

He brought his mug of coffee to his lips, not caring that it wouldn’t help him sleep. In fact, that’s what he was going for. He had a paper due in seven hours and he had only written seven pages. Though the page limit was actually four, Alex still kept going.

“Go to bed, asshole.” Thomas suddenly mumbled, his face half buried in his soft pillow that was hanging off the bed somehow. Alex nearly jumped out of his skin.

“I-I didn’t realise you were awake.” He mumbled. “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologise. Just get your ass back to bed.” Alex nodded, then realised Thomas couldn’t see him, considering his eyes were still closed, and shut his laptop, making sure he had saved his document once twice three times, then climbed into bed with his lover. Thomas’ arm immediately snaked around Alexander’s waist, and he sighed in content.

Did you even sleep last night?” Thomas asked when Alex started to climb out of the warm bed.

I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” He moaned, rubbing his eyes. “I’ve got a class in twenty minutes. Could you make me coffee so I don’t pass out, or something.”

“Just this once,” Thomas said. “Y’know, it’s unhealthy to behave the way you do. You should go to bed earlier and cut down on the coffee.”

“I’m fine.”

“No, seriously, Alexander.” He pulled out the full first name. He was either serious, or really turned on. “I’m worried about you, okay? Promise me you’ll try to look after yourself better.”

“I promise.” He mumbled, before connecting their lips. “Thanks for the coffee, though.” Thomas glared slightly and Alex gave in.

“I’ll go to bed at twelve tonight, and I’ll limit myself to five cups of coffee. Is that alright?”

“That’s improvement, I guess.”

“Right, so I’ve gotta go,” Alex said, taken aback by how much Thomas was worried. Times like this made Alex feel special, and it’s sad how incredibly rare they are.

“I love you, too.” He smiled.


I’m writing these in the order they’re sent in, so don’t get discouraged if you haven’t seen yours yet! Love you all to bits. 

Plot: [Can you do an imagine where Josh is really protective and the reader teases him about it]

Josh was pulling you in by the waist as the two of you walked around the city. You were visiting him at his place in LA for a little bit, and he wanted to show you around where he spent some of his time off. He rubbed his thumb lightly across your hip over your thin shirt. The two of your footsteps were in sync as you strolled down the city blocks. It was summer time so both of you were sweating under the impending heat. He wiped sweat off his forehead and onto his ripped black jeans. Josh rarely wore shorts, even in the heat. 

“What do you say we grab a smoothie or something?” Josh suggested. 

“That sounds incredible,” you exhaled, relieved, knowing you would be cooled down soon. 

“Perfect. I’m pretty sure there’s a place straight ahead and around the corner,” he said pointing towards the pedestrian crosswalk. 

“Yeah, that works,” you nodded your head squinting in the direction of his finger. 

There were a good bit of homeless people around LA, which didn’t bug you and you normally spared them a few dollars or at least food if you had any on you. Today was different though, today was one of those days where you felt dirty without dipping your feet in the mud. Everything happened so quickly and your heart rate was still up. Josh’s voice was angrier than you had ever heard it, and your bones never shook so hard. It all seemed like a nightmare. 

You and Josh had crossed the street and had almost arrived at your destination when a man sitting on the corner called out “Hey, blue is my favorite color,” in reference to your skirt. Josh initially chose to ignore him, picking up his pace, but before you knew it the man had reached forward and slid his hand up the back of your skirt. His rough hands felt unfamiliar on skin that was rarely touched. His finger nails dug into your insecure places, and he pulled at your skin like he was trying to quite literally steal a part of you. Josh felt you tense up under his own grip. 

“Did that guy touch you?” he said as the mans hand escaped your clothing when you continued to walk forward. 

“Yeah, but.. it’s it’s not a big deal-” you choked on your words and you were near tears. 

“No, Y/N, it is a big deal stay right there,” Josh said, shoulders rolled back, walking over to the man who still sat a few feet back. 

“Hey man what’s the matter with you?” Josh barked at him, pulling back a fist, threatening a punch. Josh slowly released his fist, realizing you were still standing there and he didn’t want to put you through any more trauma. 

“You’ve got a hot girlfriend, I touch what I like,” 

you winced from afar, squeezing your eyes shut. Thinking maybe if you closed them long enough the situation would disappear. 

“Cut it out man, I really don’t like you and you’re lucky I’m not laying any hands on you right now.” Josh glanced back in your direction making sure you were doing okay by yourself for a little and that no one else was touching you.

“Whatever man,” the man drug out his words, they rang in your ears even from a distance. 

“It’s not whatever. You don’t talk or touch women like that. Listen, I feel bad that you’re on the streets… I really do but you’re making it hard for me to sympathize with your situation. Maybe people would help you out more if you weren’t such a jerk.” 

The man stared at Josh, not saying anything. Josh walked back to you, grabbing your hand, “C’mon Y/N. Let’s just go home.” 

You were fine with that, at this point a smoothie didn’t even sound appetizing. You were nauseous, cold and hot simultaneously, and still shaking. The whole ride home you stared blankly out the windshield. Josh glanced at you every now and then checking your emotional status on your face. He left his hand on the console, reminding you he was there if you wanted him. He pulled into his driveway and unbuckles his seatbelt, looking at you. You remained still. 

“We’re home babe,” he said touching you softly, sensitive to your heightened reactions. 

You blinked your eyes slowly as a single tear rolled out, “Y/N, we’re safe now. You’re here with me. I got you,” he unbuckled your seatbelt for you and walked around to your side of the car, picking you up and carrying you inside like a small child. You didn’t like this sense of innocence when what just happened to you wasn’t innocent at all. He got you inside safely and laid you down on the couch, covering each part of your body with a blanket, pulling it up to beneath your chin, kissing you on the forehead. He sat beside you and waited until you fell asleep. 

You woke up a few hours later in a cold sweat, hyperventilating. 

“Hey, hey… I’m here.. what’s the matter?” Josh came to you wiping the damp pieces of hair away from your face, placing his cold hand over your forehead. 

“the man.. he’s back…” you began crying.. hard. 

“Sh, come here. He’s not back, you must have had a nightmare. I’m here. You’re safe, you’re not going to see him again, I called the cops and reported his location while you were asleep,” Josh pulled the blankety off your body noticing the sweat you accumulated on your skin. 

“I feel empty,” your voice shook. 

“I know love.. I know. You’re not, but I know,” he took hold of your hand, rubbing his thumb in circles over your clammy hand. 

He directed your head onto his shoulder where you cried into his shirt, wiping snot on the hem every so often. Josh didn’t even care, he just swung your legs over his lap and let you feel for a while. 

what a catch

valentines day (gone wrong): part iii - archie x reader

summary: “archie has a fishing net full of luvdisc but the net breaks and there’s fish /everywhere./”

   “Archie, you really didn’t have to do this, babe.” You say, grazing your arm over his shoulder, looking down in the water at the Luvdisc swimming in the net, unaware of their captivity. He flashes you a toothy grin, pulling you flush against his side.

   “Only the best for my babe!” He kisses you on the forehead, before kneeling down on the deck and hauling the large net filled with the heart-shaped pokemon into the air as if it weighed nothing. You knew he only did it to show off - as if he needed to show off, he rarely wore a shirt. 

   Just as you start thinking about how lucky you are to basically have every other person’s dream man all to yourself, it’s as if Arceus himself decides to remind you that Archie is indeed a flawed human being, as the net splits and the Luvdisc fall out everywhere, some on the deck, and some back in the water.

   You don’t know how to react, so you turn around, trying to hide the small chuckles that slip out. Archie, however, finds no humor in this situation and starts scooping up Luvdic in his arms and throwing them back into the ocean. 

   “A little help here?” He asks, now resorting to scooting the remaining fish back into the water with his feet. 

   “I think you’ve got it covered, babe.” You reply, giving him a thumbs-up. He frowns, the water type pokemon slipping out of his hands and back onto the deck. “Best Valentine’s gift ever.”

   “Hey! Don’t think I didn’t hear ya!” His pout turns into a scheming grin, as he returns the last few Luvdisc to their aquatic home. Archie charges over to you, and scoops you up into his arms. You kick, trying to free yourself from his grip, but it’s to no avail, he easily carries you.

   “Archie! Put me down or so help me I’ll-” 

   And then he dumps you into the water. 

Lacey rarely dressed up. She rarely ever wore makeup or styled her hair. She was absolutely out of her element at something like this. She felt like a completely different person when she was dressed like this. At the same time, she felt a newfound confidence she hadn’t had before. She glanced over the person beside her and flashed them a smile. “It’s beautiful in here,” she commented. “Are you having fun?”

Drowning in You

Summary (kind of spoilers?): Dan is the BAMFy popular boy, Phil is the quiet nerd. Dan secretly really likes him, so he always teases him and calls him names. One day Phil is fed up, so when Dan calls him a stalker he replies and gets really close to Dan and says “Would you call this stalking?” to make him uncomfortable. 
Prompt from Phanfic
Word Count
: 1552
Warnings: Cussing

Dan knew he was fucked the very first time he saw him.

Black hair, the colour of a raven’s wing, was always soft-looking and covered pretty blue eyes that reminded Dan of the sky on a sunny day. His lips, which were pink and soft, were in a sort of permanent smirk against pale skin that stood out on the rare days that he wore thick black glasses that slid down his nose while he lost himself in various books.

And it was the first time that Dan felt his heart race at the sight of another boy, but this stranger was an angel and Dan would die every day if it meant he could see him.

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Kiss (Optional Bias)

Here’s a little idea if you have no idea what to do for that little someone on Valentine’s day. Me? I’ve got fanfiction xD

“Happy Valentine’s day!” you exclaimed, launching yourself at your totally unsuspecting boyfriend.

He turned and caught you before you could attach to him. Grinning, he threw his arms around your petite body and spun you around.

“Wow, I wish Valentine’s day was everyday if it meant seeing you all cute and dressed up like this,” he mused when he finally set you down and scrutinized your outfit.

In all honesty, what you wore wasn’t really that special.. just that you rarely wore dresses or skirts and opted for pants or shorts instead.

“Too bad,” you stuck out your tongue at him with a teasing smile.

“Wae…” he whined, jutting out his lower lip in a cute childish pout and even shooting you his best puppy eyes.

“Oh stop that, you look ugly for an idol,” you made a frown, eyeing his pouty face with a look that mocked disgust when you honestly thought his whining and cute little childish expression was absolutely adorable and would be the cause of your heart’s failure.

“Fine,” he huffed with an exaggerated sigh, “Anyway~ what’d you get me for Valentine’s day?”

“Wow, eager much?” you teased before waving it off and answering truthfully, “a kiss.”

You watched as his eyes widened and how his Adam’s apple bobbed in result of him gulping nervously. After all, you two never actually shared a kiss.. on the lips that is. Kissing was allowed in the relationship, but never had either one of you made the effort to kiss on the lips. Childish right?

“Close your eyes,” you guided him gently, your hand lightly gliding over his eyes to close them, “Keep them closed too.”

Giggling inwardly, you smiled at your eagerly waiting boyfriend before sneaking your hand into your purse and digging out a chocolate kiss still wrapped in the thin tinfoil.

Chu~” you cooed as you pressed the candy kiss to your boyfriend’s lips.

His brows furrowed at the rough texture of your so-called lips and his eyes opened to see the chocolate kiss instead.

“Yah! Not that kind of kiss..” he complained before smirking subtly and wrapping an arm around your waist. 

“Nope, nope nope!” you squealed, wriggling out of his hold and sprinting off.

“Aish, you get back here!”



Prince Leo didn’t do arranged marriages.


Kamui was led into their large ballroom by Joker, who pushed open the large door for her, arm out. She pushed the mask over her eyes more- It was a masquerade, the first masquerade and ball she’d ever been to, and her heart throbbed nervously.

She’d never actually worn heels before, and she rarely wore shoes, so the clack that the heels made frightened her. What if she tripped over them? She didn’t possess the grace that Camilla did, nor did she look as mature in a dress.

Kamui turned to Joker, heart pounding. “I don’t want to go in there, Joker. I’m going to mess up so badly and represent our kingdom horribly!”

Joker chuckled at her, and gave her a polite grin. “Master Kamui. No matter what happens in there, your loyal butler will always be on your side. I loathe the idea of leaving you in there alone, however. Do you not wish for me to come along?” He asked, giving her a look. She shook her head.

Kamui didn’t feel reassured, however. She swallowed nervously as the guards announced her presence. “Second princess of Nohr, Kamui!” Holding her head high, she pushed through the doors and into the light.

She was temporarily blinded by the sudden flash of glitter and the large chandeliers that held large candles. Though she couldn’t see the eyes of the people through their masks, she felt their gazes on her, evaluating her dress, her hair. Kamui could feel the embarrassment washing off of her in waves, and she wondered if they could feel it too. They clapped as she walked down the grand staircase, however, and Kamui, flustered, smiled in return.

As soon as she reached the bottom, she crossed the floor hurriedly to Camilla, and whimpered softly. Camilla gave her hand a gentle squeeze, and bent down to whisper in her ear.

“Dark blue is a great color on you, Kamui. You did so very well.” Camilla then turned her focus to the stairs again, and Kamui noticed that they were announcing Leo’s arrival now.

“Second Prince Leo of Nohr!” They announced, and in walked Leo like he owned the place. It took all of Kamui’s willpower to stop her jaw from dropping.

Leo was in some sort of ceremonial armor that suited him perfectly. A cape billowed out from behind him, and his mask was a deep shade of purple. He practically glided down the stairs.

Kamui noticed that most of the women were whispering about him now, and giggling. She felt a hot white anger cloud her vision for a moment before it calming. What was that all about?

He crossed the room to them, everyone giving him a wide berth. Kamui couldn’t help but tease him gently. “Your clothes aren’t backwards this time! Amazing.”

Leo looked her up and down slowly, and she had never been more thankful for the mask covering her expression. “I see that you finally put on shoes, Kamui.” And that was all he said before they turned their gazes to the staircase once more for Elise’s arrival.

And the ball began. Somehow, Xander had gotten to them, and pulled them all close. “Remember, this ball is for finding possible suitors. So be on your best behavior.”

“No promises!” Elise said, then went to the buffet table, a skip in her step.

Kamui only stuck out her tongue at Xander. “Same as Elise. Bye!” She walked as fast as she could in her heels to catch up with Elise.

“Good grief, what are we ever going to do with her…” Xander put a hand on his head, then turned to the two siblings that still stood in front of him. “Even if you two don’t find suitors, make sure you are polite to our guests. Is that clear?”

“Of course.” They both chorused, walking off.

Some time later, when Kamui had danced with various dukes and lords with long names that she could never remember, she finally had a chance to sit down.

And that was when she saw Leo getting manhandled by two women.

“Prince Leo would rather dance with me!” One lady shouted, pulling him towards her. The other scoffed and wrapped herself around his arm.

“Why would he want to dance with someone like you? He wants to dance with a real lady!” The other retaliated angrily.

Leo did not look amused. Instead, there was an odd panic on his face. He met eyes with Kamui, and she laughed at him. They exchanged words silently, him promising to murder her if she didn’t aid him and Kamui only shot him a look.

In the end, Kamui crossed the room and gently pried both women off of him. “Excuse me, girls, but I need to take him now. Urgent royal business and… stuff.”

Though doubtful, both girls took their hands off him, stomping away.

Aware of the eyes on them, they both started to dance albeit awkwardly.

“I thought that sort of thing only happened in books, Leo.” Kamui whispered, her tone revealing her amusement.

“Don’t start,” he muttered, pausing to twirl her around. “That was horrid. I hate balls. They’re so useless, and a waste of time.”

“They do have a use!” Kamui insisted, pushing the mask farther up her nose. “You could potentially find a wife here!”

Leo gave her a look that even through the mask, she knew was exasperated. “Would you find a husband here, Kamui?”

Kamui pointedly ignored his gaze.

“Ha,” he spun her again. “I knew it.” Leo smiled at her. “Either way, I couldn’t do arranged marriages. I have to know the person first. They have to be close by me. I have to trust and love them to marry them,” Leo continued, his grip tighter than before.

“Why don’t you just marry me, then?” Kamui said, then froze, her face red with embarrassment. “Ignore that. That was stupid, pretend you didn’t hear that,” she stammered, her heart skipping a beat.

Leo just raised an eyebrow. “Funny, I was just about to propose that. I guess it was easier than I thought to get you to marry me, love.”

Kamui tripped over her heels and into another person, her face flushed. “Did you just- What?!” And promptly fainted, sending the entire room into panic.

Later, when Xander was furious at them for disrupting their ball, Leo simply smirked at Kamui, who hid under her sheets, embarrassed.

“Worth it.” Leo declared, deciding to properly propose to Kamui now.


My 16 year old ass vs my 24 year old one.

I’m going through my mom’s facebook albums and found one of me in a dress in 2009. The first dress I wore since kindergarten and I just… Took me 7 years to understand that posture changes everything and my boobs just don’t like strapless tops. 
You can tell how uncomfortable I was back then. I feel so much better about myself these days.

The Bite – Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt by Anon: You become permanently injured (blind..?) and he begs you to let him bite you

Word Count: 2.031

Author’s Note: I changed it a little bit because I’ve seen Liam imagines where the reader/ love interest is blind. Instead of the reader being blind, I gave her a different type of blindness. Also, I changed one small factor; Liam can’t give the bite because he’s a beta. I hope you don’t mind the changes and still like with what I came up with.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Y/N transferred to Beacon Hills in the middle of the school year. She was short and curvy in all the right places. Her naturally black straight hair was long but thin, and always up in a messy bun. She always seemed to have confidence in herself and was comfortable in her skin as she rarely wore any make up, and when she did it was always light and simple. Except there was one problem, she was the new kid and she hated it. She felt so alone and out of place. She didn’t know anyone, nor had she made any new friends; at least not until she met Liam Dunbar.

Liam was instantly drawn to her the second she walked into their history class and the teacher assigned her seat in front of his desk. For a couple of weeks, he couldn’t find the courage to say hello. Every time she walked towards her desk, she would always shoot him a small shy smile, and he couldn’t do anything other than give her a simple nod, which he always mentally slapped himself for being such an idiot and not saying hi. Instead, Liam would just admire her from his seat.

One day, Liam found the courage to talk to her and slowly they became friends. They passed notes during class, walked together in the hallways, and always texted after school or Liam’s lacrosse practice. The two started developing feelings towards each other, except Y/N chose to ignore it and made sure to keep Liam in friendship zone.

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You and Dean have been together for almost two years, with all the hunting you barely got anytime alone. But when you did get time alone, you rarely wore you clothes… And the you were under the covers 99.9% of the time.
Then one night Dean came home quite late and came up to bed. You being a reader you were up when he came home. He stripped off his clothes at the door way, and in only boxers, he crawled into bed and wrapped his arms around your waist as you finished reading your book chapter.
As you set your book on the side table, you leaned down and kissed Dean lightly on the head. You flipped off the light and cuddled into Dean. After a few minutes of nothingness and trying to sleep, Dean started to kiss on your neck… Those kissed led to something much much much more dirty and passionate.
The next morning you woke up, naked, to a note scratching your nose, you picked up the note and read;
“Morning babe, had to run, got a call from Sam and Cas another demon hunt, I don’t know when I’ll be back but I love you
- Dean”
You sighed, and crawled out of bed letting the sheets drop to the ground.
A few weeks later
You had been feeling quite sick lately and one day your friend, Bri, convinced you to take a pregnancy test. As she knows how you and Dean are when your alone. And you did as you were convinced.
After taking and waiting on the tests you looked at the results.
All the tests said positive so you were 100% sure you were pregnant. You called Dean and told him the news he was happy but worried, considering his line of work.

Almost a year later Dean had just come home from a different hunting trip and your 7 month old son, John Bobby Winchester, was fussing so Dean picked him up and was bouncing and swaying around the room with him as you watched happily. Dean humming some ACDC song as he bounced. He walked over to you and kissed your lips lightly and then said “get some sleep babe, I’ve got little John” you nodded.
You didn’t sleep though you ended up just laying in bed watching you new fiancée and your son dance around your bed room for hours while your son took his nap.

  • Iron Bull: Hey Varric, are you gonna write me into one of your stories?
  • Varric: How could I not?
  • Iron Bull: When you do, make sure you describe the musculature right. Cause this isn’t just endurance work. There was a lot of strength training to get here.
  • Iron Bull: You want to use words like “rippling”, or “ripped”. “Ripped” is good, too.
  • Varric: “The Iron Bull’s belly was prone to rippling after every meal. He rarely wore shirts as they ripped under the strain.”
  • Iron Bull: That hurts, Varric. That’s hurtful.
Good Vibes- A Jack Gilinsky Imagine (Requested)


“Y/N, we’re going to the beach! Once you’re ready meet us!” My boyfriend Jack called from the downstairs of our beach house we rented as a group for the week in Florida.

“I’ll be down soon!” I called back. I was so pumped to be in Florida and at the beach. Being from Omaha all I had experienced was lakes and rivers, nothing like the ocean. I was so excited to finally feel the salty ocean water on my skin.

As I put on my tiny black bikini that I rarely ever wore, a rush of excitement came over me. I put my hair into a messy bun and slid on flip flops. Luckily, the beach house we rented was only feet away from the beach.

Once I made it outside onto the beach, I immediately spotted my boyfriend Jack and his friends Jack J, Nate, Sammy, and Swazz.

“Hey guys!” I said as I approached the guys who were already drinking beers and trying to set up a game of Kan Jam.

Once seeing me, Sammy lifted up his shades clearly checking me out.

“Damn Y/N, who knew you had such a banging body.” Nate said, as Jack J whistled.

“Ha, ha very funny guys.” I said shaking my head, grabbing a beer from the cooler.

“Not cool guys.” Jack said as he wrapped his arms around me.

“You’re lucky man. If I knew that’s what Y/N was hiding under her clothes, I’d be in your position.” Swazz joked.

“Well you’re not and never will be.” Jack spat.

I could tell he was getting pissed at his friends. I knew they were joking around, but Jack took everything so seriously. He was legitimately freaked out I would leave him for his friends, but in reality that would never happen.

“Hey, I’m gonna go to the water!” I told Jack eagerly as I got out of his grip.

“I’ll come with!” Jack suggested.

“It’s fine, really.” I told him with a smile.

As I walked down to the water. I heard Jack yell at the other guys. “Stop staring at her, please!”

I smirked to myself as I kept walking.

Then I heard Sammy yell. “Do that Baywatch run!”

“When you get out of the water you better be soaking wet.” Jack J called.

“Enough!” Jack yelled as he came running after me.

I felt his hand grab me just as my foot reached the ocean, the cold water cooling me down instantly.

“Jack, come on. They’re trying to get a rise out of you.” I told him as we went into the ocean together.

“I don’t like it, you’re my girlfriend. I don’t like the way they check you out and make comments.” Jack said as he held me close.

“Jack, you get way too protective. I appreciate your concern but you don’t need to go with me everywhere I go from now on. They are your friends, it’s not like one of them is gonna do anything. They just like joking around, you need to not be so serious. I’m your girlfriend, I’m with you, I like you.” I told him as I poked his chest.

“I know, I know but I like protecting you. You’re mine, you deserve to be protected and kept safe.” Jack said.

I laughed. “Jack, I don’t need protection from your friends. They’re good guys, you need to relax. Enjoy this beautiful day. I know I am.” I told him as I laid on my back floating in the Atlantic for the first time.

“You’re right, I need to focus on the positive things.” Jack said.

“Exactly, let all the good vibes in.” I told him.

Try to draw Blake and Sun in my old high school`s uniforms though we wore them rarely if we have a festival or a ceremony. (ok I know the match of olive green and cardinal is bizarre but I still love them)

Usually we wore ugly sport uniforms lol.

At that time, students` clothes and hairstyles were really restricted.

Basically, in China, girls with long hair must tie their hair back; if anyone has a fringe, it should not exceed the eyebrows.

For boys, Sun`s hair is way too long lol.

Besides, the only type of shoes allowed is sneakers, so in order to vary a little the style I bought a ton of converse ,nike, addidas  and so on >v<

Daeron II was married to Princess Mariah Martell, officially bringing Dorne under the rule of the Iron Throne. had four sons, his oldest was Baelor “Brakespear.” Baelor had already established himself as a war hero during the Blackfyre Rebellion but he was also a thoughtful man who valued honor and fairness. In short, everything you’d want in a king. So naturally, he died young. During a tournament he took a blow to the head, and while his helmet saved him, he soon succumbed to his wound.

Not long after, Westeros was hit by a nasty plague. Many died, including King Daeron, and Baelor’s two sons. This meant the throne passed to the second son Aerys I. Aerys was an intellectual like his father and spent most of his time reading and studying. Unlike his father, he lacked any real resolve or interest in ruling (he rarely ever wore his crown.) He appointed Bloodraven as his Hand and let him rule. During his reign both the Blackfyres and the Greyjoys rebelled against the throne.

Aerys died childless and his younger brother Rhaegel and nephew Aelor both died soon after. So Maekar, the youngest son became king. Proud, envious and angry, Maekar always had a chip on his shoulder. He fought alongside Baelor against the Blackfyres but never received the renown and adoration his older brother did. And in an unfortunate turn of events, it was Maekar who accidentally killed Baelor during the tournament. While his reign was a peaceful one, Maekar lived the rest of his life deeply troubled as he could never shake his reputation as a kinslayer.